list of security companies in dubai Under SIRA


Dubai is the regional headquarters of multinational corporations and the distribution hub for the Middle East and North African nations. The list of security companies in Dubai I have mentioned here plays a vital role in protecting the valuable assets of businesses and safeguarding communities against criminal activities.

Since the country’s private security regulation was reformed in 2001, security companies in the UAE operate under the supervision of SIRA and PSCOD.

The majority of security companies in the UAE obtained operational licenses from both authorities SIRA (Security Industries Regulatory Authority) and PSCOD (Private Security Company Organization Department).

They do so because the SIRA license allows them to operate in Dubai but not in other emirates and the PSCOD license allows them to operate in other emirates but not in Dubai.

In comparison to the other cities in the region, Dubai has much private security personnel. Security guard companies in Dubai offer a variety of services ranging from man guarding to air and maritime defense.

To deliver the different types of services, the organization must have a specific license. For example, if a company has a license to provide man guarding and property protection, it cannot offer cash in transit, bank security, or critical infrastructure security services.

Security employees should also have specific licenses to deliver the specific services for example; To provide armed guarding services, you must have an armed operation license, and to provide marine security, you must have a license and training for that.

People conduct their research on the internet, but how accurate are these information? Does anybody know about it?

The answer is No, because you may find fake employment agencies, false firms, fake interviewers online, etc. So, you should be aware that your employment search does not finish with defrauding someone.

list of security companies in Dubai

I discovered that bogus security companies in the UAE had misled job applicants. So, I have provided the names of security organizations licensed by SIRA in Dubai to protect security guards’ candidates from scamming.

Top security companies in UAE

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