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psbd security

The United Arab Emirates has a long history of Hiring security guards from different countries for the protection of both public and private properties. PSBD security is the name of the private security regulation in the UAE which refers to the Private Security Business Department.

In the past, an individual or a company hired a person like a watchman and paid him according to their will. Most of the people who worked in the security industry were untrained and ill-paid.

After the PSBD security legislation was issued in 2001, significant changes occurred in the country’s private security industry. The department has changed its name twice, PSBD to PSCOD to ASSD.

The reasons for implementing private security legislation;

When the UAE began diversifying its economic model from oil to service and industry sectors. The demand for private security personnel surged. It was the primary reason for the growth of private security companies in the UAE, particularly in Dubai.

Tourism was the most focused point on Dubai’s economic diversification, therefore, massive government expenditure went to construct the most attractive infrastructure such as Burj Khalifa tower, Dubai palm Island, Dubai mirror and mysterious garden, etc.

When the country succeeded to attract millions of visitors every year the world’s most luxurious hotels established their branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

A massive construction boom, expanding manufacturing base, and a thriving services sector are helping tools to modernize the security regulation in the country.

Before the new security regulation in 2001, there was a practice of a cleaner company supplying security guards to private businesses and institutions.

A cleaner could serve as a security guard or as cleaning personnel, depending on the company’s needs.

After the legalization of private security, all the security companies came under the federal department of the UAE government.

Now, many people around the world want to be part of UAE security forces, especially from developing countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, the Philippines, and African nations.

Do you want to be a security guard in UAE?

If your answer is yes, eventually you are at the right place I can guide you step by step on every process that you have to complete before being a security guard.

Why should you work as an ASSD security in the UAE?

Even though it is a less interesting job in their home country people want to work as security guards in the UAE because of the professionalism in the occupation.

I have experience in the security field last for 10 years I started my carrier as a security guard to the security manager. Here is some reason people love to work as a security guard in UAE:

  1.  Good salary package
  2. Respectable job
  3. Professional training
  4. The authority constantly observed the Security companies for violations of an employment contract.
  5. Security guards consider that the member of the national defense.
  6. The employers cannot cheat on salary because they have to pay which is defined by the Security department.

There are two types of security systems in UAE one is DPS (Dubai Protective Security) New name is “SIRA” and PSCOD (Private security company organization department) generally known as PSBD.

What is PSBD security?

PSBD stands for private security business department, and it is the umbrella organization for all private security companies. Security companies provide guarding services for their clients in 6 (Abu Dhabi Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm, and Al Quwain) Emirates comes under the PSBD regulation.

Formation of PSBD

PSBD is a unit of Abu Dhabi police and part of the ministry of interior. It was formed in 2002 after the new security regulation started in Abu Dhabi.

Today PSBD is a federal department, and the staff of the PSBD mixed with police officers and civilian support And it has offices in several emirates.

PSBD responsibilities.

1) Stabilizing security regulatory standards.
2) Approving the Security Company and security guard.
3) Ensuring quality security training and standards.
4) Examining and licensing security companies and guards.
5) Inspecting companies and guards, ensuring compliance with federal law.37
6) Enforcing the private security law with fines and prosecutions through a process of daily monitoring and review.

  • A person only can do a security job after having a license from PSBD in UAE except for Dubai.

The process and time to be a PSBD guard.

Step 1;

Prior to obtaining a PSBD license, you must get a job in any security company in the UAE. The organization might hire you in your home country or in the United Arab Emirates.

If you are not in the UAE, the company will complete the appropriate documentation to obtain a labor contract as well as a visa for you.

Step 2;

After entering the UAE the company would apply for training in NSI (National Security Institute).

The training runs for 5 days where trainees learn various knowledge about rights and privileges, law, safety and security measures, and other related security skills.

Step 3;

When a trainee successfully passes the NSI training then he/she can apply for the PSBD test. The company would apply for a PSBD test for the candidate.

