15 Top security companies in United Arab Emirates.

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15 top security companies in UAE- The UAE security companies operate under the two security regulations. 1). PSBD (private security business department) and 2). DPS (Department of Protective System).

  • The PSBD new name is PSCOD (Private Security Companies Organization Department) and
  • DPS new name is SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority).

The PSBD guards work in 6 emirates including Abu Dhabi and DPS guards work in Dubai. Although two security departments existed in UAE the training and enforcement policy has similar in nature of both systems.

The UAE government implemented new security regulation in 2001 to brand the security service providers more responsible for keeping the community safe.

The security companies operate in Dubai they require a license from DPS and the companies operate in other states, except Dubai must have a license from PSBD.

Only the companies which have an operating license from both departments can provide security services in all over the UAE.

Security companies function in the UAE;

There are hundreds of Security Companies with more than 30 thousands of security officers are protecting the people, private properties and government entities.

Security companies provide different types of services except the man guarding, such as general building protection, cash in transit, cash centre security, hotel, hospital, bank, event, and critical infrastructure security services in UAE.

Security officers in the UAE have considered highly profession compare to the other countries in GCC and they earn a higher salary than their counterpart in the gulf region.

Even though security companies pay their employee according to the PSBD or DPS regulation but when it comes to the overtime pays it remains different and depends on the company.

So, working with the excellent security company, you should not worry about your salary, overtime, accommodation, vacation, leave, health insurance and other compensation.

Why some large companies are not listed here?

I researched the companies mostly through its employee because they only know very well about them. Choosing the best company in our list, we have analyzed using several indicators such salary pay in time, overtime pay ratio, company reputation, company size, employee health and life insurance, vacation and gratuity including accommodation stander.

You might hear the name of the large security companies, but I have not included as the best company to work because they have some miss management.

Although the company is very large on many employees, clients, reputation and profitable organization that doesn’t matter for this post because I have focused on how far the company has gone in terms of employees’ welfare.

I don’t want to disclose the companies name publicly, some well-known organizations do not care much to the employees. We have visited their accommodations are not stander as per PSBD/DPS regulation.

I have chosen the name of the companies for this article to depend on how good they are for the client and employees. Some small companies with 500 security guards have included in our list because they pay a good salary, provide stander accommodation and timely vacation for the employees.

If you are curious, about the best security company in UAE, this post can fulfill your quest for this topic.

Here are the top 15 Security Company in UAE


There may be few people in the world who do not know about the group 4 security company. Almost everywhere, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, it has been operating for providing man guarding services as well as design and installation for the electronic security system.

This company founded in 2004 and headquarter is in London. After assimilation between Group 4 Flank a Denmark security company and Securicor Security Services Company in London, the company became G4S security company.

As we all know it is a leading security provider in the world but now it has equally understood in the field of outsourcing such as project management, risk management, other technical solution, etc.

The G4S company’s roles in the UAE

G4S has five fully operational branches and more than 10 thousand employees across the UAE. It is not only a leader on man guarding service but also integrated with the outsourcing services.

The company provides a safe and secure way for delivering their services to private organizations and government departments.

If you join this company, you should not worry about the salary which would pay in time and overtime payment ration is a bit higher than other companies in the UAE.

Accommodations for the employees are excellent, even though there is some outcry on career advancement it is one of the professionally managed companies in UAE.


Securiguard Middle East has 12 years history as a private security company in UAE. Established in 2005 with the primary objective of providing professional security guard in the private sector. Now it has heavily dependent on business with the government.

Securiguard Middle East offers Manned Guarding, Escort, Access Control, Event management plus Incidents and Emergency Management services to its clients.

Before writing this article, I talked to my friends who are working in a different location and found satisfied with salary and professional management team. The company gives values to the employee’s contribution.

The payment of overtime, vacation, and medical benefits are the most valuable things the company provide employees as per the UAE labour law.

Securiguard Middle East also one of the private company which provides MOI guard to the ministry of interior.


Transguard established in 2001 since then it has been outnumbered its competitors on winning the business contract all over the UAE.

