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The Ministry of Interior (MOI) is a federal government agency found in the majority of countries. Some nations refer to it as the home ministry. The MOI is primarily responsible for maintaining and improving security across the country.

As I will discuss the MOI exam for security guards in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries in this post, it may differ in other countries.

Not all GCC countries need security personnel to complete a week-long training course and get a security guard license before conducting security activities within the country.

Private security guards are required to take the MOI test in countries like the UAE and Qatar where the MOI has unified police and security service providers.

Private security guards in the United Arab Emirates are considered world-class security professionals when compared to Qatar.

In the UAE, Basic security guard training is necessary for all security professionals, and security trainees must pass the MOI test with 75% to acquire their license.

There are two categories of security guards in Qatar. 1. ordinary security guards who can serve as security guards without training, and 2. MOI-trained guards who have received training from MOI-licensed institutions.

MOI exam for security guard UAE;

The Ministry of the Interior has established NSI (National Security Institute), where PSBD security guards are trained, and SIRA CADRES CENTER, where security guards in Dubai are trained.

To be qualified for the license, both the PSBD and the SIRA guard must pass the physical and writing tests after finishing the training. Here is the step-by-step guide for the MOI exam in the UAE.

The process of becoming a PSBD guard

The process of becoming a SIRA guard.

A part of providing basic guard training for private security. The MOI also hires security personnel directly, who operates as an auxiliary of the UAE police force.

How to be an MOI guard in UAE? 

Everything about the Royal guard.  

Before placing the MOI guards at work, the UAE police train them for around three months.

MOI exam for security guard Qatar;

Qatar is a bit different from the UAE in this regard the MOI-established organizations provide training to security recruits in the UAE.

Private firms with a license from the MOI as a training facility in Qatar can provide several types of training to security and safety personnel.

When you finish the training, the security company that recruited you can apply to the Public Security Department for Guard Id, which may issue within a week.

The Qatari police also employ foreign nationals as officers; these individuals receive more than four months of training from the national police.

How to be the Qatar police?

Since they are all Muslim nations, their cultural and religious values remain the same whether you are working in the United Arab Emirates or another country in the Gulf.

You will study the cultural and religious values of the public and how to respect them while on duty and at all times during your security guard training in the gulf countries.

The BSG course includes this chapter because it is crucial for security guards to be familiar with the nation’s law regarding individual rights and privileges in addition to their professional and behavioral skills for performing security duties.

The MOI exam for a security guard in the Gulf region is not difficult. Most of the questions come from the basic security guard course that you would learn during a week-long training.

Pay close attention to the training material and gain some theoretical understanding of security duties and obligations if you want to pass the MOI exam in the Gulf countries on the first try.

The basic security guard course. 

Advance security guard course. 

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