Learn All About Qatar Police Jobs For Foreigners

Qatar police jobs

Do you want to know more about Qatar police jobs for a foreign national? if your response is yes, then read the full articles I will provide here, the process to become the Qatar police, their duties, salary as well as the contractual terms and conditions.

Qatar is a small country and one of the richest nations in the world with a population of 2.782 million (2018), mostly settled in Doha.

Being the richest country in the world, the government provides everything for its citizens, including accommodation, housing, food allowances, and other living facilities.

Firstly, Qatar has a low local population, and secondly, despite the highly educated local community, they do not like to have a full-time job. The result for that, lack of skilled workers has existed in public and privates sectors.

This gap has been bridged by migrant workers, including the Arab nationals, South-East Asian, East Asian, and some westerners.

Although Qatar is heavily dependent on migrant workers to boost its economy, human rights groups and ILO are internationally criticized for unfair treatment.

Due to a large number of foreign nationals, the Qatari police were in a very difficult position to deal with and investigate them caused by linguistic and cultural differences.

After the reform of the Qatari police, the Emir of Qatar allowed foreign nationals to hire into the police department, the first badge of Pakistani recruited because the nuclear nation is an alley of Qatar.

Now, other national is also working with Qatari police in the IT, technology, and transport departments, as well as some of the country’s citizens, working as a police officer.

The Department of the Qatar police. 

The national police come under the ministry of the interior Qatar which have many federal departments indulging;

  1. National Central Bureau of Interpol.
  2. criminal intelligence departments.
  3. investigation and inquest department.
  4. drug abuse control departments.
  5. civil defense departments.
  6. human resources departments.
  7. medical departments.
  8. and traffic police departments.

What department allowed foreigners to work?

Especially the foreign nationals work as the supporting members of the Qatar police, therefore, they are working in the various department but will not access the critical information such as national security planning and classified information.

What are the duties of an ex-pat police officer in Qatar?

  • Traffic controller.
  • Jail guard.
  • CID
  • Protection of Critical infrastructure.
  • Detain and investigation of foreign national
  • Guarding duties in the police station.
  • Provide security in public events.
  • IT officer
  • The driver of police van.

How to get police jobs in Qatar? 

Qatar police hire candidates’ cadres either in Qatar or in their home countries. If you are in Qatar you can apply online on the ministry of the interior website or you should work with the manpower agency in your country if you like to recruit from there.

What is the Requirement of Qatar police job?

  • Hight 5.7 feet.
  • Age 22-30 for civilian candidates and
  • 22-35 for ex. army or police officer.
  • Strong physical building.

Documents requirement

  • +12 passed or equivalent. (Attest from the education ministry)
  • Genuine experienced documents from the army or police department.
  • Other training certificates if available.

The recruitment process for candidates; 

  • Physical test
    • running
    • push up
    • Sit up
  • Interview
  • Written if required depending on the selection officer.
  • Language requirement
    • English (mandatory)
    • Hindi and Arabic (plus point)

Training of the Qatar police;

The selected cadres will undergo a 4-month training in Qatar police academics, Doha, and formally pass out before admit the police department.

Years of services;

The expatriate police officer will not be recruited for a permanent position, rather than a contract. An unlimited contract will be signed between the MOI and the police officers. It can renew every 2 years.

Salary of the Qatar police officer;

Officer salaries vary dramatically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. The salary of the Qatari national police officer starts from QAR 12,300- QAR 18,100 and foreign national from Asia and Africa starts from QAR 3000 – QAR 6000 per month.

Qatar police jobs for Pakistani;

Pakistani are the higher number of uniform officer in Qatar and some Pakistani national also working in the Royal Qatar Army.

Qatar police officer job for Indian;

Indian nationals can find working in the IT, administrative, technology, and logistic sector.

Qatar police jobs for Nepali;

Nepali has been providing private security guard services in Qatar for many years. Some Royal guard companies also have hired the Nepali security personnel as a royal bodyguard but Mistry of Interior Qatar started formally hire as police officer to the Nepali people from 2019 and the first badge has already pass out.

Why should you work in Qatar Police?

There are many reasons to pursue the Qatar police careers but here are some them including;

  • Job security
  • Governmental job
  • The salary is relatively higher than in the private sector.
  • Good end service compensation.
  • Timely vacation and other leaves.
  • Most respectable jobs in Qatar.
  • Cultural diversity. and
  • Much more

Wrapping up: Qatar Police Jobs are good as well as bad because depending on your performance you can lose your job at any time. As I said previously “job security” because the job will not terminate the other reason unless you do your duty negligently.

How to check your Qatar Visa?

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