Step 4;

PSBD does not provide any training for security guards only to give an exam for a license. Most of the questions come from the basic security guard training with NSI, so, you should be prepared for that.

Step 5;

There is not any written exam. The test would conduct on the computer screen you have to select the right answer from the options.

To pass this exam you have to give 38 correct answers out of 60 questions which are 75% out of 100.

Step 6;

The result publishes immediately once you press the submit button and the license would grand within 3 days.

Note:-The company can deploy you for the duty after obtaining the PSCOD license. While on Duty always bring the PSBD license otherwise you will get a fine in case of authority inspection of the stander.

Conclusion: The PSBD security course has changed since it has become more taught than previously. The ASSD security guard training at NSI is at level 3, and it includes a variety of Skills.

The trainee will learn the smart security system in that training click here for the full course of PSCOD security level three.

  1. Pretest Questions
  2. Model question set 1
  3. Model question set 2
  4. Test question set 3
  5. Test question set 4
  6. Exam question set 5
  7. Exam question set 6
  8. Model question set 7
  9. Model question set 8
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  1. Good day, can someone partake in the PSBD course on a tourist visa. If yes can the person holding the certificate work in Dubai. Finally, how much is course .

    • No, you should have on working visa for PSBD license, even further, you are required to hire by a security company in the UAE first, then, only the company can apply for NSI training and PSBD test.

  2. Good day Mr range thanks for your Information. I am from Nigeria and I have already been in Dubai UAE before I went back to my Country. I went to Dubai Police Academy to undergoing professional Security training and i have been awarded International award for Security Personnel issue by City and Guilds London UK. I work with Secure Gulf Services for three months before Dubai Government revolked the Company Licence. How can I get a Licence security company in Abu Dhabi UAE that can assure me two years working visa and how can I apply for Security Officer job with a Security company in Abu Dhabi. I need your assistance on how to get Licence Security Company that is ready to employ people outside UAE. I looked forward to hearing from you thanks yours faithfully Sir.

  3. please i want to know if there is any hiring new security guides for training? if no, can you link to any company that can help me secure PSBD? thanks

  4. Now october psnd questions is very top we have no notes… All questions is came from hospital bank and airport… Plz kindly provide note us

  5. Sir, I worked previous one of security company 6years, and i resign to the company. After 3years i back to uae again in another company. My Nsi finish, when company applying for Psbd exam rejected and it’s showing previous licence not cancell. It’s already expire 2years back. Please let me know how to cancell my previous psbd licence.

  6. Hi am niaz ahmed from Pakistan i have experience 10years international security services in Bahrain am aspeking English and Arabic very good now i living in Pakistan now I looking for job how can I apply for psbd security

  7. I have tattoo on my left hand below the elbow And yesterday i gave interview on my home country nepal and i was selected now i am quite worry about my tattoo please provide me some suggestion

    • The tattoo below the elbow does not problem for being security guard in Dubai because you can hide it. Security guard in UAE always use long sleeves shirt your tattoo will not show to the public right?
      However, the tattoo in the in the neck or cheek which can not cover through you dress is not allowed.

      • Hello sir.I hope u r fine.I want some information.I have no experience about security but know I am in uae working in I can get a PSBD security certificate.thanku

  8. Thank you for the good work done.
    I would like to apply and train as a security guard in UAE but I don’t know where to apply to.
    I have a military background and am apparently a taxi driver in Abu Dhabi

  9. hi in PSBD we only have to give knowledge test or is there any physical
    test also like Dubai sira Physical test..? if yes then please explain thnkx

    • The PSBD candidates also require to pass the physical test in Abu Dhabi but in Ajman, there are no training facilities so you will give an only written test.

  10. Hi Mrs Ranga i am Abdul Qayyum from Pakistan o come to visa 3 months so if told me how can apply sira because im already visit visa come there Abu Dhabi

  11. I am a baba graduate wanna join as a security guard through psbd. Please tell me about the questions level psbd written test .

