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MOI guards, from private security company in UAE.

This is my second blog related to the MOI guard job in the UAE. I hope you already read my first blog and watched the youtube video where I had discussed the MOI guard recruitment procedure, duties, responsibilities, etc.

If you haven’t read my first blog regarding the MOI guard and still unknown of the MOI(Ministry of Interior).

Just click here and read first, because without reading the first blog you may not understand fully about the MOI guard job in the UAE.

MOI guard career is the best alternative work for the veteran of the army and police officers because they get more salary and respect than the private security officers in the UAE.

There are a lot of opportunities for the expatriates to work in the public and private sectors in the UAE.

For the past 4yrs, the government of UAE has been aggressively encouraging private companies to hire Emiratis.

Although “Emiratisation” slogan is louder in a government sector, still, some loops have existed that can’t fill by the UAE citizen. One of them is MOI guard because Emiratis do not want to do these types of work.

What is the MOI guard?

Especially, an MOI guard is a person hired by the ministry of interior for the protection of highly valuable public and private properties.

As I had discussed in my first blog how to get an MOI guard job? there are two ways to join with;

  1. Direct Join to the ministry of interior.
  2. Join through the private security company.

This blog is all about the private security companies which have a contract with the Ministry of the interior for providing MOI guards to the UAE government.

After the new security regulation introduced in 2001, the private security industries have been booming in UAE.

Almost 40 thousand men and women are on active duty as a security guard, officer, supervisor, manager and other ranks in the security industries.

Thousands of security companies have an operating license for safety and security business in UAE.

Most companies are involved to keep the community safe by providing guarding services to the people, buildings, companies, and places.

Although there are hundreds of private security companies in UAE, only the few security companies that I know have a contract to provide guards to the Ministry of Interior.

Here are the top 3 private security companies which can hire you as an MOI guard in UAE.

  1. Middle East Security

This company was founded in 2005 by Elias M. Salameh to provide unarmed security in the UAE.

Since then it has been providing the best security service and personal to its clients. Although founded in Abu Dhabi and licensed under PSCOD (Private Security Business Department). Nowadays it provides the services in other emirates as well as Dubai under DPS (Dubai Protective Service).

Being one of the best private security company in UAE it has a contract with the Ministry of Interior to provide MOI guards, to learn more about this company click here.

2. Securiguard Middle East.

Many people confuse the name of Securiguard Middle East and Middle East Security but these are the totally different companies with similar nature of the business.

The securiguard middle east is one of the privately-held security company and master of risk analysis and assessments.

It is one of the leading security company has a license both  (PSCODE and DPS) security system in UAE.

Securiguard Middle East is not only operating in UAE but also providing security services in most of the Gulf countries and some of the Asian nations.

It is an international company and famous as a mass MOI guard provider to the Ministry of the Interior.

If you visit the company’s website you would find it is a partner of various departments of UAE government such as UAE armed forces, Ministry of Interior, NBD Bank, Ministry of Justice Department, Crown prince court and Ministry of Education etc. To learn more click here.

3. Hemaya security

Hemaya security is a semi-governmental organization founded in 2009 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi.

This company was purely established to support the UAE police forces and has been providing armed and unarmed guarding services to government and commercial buildings.

to know more about this company click here

In conclusion:  These above private security companies are MOI guard provider to the UAE government.

If you get hire as MOI guard through any of the above companies, later the Ministry of the interior can employ you.

Nowadays ministry of the interior doesn’t hire people directly from other countries so, the private security companies have been playing an important role in hiring and supplying the MOI guard to the ministry.

Although these three companies have similar nature of business they have differences in bonuses, profit sharing, life insurance, health insurance, paid vacations, free meals, gratuity, company holidays, etc.

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