The Facts of the World Security Dubai Job Review


World security is a private security firm based in Dubai and a subsidiary of the DP world. Dubai Port (DP) is a multinational company in the field of logistics, park and economic zones development, port, and terminal operation, and maritime services.

World security Dubai was established in 1975 and since then the company has been providing man-guarding services to individuals, private, and government entities.

In this changing world, the company has changed the business practice of working in various spheres, including;

  • Guarding Services
  •  Cash & Valuables in Transit
  • Marine Security
  •  Smart Solutions
  •  Training Institute

In this post, I tried to share information about the world security careers in Dubai after doing some research. My analysis is based on the information provided by the company’s current employees.

Benefits working world security

  1. A Sister company of DP world

The company is the subsidiary of the DP world which is an Emirati multinational logistic company in Dubai.

Since DP world or Dubai Port is the parent company of world security, you should follow the company rules and regulations that are made by DP world, not from world security.

DP world is a prestigious organization, so you’re part of it, even though you’re working with world security.

There is a stander procedure for business operation in the DP world and all the subsidiaries should comply with it, in terms of dealing with employees, customers, and business services.

So, if you are hired as the security guard you are an employee of the DP world, not a particular sister organization, like world security.

  1. Free transportation, and free accommodation;

The company’s accommodation is free and transport is free of charge. You can save most of your salary every month, because, the company covers the transportation and accommodation which are the most influential elements of the cost of living.

  1. Overtime and bonuses;

You have to work for 12 hours every day, 8 hours is the regular duty and 4 hours’ overtime. And the company also provides you the Ramadan bonuses. world security Dubai’s salary is between 2200dh to 2500dh for a month.

  1. Every week one day off;

Every week you work 6 days and one day off. If you are required to perform duty on your off day, you will be entitled to overtime, or the company will pay you overtime. The more overtime you do the more you earn.

  1. Training benefit;

The company covers the cost of the training; every new staff needs to take the SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) training and receive the license from the SIRA. You may not need to pay any money for the training, and the license.

  1. Vacation;

Every two years you will get a 2-month vacation, You would get the two months basic salary when you are on the vacation and it will pay you when you return after the vacation.

  1. Best workplace;

World security is the protection partner for many well-known companies and facilities in the UAE. Including, DP World, Jebel Ali Port, Mina Rashid, Mina Al Hamriya, Jebel Ali Free Zone, National Industries Park, Dubai Auto Zone.

These are vital assets of the Dubai government; you would get the chance to work with these organizations as a security guard.

  1. Management is extremely understanding;

High-class management is supportive to the junior level of the staff because they are from the DP world. Despite some bad managers and leaders, the overall score of the management is good.

  1. Safe and secure work environment;

As you are working as a security guard, your main responsibility is to protect people, property, and information. The company has put in place some security measures to protect you from exposure to risk. When you perform duty anywhere or with any clients, you are safe and secure.

  1. Largest security firm in Dubai more chances of career development;

There are more than 5000 security personnel in this company and various senior positions, if you are talented and generous on work really you will deserve the promotion.

These are the advantages of working with the world security now, let’s move on to the disadvantages;

Drawback working in World Security.

  1. 12 hours standing duty, In the summer you may perform a duty under the sun.
  2. Mid-class management is not good need to address
  3. No free food or food allowances.
  4. On an off day, as well, the company needs you to perform overtime, so you may not be able to rest and continues working.
  5. Busy workplace, so, you have to do a lot of activities while on duty.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a world security company. Every company has positive and negative aspects overall score of this company is average and remember this is a good company for entry-level careers.

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