  12. Good day im suman i have security officer experience with sira i need to join abu Dhabi security companys how can i apply kindly informto me

    • just look for the job in any security company which provides pscod guard the NSI training you can take later. We also publish the requirement of security guard vacancies in our website.
      When the situation comes as normal be easy for hiring the security guard.

  13. Yes sir,
    A’m 48 years of age,10 years with security experience,is it possible to be given a license for security for security guard Supervisor ?
    How much is the PSBD license for Supervisor?
    I will be happy with your positive response

  14. Dears sir,
    A’m Gaitwa stephen,
    A’m 48 years of age,i wanted to know
    What is the maximum age of getting PSBD license for Security guard Supervisor?
    Can i get a license at the age of 48 years to work in Abu Dhabi or Ajman?
    What is the cost of getting PSBD license for Supervisor ?
    I will be happy with your positive response

    • Maximum age for PSBD guard is 50 , still you have not crossed the age limit. The cost for course must bear by the company not individual.

  15. Sir, we are in construction company in Abu Dhabi, we would like to give have our own security with training and to obtain certificates.
    could you please advise us the procedures and cost.

    • I am afraid that, company may not hire you as the security guard. If security company offer you job then it does not problem for PSBD.

  16. Hi sir ,
    I have Dubai experience SIRA validation still I’m working one of the company but I want joining UAE Psbd ( pscod ) how can I apply online or Any company through opportunity ? Please also Directly Requirements any company you know sir please let me the name of companies or Genuine Consultant’s HR please suggest me

  17. Hi Mr. Rangga how are you Bandhu-bhai….I would like to inform you that I have a 5.5 years of experience in G4S Qatar as a security guard,and i am very much skilled in communicate the peoples through multiple languages including arabic and English,but my hight is 5`6″ five feet and six Inc and has the 12 pass certificates and wait about 80 kg..Is i am capable to apply for a security job in UAE..If i am capable to apply for then which companies would be suggested for me by you..and how could i?

  18. Hey Ranga Sir, my height is 5.7 ( 171 cm) is it ok in psbd? Second is that which company in recent hiring for security guard plus does company pay charges for psbd / or company hire us without psbd?

  19. Sir please answer all the question because i am thinking to get training from sira from monday.
    1.What is minimum height required for psbd?
    2.Fresher can apply with 0 years experience in psbd?
    3.Without getting psbd license does company hire and then if we get selected company pays from itself for psbd ?
    4.And what is minimum weight for psbd?

    • 1. 5.6 feet
      2. at least 2 years of experienced
      3. Yes, company hire you first and send for training.
      4. there is not any weight limitation.

  20. Sir Do you know any company in Dubai is first hiring and then sending us for sira training, if yes then please tell so that i can save my 1700 aed if company do by itself. I am capable enough to crack companies interview but i have little bit money shortage.

  21. Name the companies sir who hires people and then send for sira training, so that i can save 1700aed because i have shortage of money

  22. Hello Mr. Ranga,

    I have a plan to open a security company in ajman, do you know the procedure to obtain the license? For Dubai it’s DED and Sira, for I have no idea for Ajman security company trade license and PSBD license, I would really appreciate your response


  23. Hello sir!
    Before I worked in Abudhabi as a psbd security for 4yrs and now again I want to do the same job, can you please assist me how can i apply for psbd security in Abudhabi.

  24. Hello sir , previously I was working at Abu Dhabi as a security guard and I resigned at 2017. Now again I came back at another security company here in UAE and finish my NSI training.But for psbd exam they are saying to cancel the previous Psbd license and I don’t have any idea how and where too do it. So could you please give me some guidelines on that , i will be very thankful and grateful to you.

  25. Sir! I’m in Dubai And Want To Join Security Guard But How To Join Security Guard.Which One Company Have I’m not Geeting That.So Can you Suggest Me About This..