It is all about the MOI guard in UAE

MOI refers to the Ministry Of Interior in UAE. MOI guard provides guarding services to the UAE government facilities and the associated organizations.

Since, a lack of manpower in local police forces, the UAE police hires private guards to protect the government offices, VIP residence, and their own facilities such as jails and police stations, etc.

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Before moving into the detail I wish to thank my friends who are working at MOI in various branches and positions. Without their assistance, it was not possible for me to write this blog.

Why do many people like to be part of the MOI guard?

The main reason, ex-military and police officers want to join the private military company after retirement or resignation from active duty are some similarities in rules, regulations, and nature of work.

If you have only a few years of experience in the military and police can perform general security tasks in the private sector.

Many national or international security companies love to hire a security guard or other security-related positions for candidate who has a military or police background.

But when it comes to the MOI guard many veteran armies and police officers, especially from developing countries, want to be part of it, the reasons are as follows;

  • Higher pay than Private security officers in UAE.
  • The UAE police provide MOI security guard training in the country.
  • The public respect them as UAE police.
  • It is a government job in the UAE.
  • If hired through the direct ministry of interior, you would be eligible for all government employees’ benefits.

What is MOI?

MOI or ministry of interior is a department of the UAE government responsible for supervising all the matters of a federal defense, public security (police), and private security.

The MOI has integrated with the police and the security system in UAE. The local police authority in every emirate is responsible for maintaining law and order.

Security companies provide protection of private establishments and properties. Despite that, there are some important roles of the Ministry of Interior

  1. Safeguarding the state
  2. Creating, organizing, and supervising police and security forces
  3. Conducting all affairs such as naturalization and residency
  4. Regulate road traffic
  5.  Provide protection and security of institutions and property.

The roles of the MOI Guards

  • MOI guards play the supplement role to the national police, defense force, and other departments that are beneath the ministry of interior.
  • In addition, the MOI guards provide guarding services to the people, buildings, and places where the ministry of interior needs.
  • MOI guards work with UAE police by just guarding the places and establishments that belong to the UAE government.
Why does the UAE government require foreign nationals as MOI guards?

In the past, Emirati or UAE nationals didn’t seem to be greatly interested in working nine to five. Because everything has been provided by the government as allowances like food, housing, education, etc.

Now, things have been gradually changing, the UAE government has encouraged Emirati to work in government and non-government sectors.

When the government reformed its economic policy as a result, there are many locals working in the government and private sector.

Emiratis work in the police and the national army however they don’t like activity post guarding duty. So, the UAE government hire foreign national to perform this sort of job in the police and military departments.

Do the MOI guards have any special power of arrest? 

Although MOI guards work with UAE police they don’t have the authority of arresting anyone in UAE.

You may find the people from the Republic of India, Nepal, Pakistan, East Asian, and African nationals working with the UAE police and defense force. Are they really UAE national military?

Answer is… No! They’re the MOI guards, providing guarding services to the UAE’s military and police bases, installations, and other defense facilities in the country.

How to be an MOI guard?

For a pair of months, many folks asked me for a way to be part of MOI’s guard in UAE. It is one of the best and high paying jobs for veteran military and police officers. There is 2 way you’ll be able to get an MOI guard job.

1. Direct join to MOI

MOI recruits itself the national or international candidate as a guard. You can be recruited in your home country or if you’re in the UAE search for the available job on the MOI website you can attend for interview.

2. Join through the MOI contractors

The private security companies in UAE are not all but few companies hire people as MOI guards from a different country or UAE.

And supply them to the ministry of interior. If you’re employed through security companies you’d get paid from a Security Company, not from MOI.

How much salary does MOI guard get in UAE?

Although the duties and responsibilities are the same there is a huge difference in the salary between MOI guards directly from the ministry of interior and security corporation.

If you’re an MOI guard from a private security company you would earn obviously less than your counterpart from the ministry of the interior. because your company can take some bucks out of the actual pay from MOI. Generally, the MOI guards earn in the UAE

  • The MOI’s guard direct = 5000-7000AED per month
  • MOI’s guard from security companies = 4000-6000AED per month
  • MOI’s guard UAE national 15000+per month

What’s the qualification of the MOI guard?

There is not any education qualification obligatory, however, having a school leaving certificate is the minimum education qualification for MOI guards.

Candidates require 2yrs+ work experience in the military or police force in their home country and there’s a limitation on resignation or retirement time should not be longer than 1yr.

If you recently resigned, looking young, tall, energetic, and good at English and Arabic secures a great chance of selection.

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