How to check Qatar visa online easily?

Qatar is the smallest country in the pan Arabia region and one of the richest country in the world.

Although Qatar is tiny in the size it is second after UAE which has a large group of migrant workforce compare to the other countries in the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council).

Since the country heavily dependent on migrant workers the 87% of the total population of Qatar are foreigners. Non-Arab foreigners make up the vast majority of Qatar’s population; Indians, Nepalis, Filipinos, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans and Pakistanis among many other nationalities.

The Qatari government has been accelerating the digital government initiatives to makes the government’s services more efficient, effective, accessible and customer-focused.

The progress on innovating of digital government’s services makes the Qatari government served-better individuals and businesses. Qatar has created efficiency in government administration and develope a more open government initiative with implementing the online system for many of the government services.

As the Qatar government expedite digital government concept as a part of it. You can check online the following things within a minutes.

The services you can check online by entering your application number or passport number;
  1. Qatar Visa Approval Tracking,
  2. Qatar Visa Enquiry & Printing,
  3. RP Application Tracking & Printing,
  4. RP Renewal Tracking,
  5. Official Documents,
  6. Traffic Violations,
  7. Traffic report,
  8. Exit Permit Application Form,
  9. Exit Permit Inquiry,
  10. Metrash Services,
  11. The Airport entry permit application status
  12. Inquiry on Company’s ID Particulars and
  13. Application issued by Immigration and other electronic services

If you want to check these above services here is the link to refer the ministry of the interior website. Click here

qatar visa checkingWhen you redirected to the ministry of the interior site click on the “inquiry services”

Then on the left of the site as like below image click on Qatar visa or “visa services”

qatar visa checking

From the visa inquiry option, there are four services you can use just click as per your need.

  1. visa approval tracking
  2. visa inquiry and printing
  3. Visit visa extension.
  4. Tracking visa application status

qatar visa checking

For visa approval and tracking you have to enter the following
  • The Qatar visa application number
  • Choose the Visa types (residency or visit)
  • Application date or QID Sponsor / Person in charge
  • choose a Nationality from the drop-down menu.
  • type the captcha number and submit.

Qatari visa final

For Visa Inquiry & Printing enter
  • either visa number or passport number
  • and choose the nationality and
  • type the captcha number then submit.

visa inquiry and printing

⊕ For Visa Extension checking enter;
  • visa number or passport number
  • choose the nationality and
  • the captcha number then submit.

visa extension services

The additional service on the website you can track your visa application status on the Qatari visa center. When you click the Qatari visa application status the new window tap would open.

Then enter your passport number and the visa number at last checkbox I am not a robot box and click on the submit button.

The whole process of Qatar visa checking is handy and it takes just 2 minutes. Most of the people use these services to check the Qatar visa that’s why I also recommend you to check your Qatari Visa as my tutorial and remove your doubt from your mind.

If you have any question please feel free to comment below or contact us thank you.

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