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saudi arabia visa

Saudi Arabia visaSaudi Arabia is the largest and most powerful country in the Gulf region. The country is not only huge on its size but has political, religious and social influence in the Muslim countries.

Saudi Arabia is a well-known as world largest oil reserve country and it is famous for another reason is the city of Mecca which is the birthplace of Muhammad, and the site first revelation of the Quran.

Mecca is the holiest city for the religion of Islam and a pilgrimage to it refers as the Hajj. The journey to Macca is compulsory in the life of Islam believer.

Saudi government issues various types of visa such as visit visa, work visa, diplomatic visa and Hajj visa for the people who want to enter, travel work in the country.

The visa application for S.A

There are two ways you can apply a visa for Saudi Arabia
  1.  Apply from the diplomatic mission of Saudi Arabia in your country (Saudi Arabia embassy)
  2. Apply for a visa online.

Now expatriates who have applied for the visa can also query about the application submitted to MOFA (Ministry Of Foreign Affair). search Umrah application and display invitation letter.

The ministry of the foreign affair (MOFA) is responsible for the issuance of the Saudi Arabia visa so you can check your visa status online on the MOFA website. Another way you can get the visa information on Enjat website.

What is Enjatz?

Enjaz Information Technology is a reliable source to check your visa status online for Saudi Arabia, as well as applying for the visa through them. The company functions as a link between the Ministry of foreign affair and the public.

Enjatz provides an advanced service in a convenient and easier way for the public to utilise government services electronically.

How to check your Saudi Arabia Visa online?

To track your visa status online for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia just click the on this link and you would land on the Enjatz website.

The default language is Arabic but you can choose English from the available option on the website.

Then scroll up to the page till you find the query section. Once you find it select the service what you are looking for.

KSA visa checking

Input the data on the mandatory field such as application number, passport number and captcha then search. The result displays immediately.

If you have applied the visit visa to the MOFA on behalf of your family and your love once you can check the status and progress of the status by referring this link click here

If you face any problem for checking, tracking, and submitting your visa application to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia comment below or contact us. We are happy to guide you.

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