How to check Bahrain visa online easily

Bahrain visa online

Check Bahrain visa- Bahrain is a little island nation in the Persian Gulf. Although there are numerous job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled individuals, it is not well-known among job seekers worldwide.

People from developing countries rank Dubai as a top destination, followed by Qatar and Kuwait.

Although Bahrain is a lesser-known destination in the gulf region for job opportunities, the market is competitive and comparable to other gulf nations.

How much do Bahrain companies pay to the employees?

Although companies pay the expatriates’ workers very much similar to the other Gulf countries people hesitate to apply for the work permit.

There are several reasons why people prefer to work in other gulf countries including effective business policies and legendary infrastructure development.

Just like other countries Bahrain also requires a visa for the individual who wants to enter, stay and work in the country.

There is indirect competition among the GCC countries for digitalization in government services. As a result, Bahrain fully integrated the online system on the LMRA’s (Labor Market Regulatory Authority) website.

The LMRA is the government body is responsible for issuing the visa for the visitor, workers, and business persons.

Foreign workers from all over the world can access the LMRA website to check their work permit application progress, legal status, and visa validity.

LMRA website is simply designed but amazingly functions to give the information to its user including.

  • Work permit validity– You can check the validity of your work permit by entering the work permit number, which can be found in the upper right corner of your work permit or passport.
  • Legal status– For the legal status in the Kingdom of Bahrain just enter the personal number on the required field and submit.
  • Work permit application– For the applications submitted to LMRA to issue the work permit, you can check the status by entering the application number.

To check your Bahrain visa and the legal status of this country just follow this link to visit the Imra Portal where you can get express services for the legal status and validity of your work permits in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bahrain visa checking

  • The expatriates’ employees for Bahrain can check their legal status by inserting their personal numbers.
  • To check work permit validity enter the work permit or passport number and chose the country from the drop-down list.
  • For tracking your application status submitted to the LMRA to issue the work permit enter the application ID number.
check bahrain visa

How to check Bahrain eVisa?

If you have previously applied for an eVisa for Bahrain, you must go to the eVisa website by clicking here and scrolling down until you reach the check status option.

  • Now enter passport number,
  • nationality,
  • date of birth and
  • application reference number then
  • submit.

Once you submit the request the result will show immediately. Many people have asked me how to find the application reference number. The application number is a tracking ID delivered through email when applying for the visa.

Check your email after finishing the application procedure; when the visa approved, you may receive an email from the Immigration Department of Bahrain, However, you can double-check it, to make sure.

Bahrain eVisa checking

Final thoughts: Compared to the other Gulf countries. The Bahrain visa checking website is convenient and dynamic in terms of providing results.

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