Peer competitor of this company is G4S but In terms of employees and clients, the company has already become the largest service provider in uniform security, cash handling, and integrated facility services.

Although the company have more than 65 thousand employees It has run by a professional management team. Accommodation and transportation are free, but the employees have to pay for food.

Timely payment of salary, vacation opportunity, health, and life insurance are pro for this company.


Securitas is a multi-national security company just like G4S. It was born in Sweden in 1934, and today it has 320 thousand employees in 53 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East.

In UAE, this company does not have many clients just like Transguard, but it provides impressive services to its business partners. The company mainly provides man and security integrated services in the Middle East.

Working with this company, you would benefit from a good salary, free laundry, free accommodation even you would love to work with professional supervisors and managers.

  1. Hemaya Security

Hemaya is a semi-government security company not entirely independent as a private company. It was established through special permission of Minister Of interior and Deputy Prime Minister of UAE His Highness Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan in 2009.

The intention of establishing Hemaya was to support the police forces in the UAE. Today the company mainly involved in working with UAE police forces and has some corporate companies of its clients.

The company’s services have included Saaed Traffic Systems, Saaed Smart Systems, Hemaya Security Services, National Ambulance, Emirates Fire and Rescue Company.

Most of the employees of this company are the veteran army or police officer who earn more than regular guard in UAE.

  1. Middle East Security

Elias Mr Shalameh sponsored this company in 2000. Since then, it has been retaining a leading position in the security service industries in Abu Dhabi. It is another security company that provides MOI guard to the ministry of interior in UAE.

Most of the shareholders of Middle East security are from the high-ranking officer of the armed forces. Just like other security company in UAE it provides a uniform guard to the hospital, bank, retail store, and education institution and government offices.

In the request of the clients, the company has available armed guards and bomb detector specialists.

Personal health and life insurance for every guard and salary in time are attractive aspects for joining this company.

  1. Spark security

It is another leading private security service provider headquarters located in Abu Dhabi. This company has a license from PSBD and DPS for uniform security guard and provides physical security services, event security management, and security consultant. More than 5000 security personnel are working with 340 clients in the current stage.

Most of the top security companies in UAE ventures with the international security corporation but the spark is a local company which is good on providing salary in time, a yearly vacation, and reasonable accommodation facilities.


Al Jaber- Coin founded in 2004 for providing security services in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. It is a subsidiary company of Al Jabber group had merged with Protea coin security services at the founding year.

Al Jaber coin provides a wide range of security services to retail store, commercial, financial institution, and government organization. The company has an office in every emirate.

Even though it is a well-known company in UAE, but in someplace the strong sentiment has seen in employees that the management flaw should be fixed.

  1. RAK Security Company

RAK (Ras-Al Khaimah) security is also wholly owned Emirati Security industry and the company name was linked with one of the Emirates of the UAE. Ras-Al-Khaimah royal family member established this company to provide security services in northern Emirates, but today it has expanded its services to all seven emirates in UAE.

It has validly licensed from both security department PSCOD and SIRA. This company is not as large as the companies which are in number 1-3, but it is the right place to work for security professionals.

  1. A.J security and safety consultant

A.J security is a medium-size security company in UAE. Many people might not be heard much about this company in just the past three years before. Today the company has partnered as a security guarantor to many public and private organizations.

The company website doesn’t look professional like other corporate company, but it is licensed to deliver security consultant services. A salary provides in time and other facilities also as security regulation.

  1. Arkan security services

It is one of the best security company in Dubai. It comes on number nine because the company has not much involved in PSBD guard services. In DPS it a good company with the largest workforce supplier in Dubai.

It is a sister company of Dubai property holding. The company doesn’t require business from other clients because Dubai property holding has developed many real state properties itself. So, it is enough to thrive Arkan security inside Dubai holding infrastructures. Employees no need to worry about the salary and leaves that all are fine.


It is one of the old and matured security company in UAE established in 1993. The company mainly providing security services to various Establishments like Educational Institutions, Shopping Malls.  And Government Offices.

