SIRA training fees in dubai and Qualification


The SIRA training fees in Dubai are defined by the Security regulatory authority which is part of the MOI (Ministry OF Interior) of Dubai. If you want to get the security professional training from the SIRA cadre academy has to make a prepayment for getting approval of the course date.

The security companies need to pay the SIRA fees in Dubai for arranging the training for the security guard candidates and the security officers. Although you are not hired by any security company in Dubai you can obtain the SIRA license by spending your own money.

Possessing the valid SIRA license makes it easy to find the security guard job in Dubai. The reason is that security companies love to hire candidates who have already a security license because they can deploy for the work immediately and another reason they should not bear any cost of your training.

Although SIRA provides the various types of security and safety-related training there are some of the popular training which comes with different categories at a different cost.

Before disclosing the SIRA course fees in Dubai let me tell you what education qualification requires for you to have the specific training. If you want to know detail of the security guard training and exam in Dubai click here.

The required documentation for the SIRA training application;

  1. Color photo
  2. Passport photocopy
  3. Emirates ID ( person who is working in UAE)
  4. Residency visa copy (If you have)
  5. Certificate of good conduct
  6. Medical fitness certificate
  7. CV
  8. Certified Training Courses
  9. Educational qualifications (attested)
  10. Certificate of Experience
  11. Fitness Certificate
Sira training fees in Dubai and Experiences and Qualifications;

According to the rank of the security personnel in security industries, the SIRA requires the trainees to meet some educational and experiences qualification for getting the training from it. Hereby table helps you to understand the needed qualification for the specific positions.

SNTrainingCourse and CertificatesYear of experienceQualification
1Security ConsultantSecurity Advisor certificate10yrsDiploma
2Security expert15yrs
3Security TrainerSecurity course certificate for security trainer5yrsDiploma
4Security managerSecurity course certificate for security manager7yrsDiploma
5.Security Operations
Security course certificate for security operation
6.Security SupervisorSecurity course certificate for security supervisor5yrsSecondary
7.Security Systems
Security course certificate for the security systems
0yrsBachelor of engineering
8.Security Systems
Security course certificate for the assistant of the
security technician
9.Money Transport GuardSecurity guard course/security course for cash in transit guard/Fire Fighting/First aid/dealing with
special needs
0yrsTenth grade
10Security guardSecurity Guard Course certificate/Fire Fighting
Certificate/First Aid certificate/certificate of
dealing with special needs
0yrs Tenth grade
11Money Transport Vehicle
Security guard course/security course for cash-in-transit guard/Fire Fighting/First aid/dealing with
special needs
12.Security Systems
Security course certificate for security system
controller/first aid certificate
1yrsTenth grade
13Event Security Organizer
14.WatchmanSecurity course certificate for security watchman



You can request for registration to attend a training course for security cadres or yourself through the online application or attending the SIRA cadre academy in Dubai.

When you register for a training course on the SIRA website or utilizing the offline channel, you would get approval from the SIRA within Two business days. 

SIRA training fees in Dubai 

1Security Managers CourseAED 50005days40hrs
2Security Supervisors CourseAED 40004days24hrs
3Security Equipment Engineers CourseAED 50005days40hrs
4Security Equipment Technicians CourseAED 30004days40hrs
5Security Equipment Operators CourseAED 40004days32hrs
6.Foundation Course of Security GuardsAED 10005days40hrs
7.Event’s Guards CourseAED 5501days8hrs
8Security Systems OperatorAED 30003days18hrs
8Basic Life support Training (First Aid)AED 2101days8hrs

Note:– the course fees can be different than above, if, the new review is done by the SIRA, so, it is better to visit their websites to get the latest updated.

Steps to implement or register the course
  1. Register a user account if you are new
  2. Sign in using the current password 
  3. Filling out the Electronic Form in the E-Services System and
  4. attaching the required documents.
  5. Payment through Payment Channels
  6. Review the application form SIRA
  7. Getting the Service means attending the course

Conclusion: SIRA has made very easy for security candidates to get training from it. You can register for the course online and book for the training dates. The PSCOD guard in the UAE has not allowed the individuals to use its service themself just like SIRA providing. SIRA training fees in Dubai are affordable anyone can meet this financial expense. If you want to know how to register and make payment for the course registration visit the following links.



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