Securitas security company review Benefits and limitations


Securitas Security is a multinational security solutions company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with operations in 53 countries and over 300,000 employees.

If you’re looking for a genuine employee review of this company, you’ve come to the right place, because I’m writing this post based on my own experiences with it.

If you join any company you have to do those things that the company business are, so, it is very important for you to learn what are Securitas company services, because, you need to perform in future.

Securitas Security services;

  1. Security guarding
  2. Remote video solution
  3. Aviation security solution
  4. Electronic security
  5. Risk management
  6. Global IT and Intelligent security
  7. Security consolation

Although Securitas AB is a facility management organization, it is well-known for its security services, and many people believe that it is only a private security firm. Now let’s talk about Securitas jobs.

Benefits of Securitas jobs

  1. Multinational security firm;

As previously stated, the company now operates in 53 countries, including Europe, North America, Africa, the Gulf region, and Asia.

It is one of the world’s most reputable private security firms. When you join this organization, people believe that you work in a good company and professional in your work.

  1. A good place to work;

Working with this organization would provide you with a pleasant experience; the company’s work culture is encouraging, and good team members make your job more enjoyable. You might be able to work with a diverse group of people.

  1. Salary and bonuses;

The salary can be vary depending on your location because it influences the country’s economic status. When you work in the USA, EU and other developed countries obviously you would earn a higher salary. But in Asia, you would get lower pay.

Anyway, the company pays your salary on time and provides the overtime plus other bonuses according to your country’s labor law.

  1. Accommodation and transportation;

The company provides you the free lodging and transportation. If you use your own transportation and own lodging, you are eligible for bonuses as per the company’s rules.

  1. Medical and workplace accidental insurance;

The company provides its employees medical insurance better than other company which covers most of the illnesses. The company also provides workplace injury and accidental death insurance.

  1. Company management;

Although the company is large in terms of its size. The overall score of the management is good. There is open channel of communication between junior to senior-level staff. When you face a problem You can bring up your issue to management, they will work with you to find a solution.

  1. Opportunity to make careers in a different country;

As an international security firm, the senior-level staff, in particular, can be assigned duties in other countries.

Suppose you are working in Europe, Asia, or the Gulf region If a company requires you to work in a different region and a different country can send you there.

As a result, jobs with Securitas offer the opportunity to gain international work experience.

  1. Multiple sites for work;

The company provides security solutions, to many public and private industries, so, you can get the chance to switch your workplace.

Different types of companies have different security rules and regulations. Working in various organizations would teach you many security skills.

  1. Free uniform and other security equipment;

Every year, the company provides you with a pair of uniforms at no cost. Security equipment such as a baton, handcuffs, and a radio are also freely available.

  1. Other benefits;

Depending on the country you are working in, Securitas security may provide you with additional benefits such as an employee pension fund, a social welfare fund, and so on.

These are the ten benefits of working with Securitas; now let us discuss the drawbacks or disadvantages.

  1. Workload;

The company have many sites, although you are required to work 6 days a week, the company can request you work for rest days also.

Therefore, you have not many days to rest in a month. I mean you need to work for more than 28 days in a month.

  1. Accommodation may not be stander;

Particularly in Asian countries, accommodations are unsatisfactory, and in the Gulf region, accommodations are located a long distance from the duty sites. You may have to travel more than one or two hours to and from your duty site.

  1. Fewer opportunities for training;

Most of the time the company focus providing the security solution to the clients rather than providing you the training for the new skills.

Some training is required for career advancement. If you do not receive training on time, it will be a barrier to your career development in the company and the whole private security industry as well.

  1. Slow in career development;

Getting a promotion in this company will take time because there are many coworkers are in the line for the promotion.

Some employees also complain that no matter how many years they have worked for this organization, will not be promoted unless management knows them personally.

  1. Little rest time;

Every day you should perform 12 hrs. duties and 1 hrs.  break. It is very short time if you are performing the standing duty.

In my opinion, security personnel requires at least 2 hours of rest in a 12-hour shift.

As with all jobs, there are some good and some bad, there are ups and downs. The benefits can be varied according to the site you are working.

The overall score of the company for work recommendation is good and in some countries, something needs to be address. It is one of the top 10 private security companies in the world.

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