In 2002, the company restructured and started a business name of Abu Sultan Security Services LLC. After then the company got an exclusive professional license from Ras-Al Khaimah government. Now the name has been changed to trust Security. The company is old and providing security services as gold.


Armaguard is one of the leading secure currency management security company in Australia. It came in UAE joint venture with Etihad Airways one of the largest airlines in Abu Dhabi.

Although it has a small number of personal presence in UAE, providing high-quality service to protect valuable cargo with Armor vehicle covering all seven emirates.

The company mainly focus on securing high precious cargo rather than providing guarding services to the institutions in UAE.


The company is another logistic securing company in UAE just like Armaguard. Brinks was established in the USA since then it is a master of risk management and secure logistics around the 110 countries including UAE.

The company provides the highest level of security services for the central banks, financial institutions, governments, and the diamond and jewellery industries.

  1. Landmark security

Landmark Security Company has been servicing from 2004 in the UAE on the private security industry. More than a decade after establishing as a security service provider the company has focused on providing quality services to its client all over the UAE.

Today this company providing mostly in integrated services which is the most reliable and cost-effective security method to protect property and information.

In conclusion: The international security company is the best place to make a career for the security guards in UAE. If the company is Emirati owned this can be the second option, but the company which is held by Asian national have a problem in management.

I would like to hear you just comment below what do you think?


  1. Keifal hal sir… My good names is Charles Githinji wanja. Am a kenya and am really searching for a job.. I have worked with Qatar Security Services two years experience as security and i have a skill of Health and Safety qualifications… Any help i will Highly appreciated… Looking forward to hearing from you… Email:[email protected] / Phone ±254707013100

    • thank you, Charles, for commenting. We regularly publish here the available jobs in a top company in the UAE. You can apply online but all things will be handled by the employment company.

  2. Hello i am from Nepal and i have applied for one one two security company for UAE does that company even exist???if exist i need some info about that company like facilities, theirs policy etc etc that will be very helpful

  3. In UAE one one two security guard company even exists??if i need some info which will be very helpful for my decisions
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    • Do you mean “one one two” is a company? if yes then I am not aware of this. Either it is a new company or not a security company.

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    Am thankful for your article about PSBD as I was searching about this. Am Kumaran Ramu an ex Armed Force Person served i 20 yrs in the First Line of Defence in Indian Border Security Force.

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    Thank you.

    • This company is not a large security company in the UAE. When you talk the salary is not paid in time.

      If it did in the past would not do in future because UAE government has implemented new regulation for the employees’ salary must paid before 7th of every month. It has no choice rather than abide by it.
      Regarding the accommodation stander not only this companies but many small size security have not provide according to psbd stander it must address from government level.

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  7. I am Kenyan by nationality residing in Nairobi city.I am currently working for K.K.Security company of GardaWorld as a security officer with over ten years of experience.I am interested to work in United Arab Emirates with one of the best security firms.Kindly post to me any available security Guard vacancies.Thank you.

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    My name is Augustus Uzoamaka Offor from Nigeria. I have four years experience in UAE, two years Security Guard and two years lifeguard. I will be glad if you can help me secure a job again back in UAE. My contacts: [email protected]
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    • We are regularly updating the security guard job in UAE. You can apply online here in our website. The company can call for the interview if you meet their requirement.

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    • Mr. Azizbek thank you for a comment, you have a great experience in military in your home country and some years experience in Indian military academy.

      I recommend you to submit your CV for security supervisor or officer to the G4S, security middle east, and securiguard middle east because those companies love the candidates who have military background.

      Another way you get the job In-house Security supervisor in 5 star hotel in UAE they do not need SIRA or PSCOD training if you have army or police experience.

      We are regularly updating our website with the security supervisor and guards opportunities you may apply here too.

  14. Hullo is there a security company in UAE called special security group LLC and how much do they pay as salary for a security guard. Thanks

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    • Now all the training has been stopped. COVID-19 will not affect much in the security industry in the UAE, because, companies need the safety of their property although they remain out of the business.