SIRA training and exam for security guard in Dubai.

SIRA training

SIRA training- SIRA refers to the Security industry regulatory authority is a Dubai government organization that supervises the security companies and security personnel in Dubai.

The SIRA is the changing name of DPS (Dubai Protective Services) which had been enforcing the security regulation to the security service providers and security personnel since 2005.

Being the governmental department, the SIRA has the power to enforce the state security policies and set up them according to country requirements. 

Not only the SIRA enforce the law but also it provides the basic security guard training which is very important for the security guard candidate which leads trainees to have a valid security guard license.

DPS (Dubai protective system) regulation was announced in 2005 and compulsorily came into force in 2008. Security companies in Dubai trained their new staff themselves and sent them to the Dubai police academy for the examination. It was the past practice for licensing the security guard in Dubai.

But In 2017, the first reform made over DPS regulation for the private security companies that was the reason which created the SIRA.

Now SIRA is the only one organization which provides training and operating license for both security guard and security company.

What is SIRA?

SIRA refers to the “Security Industries Regulation Authority” is a privates security organization and part of the Dubai protective services.

SIRA responsibilities:

  1.  Licensing security companies and security guards.
  2. Enforcement rules and regulations
  3. Training the security guards and takes the exams.
  4. Penalize the security guard and company for the violation of the regulation.

SIRA Training:

The SIRA has a training station called the “Security Cadre Training Centre SCTC.” All training and exams are conducted in this center.

All the security companies should meet the SIRA’s stander policy including companies should make sure their guards have valid SIRA licenses before assigned them in the various workplace.

Any security guard working without a valid SIRA license would bring the fine either to the employer company or the security guard.

SIRA gives all types of training which are related to the safety and security some of them are:-

  • Security Dog Training
  •  Safe Transportation Vehicles Trading
  • Preparation of Vehicles for Safe Transport
  • Security Studies & Consultancies
  • Centre for Operations & Monitoring Services
  • Security & Surveillance Systems Installation & Maintenance
  • Guard Property Services
  • Party Security & Private Guarding Services
  • security Control & Alarm Equipment Trading
  • Valuables Transport Services
  • Security Control & Monitoring Services
How can be a security guard in Dubai?

To become a security guard in Dubai you must have a valid SIRA license. It will be provided to you after completing a week-long training in SIRA Cadre Academy.

However, the candidate who works for the other emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain need to get PSCOD license.

How could I get a SIRA training and a license?

There are two options for applying for the SIRA license, it does not matter and no need any specific visa holders for this training. The individuals with working and residency visas can also apply for training, including tourists and tourist visa holders.

Two ways to get the sira Dubai security training are as following;
  1. A security company sends you for training.

The security firm in Dubai may recruit you either in Dubai or in-home country. After coming to Dubai the company will apply the basic security guard training on behalf of you which goes for a week. You are responsible for attending the training and passing the SIRA test.

The SIRA cadre Training Center (SCTC) is the place where the training conducts and the exam taken.

2. Get training through your own expenditure.

The second option is to apply for the SIRA training yourself and pays the course fee on your own. You can register the course by presenting the SIRA cadre academy and attend the training at the assigned dates. Upon completing the training you can get the security guard license in Dubai.

What is the age limit for SIRA training? 

Although taking the training does not need any specific age range, it requires you to be mentally and physically fit. The minimum and maximum age of the security guard in UAE is 21-55yrs the same thing also applicable for the SIRA candidates.T

The Process for sira Dubai security training.

All the newly hires security guards must undergo training for a week involving 36 hours of 60% theoretical and 40% practical. The trainees will learn the following:

  •  Overview and Purpose of the Security Industry
  •  Emergency System and Procedures
  •  Evidence and Crime Scene Preservation
  •  Effective Patrolling, Access Control
  •  How to search for vehicles and premises
  •  Requirements for Health and Safety at Work
  • Dealing with Emergencies
  • Requirements for Dealing with Fire and Safety
  • Communication and Customer Care
  • Effective Communications
  •  First Aid
  • Criminal investigation
  • Firefighting
  • Conflict management
  •  Candidates also learn to protect themselves and others in an emergency.

Require Qualification And Experience for SIRA training.

