Housekeeping supervisor interview questions

housekeeping supervisor interview

A housekeeping supervisor directs housekeeping personnel in hotels, retail shops, and other types of businesses. The housekeeping supervisor is responsible for a variety of tasks to ensure that every guest or patron gets the best possible experience. Most of the Housekeeping supervisor interview questions are experience-based, As a result, prior experience may make it easy to crack.

  Education and Training;

When working in retail, industry, or banking, you may not need a college degree to be a housekeeping supervisor. However, when it comes to the hospitality industry, several hotels prefer applicants who have a diploma certificate in hotel management or vocational training regarding HM.

Is Experienced required for this position? 

Previous cleaning experience is required for this role. Because housekeeping staff uses a variety of chemicals, appliances, and cleaning procedures depending on the size and structure.

Without knowing cleaning procedures and instruments no one can perform the cleaning supervisory job the way the client expects.

Despite that, a fresh candidate who has educational qualifications in hotel management or has training about it can be selected for the position.

Although many people believe that the housekeeping supervisor interview is a straightforward process, unexpected questions may be asked to assess your skills and professionalism.

If you want to pass the interview, It is critical that, you prepare forthcoming interview questions and learn how to respond to them.

housekeeping supervisor interview questions and answers;

  1. Tell me about yourself?

Answer:- Sir I am Rohan, from the western part of India. I have completed a six-month vocational training in hotel management at Shreeram hotel management institute in Delhi. Regarding my educational background, I graduated from XYZ University.

2. What is your level of experience for this position?

Answer:- Although I worked for only two years as a cleaning supervisor in Hilton hotel. Prior to that, I had worked as a housekeeping crew for almost five years.

3. What makes you choose this field? 

Answer:- Sir, For the past seven years, I have worked in the cleaning industry. I enjoy my job since I am a professional at it. Furthermore, it is the part of hospitality where we serve the guest and make them happy.

4. If the guest complains about his room has not been cleaned for 2 days?

Answer:- Firstly, each and every day I make sure every room is cleaned according to hotel procedure and the request of the guest. I believe these types of things would not happen in my workplace.

If that happened I would apologize for it, and make it clean. In addition, I would investigate the facts behind it.

5. What would you do when your subordinate didn’t perform their job?

Answer:-I would remind my subordinate that he is responsible for completing the tasks that have been assigned to him. If he has an issue or a problem, I will absolutely listen to him and attempt to settle it as soon as possible.

If he is acting deliberately and repeating the same thing over and over, my action is to clearly document his actions and issue a written warning after discussing with the manager.

6. What is your reaction when your manager did wrong?

Answer:- If my manager actions are more serious or even illegal I would raise my concern at the right time then report the incident to HR.

Other wrong things, such as making the best decision, I tell him properly, tactfully, responsibly, and in a timely manner, although I acknowledge my boss has the power to make the final decision.

7. What are chemicals and machines are used in housekeeping?

Answer:-every place/ hotel has its own chemicals and machine for housekeeping. It is important to train the housekeeping worker including myself about all types of chemicals and machines to use. It is part of the OHS (occupational health and safety) procedure to do so.

8. For hotels, which room should be cleaned in 18-22 minutes?

Answer: – I am not sure any room would take exact 18-22 minutes for cleaning. The consumption of time depends on how much the room is dirty and messy.

If the room is not dirty it can take 15 minutes and much dirty room can take longer than 30 minutes. Generally, the occupant’s guest room doesn’t contain much dirt can be done within that time frame.

9. What are the types of floors or marbles you know?

Answer:- The marbles come in a variety of colors and quality but most uses marbles are;

  • Carrara Marble,
  • Statuary Marble,
  • Calacatta Marble,
  • Emperador Marble,
  • Crema Marfil Marble

Similarly, the floor was designed using a variety of materials and in a variety of sizes. I am familiar with the floor design;

  • Cork Flooring,
  • Laminate Flooring,
  • Linoleum Flooring,
  • Stone Flooring,
  • Tile Flooring,
  • Vinyl Flooring,
  • Wood Flooring
10. What are the measurements of linen you know?

Answer:– Although I am unsure about linen measures, I am aware that dirty linen should be removed from the room and brought to the laundry room.

11. What types of spotters do you use for removing stains on carpets?

Answer: – some all-purpose cleaner will get stains out

12. Do you know what are the duties of the housekeeping supervisor?

Answer:- Supervise all cleaning personnel activities to ensure the stander cleaning services is delivered.

Assigned duty, request cleaning instruments, inspect work and investigate complaints regarding the housekeeping job.

13. If your subordinate found a purse full of cash your action?

Answer:- First I would appreciate my staff he informs me contrary hiding it. Then I would inform the security personnel or loss and prevention officer regarding the matter and submit the purse to them.

14. What is an important thing, the cleaning staff should know in their job?
Answer:- The cleaning staff must be aware of Health and Safety policies and procedures.
15. How does housekeeping help to prevent an emergency?

Answer:– Poor housekeeping can be the caused of the fire and cause of injury. Housekeeping workers play a role in preventing workplace accidents by reporting the maintenance problem in the building and finding safety hazards etc.

In conclusion:-

These above questions are related to housekeeping work and most of them may be asked in housekeeping supervisor interviews. There are other common interviews questions that I have not included above are;

  1. What are your strengths and weakness?
  2. Why do you leave the current job?
  3. Why do we hire you?
  4. what is your goal in future with us?
  5. what do you know about our company?

You should practice your own responses to the above questions in order to successfully chart yourself during the housekeeping supervisor interview.

The most frequently asked interview questions that I have included are also important for your interview; therefore, try to provide your unique responses to those questions as well.

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