Security guard training course for licensing process

security guard training

This basic security guard training course designed to provide enough knowledge to new security officer about security-related matters.

This course is significant not only for the newly joined security personnel but also for who wants to start a career in the security industry.

The course helps you to pass the test of the security regulatory authority for the licensing process.

In developing countries, the security industries most neglected organizations in the eyes of the government and the public. Contrary, in developed countries or the country which has heavily invested in social security and safety. Security profession considers as a respectful position in an organization.

In the advanced country security guard career only starts after having the basic security training from the security regulatory authority.

After completing the training you may require to pass the test for the license. Without it, you may not allow working as a security guard, officer, supervisor or any others ranks in the security industry.

The basic training for the security guard is given in the world, is not much different from country to country, except for a few topics. The lessons which come under the “Law and legal authority” are different because depends on the national law.

Other lessons teach you the necessary things that need to perform security tasks. Your task directly links to the protection of people, property, and information. Anywhere in the world, these basic things are similar and practice in the same way.

Hence, we believe that the course not only helps you to become a professional security guard but also assist you to pass the security guard test in any country.

On the successful completion of this training, security guard candidates will be able to properly:
  1. Deal with everyone who contacts on duty with a professional and ethical manner.
  2. Arrest people within the limits and be aware of the rights and freedoms of individuals.
  3. Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  4. Present verbal and material evidence in Court.
  5. Write reports, protect evidence and conduct themselves appropriately in court.
  6. Direct traffic.
  7. Detect or prevent thefts and vandalism.
  8. Report and deal appropriately with perimeter protection systems, intrusion, fire, carbon dioxide, water, smoke, alarms, etc.
  9. Take appropriate action on all types of emergencies.
  10. Responding to bomb threats.
  11. And Perform other duties as required of security guards

Security guard training course.

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