SIRA Dubai security guard test questions practice.


SIRA Dubai” is a government organization that is part of the Ministry of the Interior of Dubai that regulates security companies and personnel to comply with the safety regulations that have been in effect since 2016.

Security companies from Dubai hire more than 10,000 new security guards every year around the world. The newly hired security guards deploy to the recently established companies to carry out security tasks or replace the old security guards who end their services with the Dubai security companies.

The candidates who want to work as a security guard in Dubai they must get the basic security guard training from the SIRA cadre academy. Additionally should pass the various types of test including physical test, written test, an oral test.

If you want to learn more about the process of being the SIRA security guard in Dubai you can visit my previous post by clicking here. In this post, you will practice the potential SIRA testing questions which help you to gain knowledge into the SIRA examination in Dubai.

Doing so, you would be confident about having the security guard exam for licensing purposes in Dubai.

SIRA Dubai- security training.

The SIRA offers individuals, companies, and government agencies the various security and safety-related training to ensure that the workplace is safe and secure against any type of threat or accident.

Since the SIRA has become a governmental supervisory body for the security guards and security industries, it also provides certain allowances to the security guards who operate in Dubai after obtaining the SIRA license.

99 percent of Dubai security guards are from different countries and they do not know about the Dubai security guard salary until they go for work. If you are one of them here are full guidelines of security guard salary in UAE.


  1. What is fire?


2- Class of the fire


3- What are the source of heat?


4- From where do you get oxygen?


5-What is called fuel in the fire?


6-color code of water extinguisher?


7-color code of foam extinguisher?


8-color code of powder extinguisher?


9-color code of CO2 extinguisher?


10-color code of wet chemical extinguisher?


11- What is P.A.S.S?


12- What is a fire blanket?


13. Records to be kept in Case of fire?


14- What is Co2?


15- How much oxygen we get from the Air?


These security guard exam questions are designed to give you the full knowledge of the written exam of SIRA Dubai that is essential for you to be a security guard in this city.

What happened if you fail the SIRA exam in Dubai?

The security candidates who do not pass the test have another opportunity to participate but who fail twice, may not have a choice except returning to their own countries or choose the sector other than security.

How to pass the SIRA Dubai (Security Regulatory Authority) exam?

The SIRA test in Dubai is not a hard job because it depends on your preparation before and after attending the training. Every question will come from the lessons that are taught in the training. Here is some important point that you should always apply if you want to be a security guard in Dubai.

  1. Be prepared for the physical test: everyday practice running, push up and jumping, etc.
  2. Study the training material: If you selected for the SIRA guard from any security companies in Dubai, start gathering the training material from your friends or any other sources and begin studying them.
  3. practice the Quizzes:- Nowadays there are many online websites that provide security guard test quizzes even some of them SIRA training related. Practice then daily bases.
  4. Pay attention in the class: If you don’t pay attention to the class or you do not understand sure it will lead to failures. Give the full attention to the instructor and the training material to gain knowledge and skills which are useful for the security tasks.
  5. Obey the rules: As the trainee, you should not breach any SIRA cadre academy rules and regulations.
        • Always be on time,
        • Don’t gossip in the class
        • Be helpful in the practice.
        • Don’t go out of the institution periphery.
        • No chewing tobacco, no spitting in the corridor and no smoking
        • Wait for your turn for the bathroom or in the cafeteria
        • No sleeping in the class
        • Don’t discuss the politic or religion.

Conclusion: It is the nature of the many students who become anxious about their training at SIRA cadre Academy. The reason is that, they need to return their home country if they fail twice,

if it happens, they may have a hard time to pay back the money that was borrowed from family or relative for paying the agents while coming to Dubai as the security guard.

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  1. I have passed Sira exam in 2017
    But I got DPS card so now I want to renew my licence
    So do I need to pass the written exam again ?
    Or I have to pass only fitness test

      • I came here in UAE ,two months gone and I gave interview in USG(United security Group) offer letter already I got but MOL letter till I didn’t get, is any vacancy open or not in USG

      • Hi 👋..
        But how can I already fitness test pass last 3 months go but not com sira card and again last week go to turning with sira test and not go for test plzz u any help for m this is my nub 0555679498

  2. Hello sir I want to ask you I am on visit visa I don’t have sira certificate it is possible to get security job dubai

  3. I attend sira exam 3 months before expire,But i didn’t get license ,i don’t have license . Any idea how i will get license ?

  4. Sir I have passed DPS in 2011 so now I want to renew my DPS license.

    So do I need to pass the written exam again ?
    Or I have to pass only fitness test

    • DPS license is no more valid since the SIRA regulation came into force.

      So, you need to apply for the course and need to pass the exam.

  5. I resigned my job now and I working for one month I’m going for sira training this week . And my visa date expired on 23 march 2022 . I want to get visit visa and I will try to join for security job … It’s ok or any wrong step I gone tell me please

  6. I have passed the Security Systems Operator course in 2016. My card expires on 26-Sep-22. what about Security Systems Operator retest.