For the entry-level of training from SIRA does not require and qualification and experience except you are going to take a higher level of training such as CCTV Operator, Security Supervisor, Security Manager, etc.

The senior Dubai police officers and other government bodies such as civil defense members play the role of instructors. After completion of training, the students are then tested in two exams.

1. SIRA training – Physical test.

There are five types of physical tests to determined the candidate is healthy and fit to do duty at any time in any situation.

A). Beep test:

The purpose of the beep test is to access the aerobic capacity. so the candidate has to cross the 20 meters longer space and come back to the starting point on the beeping sound. It goes over and over up to 32 times.

B). Jumping test:

The candidate has to jump over the 1.7 meters high bars. To pass this test you require to cross 6 to 7 bars. This is not a difficult part of the SIRA’s training. A simple practice before heading for training you can do it without any difficulty.

C). Sled push:

This is another type of test the candidate has to push the sled one point to another point within 4 seconds the distance between the point is 10m only.

 D). Sled pull:

It is the opposite part of the sled push. You have to pull the sled back to 5 meters in 6 seconds.

E). Sprinting test:

It is running you must cross 35 meters in 6 seconds.

2. SIRA Course- Written test.

The written test is an exam where you have to answer the questions. Most of the questions pick out from the topics that you had learned in classes. The written test has set up 100% marks questions, you should obtain 60% to pass the examination.

3. SIRA course in Dubai – Oral test

The oral exam is not there, but the instructor carefully evaluates your speaking and listening skills by asking the questions in class. so when you are speaking to the instructor speak clearly and carefully.

Each security guard needs to have a strong personality and needs to be balanced when dealing with members of the public. The instructor decides your strength and personality from this evaluation.

If you succeed in the SIRA test then you would get the course completion certificate along with a security guard license.

The certificate you are awarded here can be useful for your future career in the security industry in other countries too. Because it is authorized by a British vacation education organization.

SIRA Address Location:

Beirut Street، Al-Qusais 2,

Behind Al-Qusais

Police Station – Dubai

Phone: +971 4 288 7442

In the end:- working as a security guard in Dubai can be the best option for the people who willing to make their career in the security industry. SIRA training is for creating a professional security guard, so being professional in a career helps you to advance in that field.

If you want to know the SIRA training fees in Dubai visit the full article through this link.

SIRA training fees in Dubai and Qualification

SIRA Test Questions

PSCOD security guard training

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    • hi brother if you are in Dubai, you can apply for this training attending the SIRA cadre academy. They train first, take exam and provide license. the process takes just a week the cost of the training depends on the training you are getting.

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        Im in dubai now. I want to do this.can u tell mè trainig times and what u required from student and im doing job here so can i do this How can i know about it fully help to me.

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    • That is not a problem brother becuase SIRA or security companies in Dubai allow to join candidates from Any nationality or any religion. I have found here many people from Panjab with beard working as a security guard in Dubai

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    • SIRA accademy is in only one place brother not in Jebel Ali area.

      Behind Al-Qusais Police Station – Beirut St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

      798R+HJ Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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    Am called Alpha lumu frm Uganda african, am on employment visa and my contract remains with only six 6 month to expire .
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  8. How I can get sira training to get sira training certificate?
    I worked with security companies for long time in Afghanistan as an ATL (Assistant team leader) security team
    As a FSO (field service officer)
    Also I worked as a team supervisor.

    • Training goes for 1 week and fee depends on the course you are going to take. For general security guard course fee cost AED 2500. It can changed by SIRA you should ask them before applying.

  9. Sir how r u I hope your fine sir I ask a question is I have 100 kg wight nd my height is 5.7 I confused I can pass a test sir I have not a hard work in my life tell me sir I am wait your answer

    • Brother SIRA does not care about the person height or wait but I personally believe it, you should reduce your weight because it will can be the failing cause of the SIRA physical test.
      If you could pass the SIRA physical and written test and hired by any security company. Your wait does not effect for being the security guard in Dubai.

  10. I attended sira for over 5 months till date and company have not given me my permanent SIRA Card, reason Dat it’s from the SIRA office, which I passed all the training. Am in Dubai, and wish to know if their is a reasonable explanation for this, cause am seeing this as scam now.

  11. Pls sir , can u work with other security company in all the emirates with a Sira certificate? And what is the chance of getting a security job after this training sir?

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