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security guard pretest
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This security guard pretest questions will start you thinking about the information associated with several topics that have discussed in course.

The main goal of the security guard pretest is to see how much you have learned about security-related matters before starting security guard training.

Write “T” for True or “F” for False after each of these statements.

Duties And Responsibilities
  1. It’s allowed for you to talk to the media “confidentially”. ___
  2. you may need to ask an individual whose first language isn’t English to talk slower so you can understand them. ___
  3. Alzheimer’s disease is part of a group of mental illnesses called mood disorders. ___
  4.  When helping a blind person down the stairs, stay one step ahead of them. ___
  5. you should ignore their behaviour If someone reacts to you in a defensive way. ___
  6. To stereotype someone is to behave toward that person in a way that the person finds offensive. ___
  7. If a person is hallucinating, it is helpful to pretend that you can sense the same thing.
  8. An expressive crowd has a leader and organize by the plan. ___
  9. Never attempt to control a hostile crowd on your own. ___
  10. Part of active listening is restating what the person has said in your own words. ___
  11. A supporting position is facing the person at an arm’s length distance. ___
  12. Open-ended questions are used when you want specific information. ___
  13. If a person is angry, it’s important not to lose eye contact with them. ___
  14. If you must cross a picket line, keep vehicle windows up and doors locked. ___
  15. Always help a person who looks like they need it. ___

Professionalism and Public Relations

  1. Keeping secret things secret is an important part of security work. ___
  2. All security guards do patrols. ___
  3. patrol and report are security guard main duties. ___
  4. In emergencies, security guards may be asked to help police. ___
  5. Another part of the security guard’s duty is to protect the information. ___
  6. standard operating procedures give details such as who to call if there is an emergency. ___

Access Control Alarm System

  1. The medium level of access control uses at the shopping mall. ___
  2. A gate is a method of access control at the perimeter of a property. ___
  3. A proximity card is swiped on a reader to enter a locked building. ___
  4. Fingerprints cannot be used for biometric identification. ___
  5. Alarm systems can be used to warn people of changes in humidity. ___
  6. The three components of an alarm system are the sensor,  transmitter and control panel. ___
  7.  A magnetic sensor is activated by heat increase. ___
  8. Two main reasons for false alarms are a mechanical malfunction and electrical problems. ___
  9.  You must fill out a complete report after responding to a false alarm. ___
Types Of Fire
  1. To put out a fire involving rubber, throw water on it. ___
  2. Fires need fuel, heat and carbon dioxide. ___
  3. The first thing you should do if you detect a fire is calling your supervisor. ___
  4. Some substances such as oily rags can start on fire on their own. ___
  5. One way to put out a fire is to lower the temperature. ___
  6. Smoke can cause you to lose muscle control. ___
  7. Poor housekeeping is a major cause of fires. ___
  8. You should walk, staying close to walls, in smoke-filled rooms. ___
  9. Class C fires involve flammable liquids such as oil. ___
  10. When using a fire extinguisher, sweep from side to side while aiming at the base of the fire. ___

The Security Guard and Legal System

  1. Security guards have almost the same legal powers as police. ___
  2. you have the right to enter a tenant’s apartment if the tenant has been given 12 hours’ notice. ___
  3. you are justified in using force to stop an assault. ___
  4.  causing a disturbance is an indictable offence. ___
  5. After you arrest someone, you must tell them the reason for the arrest. ___
  6. Trespassing is included under Mischief in the Criminal Code. ___
  7. You may routinely search employees at the client’s request. ___

Notebook taking

  1. The notes from your notebook could be used as evidence in court. ___
  2. You should use a pen to write your notes. ___
  3. Your opinion about an event is important when you write a report. ___
  4. 1700 hours means the same as 7:00 p.m. ___
  5. The words “Bravo” and “Dog” are used to make the letters  B and D easier to understand over the telephone or radio. ___
  6. An incident report should include information about who, what, when, where, why, and how an event happened. ___
  7.  After a theft, you should fill out an incident report. ___
  8.  The most reliable evidence is circumstantial evidence. ___
  9. Photographs are examples of direct evidence. ___
  10. After a crime, you should secure the area. ___
  11. You should read from your notes whenever you need to answer questions in court. ___

General patrol tactics and practice

  1. When your flashlight is turned on, you should hold it close to your body. ___
  2. One purpose of a patrol is to look for machinery that is not working properly. ___
  3. Patrols can do in a vehicle, bicycle or on foot. ___
  4. Sometimes, it is okay to complete only half of a patrol before returning to your station. ___
  5. When patrolling a building you should start at the bottom floor and work your way up. ___
  6. At the night time patrol, you should walk quickly near the windows and glass doors. ___
  7. A Security guard should arrest intruder immediately when he sees it. ___
  8. Associating new information with something you already know will help you remember. ___
  9. Your ears or hearing is your most important sense to use when on patrol. ___

These above security guard pretest questions‘ answers are not provided here because you would learn everything when you go through all the lessons. Just think true or false statement on your mind.

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