Security patrol basic security guard training.

security patrol

Basic security guard training Unit 5 Lesson (C)

A security patrol is an important part of the security guard duty. In which a guard tours to keep watch over the area, it makes you more visible which deters the crime. Staying in a post you can not observe a large portion of the site but go for patrol you can cover more area and can observe what is going on the surrounding.

The security guard hires to protect people, property and information. A uniform guard deters crime against the people or property by being there. When you do patrol as regular bases the widened area can protect.

The main purpose of the patrol is maintaining the security in the premises under your authority. The patrol helps you to identify the situation around your site and take action if it requires.

  1. detect hazards:- like housekeeping, hazards (garbage pile and recycle bin). Maintenance hazards ( leaks, burnt-out lights). The equipment hazard (sparkling electrical wire, overheated boiler, sprinkler system) etc.
  2. detect emergencies such as flood, fire snow melting etc.
  3.  For keeping the site safe reporting injuries, giving first aid, and escorting them if they feel unsafe.
  4. To make sure the area is secured from intrusion. such as vandalism, break, and entry theft, shoplifting, and assault etc.
  5.  Reporting the machinery that not working properly such as heating and cooling systems.
  6.  Check for damage property
  7.  protect information by ensuring only authorized people are in controlled areas.
  8. Check the unusual sound and their sources
  9.  Check for unusual condition improve community relations by giving help and information to the public.
  10.  Report and record It is very imported to record in your notebook the thing which was found unusual in the process of patrol and report to the supervisor.

The 5 types Patrol;

  1. Reactive: patrol after the incident happened
  2. Proactive: You do Patrol for preventing the incidents. (You think and you do)
  3. Control area:  Patrol for dominating or controlling the area. (you do patrol as post order)
  4. Random:  You do the patrol randomly. (not fixed time or route)
  5. Directed: Someone asked or directed you to do patrol. (Sometimes control room or supervisor directs you go patrol for checking something.) 
Method of security patrol;
  1. Foot patrol
  2. Bicycle
  3. Vehicle
  4. Visual (CCTV/Mirror)

What senses will you use a security patrol?

  1. Sight:
  • Be observant
  • Check for unusual conditions
  1. Hearing:

Check for unusual sounds and investigate their sources

Examples include running water, smashing glass, and malfunctioning equipment.

  1. Smell:

Examples include smoke, gas, and overheated machinery

  1. Touch:
  • Air Currents
  • Temperature change
  1. Taste:

Use with caution

What should you check and do while on patrol?
The security guard generally performs their duty on day and night shift. Either shift you work it does not matter. You have to go for a patrol as per the circumstances around you. The security guards who work on a holiday, have to patrol constantly even it is daylight.

Patrol at the night time is more sensitive than patrol at the day time. Because of poor illumination, the criminals generally make a plan for the night. But, you can take advantage of the dark to observe closely what is going around you without visible. Here are important things you should do in the patrol.

Do in the patrol;
  • Turn off equipment when the operation is not indicated
  • Check for;
      • unusual sounds and their source
      • unusual ordos.
      • damage property
      • All  security processes
      • unusual conditions
      • running water
  • Checking Doors and Buildings
  • Use your flashlight effectively
  • Be caution with windows and glass doors
  • Be careful entering a dark room
  • Don’t smoke while on patrol
What to do if you suspect the crime has been committed?

If you find someone has committed the crime you should respond quickly and appropriately. These following things are so important to follow.

  1. Call the police
  2. Ask other guards for back up if available.
  3. If other guards are not for back up you should wait until the police come.
You should do the following states to accomplish a patrol;
  1. Prepare for patrol.
  • Make sure, you study your post orders and know your site well.
  • Gather and analyze the information on taking over duty.
  • Check all patrol equipment working fine.
2. When you patrol:
  • Complete patrol as the first time avoids routine.
  • use all of your senses, be aware of the unusual things.
  • don’t rely on your memory. Always use your notebook
  • Be visible. Meet the people on your site.
3. Patrol safely
  • Seek for back-up if someone confronts you.
  • walking quietly and trying not to be seen at night
  • Look for hazardous material and avoiding them.
  • Try to develop your powers of observation
  • The goal of security is to identify and prevent problems that affect the client.
  •  Patrol is the most common way to identify problems
  • Understand the general patrol responsibilities
  • Make sure you have the correct equipment and that it is working when on site
  • There are 5 major types of patrol
  • Never carry any kind of a weapon unless authorized
  • Plan your action that you would take in an emergency situation


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