What is search in security


What is search in security? The meaning of “search” is “to look into or look over” in order to discover something.

There is no other definition in the security industry; it is one of the security tasks performed by security personnel to discover unauthorized goods and items.

Every private company has its own security policy in place to keep people and property safe from attack, destruction, and theft.

Security personnel must undertake searches to detect firearms, and authorized and stolen items entering and exiting the premises, respectively.

Those who enter the company, including employees, visitors, vendors, and customers, may bring illegal items with them, and those who exit may remove valuable company properties by concealing them in their bodies, bags, and vehicles.

To discourage these kinds of activities on a site a security policy plays an important role which may include a protective search.

An SOP (Stander Operating Procedure) may guide you on what to search for, who to search for, and how to search on a site, and implementing those techniques may prevent an unwanted incident from happening in your duty place.

In general, security personnel must check visitors, vendors, and employees. Body, baggage, and vehicles must be inspected to complete a protective search at the site.

There are several processes for searching a person, vehicles, and baggage, based on the site security requirements.

When conducting a search, you should be aware of the individual’s rights under the current country’s law and your site’s search policy.

If someone refuses to search the body, bags, and vehicle you cannot compel them to help, but you can deny entry in this scenario.

There are various security tools to do searches nowadays, and you should know how to utilize them correctly and effectively.

What is search in security?

In training, security guards, soldiers, and police officers learn the search procedure. A protective search completes in three phases;

  1. Preparation for search
  2. Be safe while searching
  3. Handling of the detected items

There is comprehensive training available for security guards conducting personal searches, vehicle searches, and belonging searches. The following links will take you to the related topics.

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Since a security manager establishes a company’s security policy, the search procedure may differ from one organization to the next.

In a high-security area, you require to search a person’s body, but in another area, you will do a visual search only.

The search in security is also part of access control, which is the most significant aspect of the security guard’s duty on a site.

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