Traffic control Basic security guard training

traffic control security guard training

Basic security guard training Unit 5 Lesson (E)

Controlling the traffic can be part of your duty. The security guard protects private property. So, you have the same authority to control the traffic as the owner only on your site. But, you are not authorized to direct traffic in a public place such as highway.

However, your training and uniform make likely the police ask you to direct the traffic in case of emergency despite the public place such as roadways, etc. The law authorizes the security guard to help police in an emergency. But before leaving your post for the traffic control in the request of the police officer, let your supervisor know about it.


  1. Maintaining professional deportment;
  2. Maintain the safety of those persons subject to traffic control
  3. Maintaining personal safety.

Types of traffic control.

The security guard must be aware of the basic type’s traffic control. A security guard may have to direct one or both types of traffic, on the private property of his or her employer for example;

  1. Pedestrian (Controlling the uninvited people to access the accident scene. You may direct the people to the alternative route)
  2. Vehicle (direct the vehicle for parking or controlling the movement of the vehicle before enter and exit the site)


The main goal of traffic control is to prevent the congestion of both vehicles and pedestrians safely and efficiently. The traffic control seems very simple from a general perspective but many variable factors affect safety and execution of your duty such as;

  • Your uniform and equipment,
  • weather condition,
  • The nature and amount of the traffic flow.

When would you be called to direct traffic in the pubic area?

  • Motor vehicle collisions;
  • Fallen electrical wires or tree branches;
  • When directed to do so by police
  • When the malfunction of traffic lights and other systems
  • Fire explosion or other similar emergencies
  • Directed by the client to do so
  • Protecting the crime scene until police arrive

Do not take unnecessary risks. For maximum traffic control safety, you must have access to the proper equipment and wear proper clothing. Use of devices such as whistles, illuminated batons, and flashlights. Examine the weather condition and think about how it could impact on controlling the traffic.

In controlling the traffic, you should beware of the followings;

  1. Never assume that an approaching driver has seen you ( In the night time drivers may not see you, although, you are standing in the middle of the road. If you are close to the big vehicle, the driver may have not seen you).
  2. Weather conditions ( Weather condition hampers the visibility of the driver, so be safe, if the weather is rainy, foggy and cloudy, etc.
  3. Your position;
      • Position in the junction is important
      • Be able to monitor traffic in all directions from where you stand;
      • Always be on your guard for those drivers that may not see you.


Normally, nowadays handheld sign uses to direct traffic in an intersection but hand signals also essential for effectively controlling the traffic. As a security guard, you must know the hand gesture commonly used by police, traffic officers and others.

  1. Decide the vehicle you want to stop.
  2. Directly look at the driver and point out him or her with your full arm extended.
  3. Ensure the driver has seen your gesture.
  4. Then raise your hand along with your palm is facing to the drive. Bend your arm marginally at the elbow.
  5. Hold this position until the vehicle has halted.
  6. Keep your arm in position and turn your head to another direction.
  7. Do not lower your arms until all vehicle has stopped.

  1. Ensure the intersection is clear and safe.
  2. Place yourself with your side toward the vehicles you need to move.
  3. Look directly to the lead drivers and gesture them with your arm fully stretched.
  4. Ensure the driver has seen your motion. Turn your palm up, twist your arm at the elbow, and swing your hand up from the elbow before your chin, making a semi-circle
  5. Do and repeat it until the traffic starts to move.
  6. When the traffics is moving then drop your hand down.

  1. Stop the vehicles coming from the opposite direction with the stop signal.
  2. Be sure the junction is clear from the other vehicles and pedestrians.
  3. Point the driver who wants to turn with your fully extended arm.
  4. Make sure the driver has seen you. Make a downward swinging movement toward the path you need the driver to go.

  1. You need to give little direction when making the traffic right turn if they are not turning directly into oncoming traffic.
  2. If the heavy vehicle is turning right, you need to stop the driver and let other vehicles pass to another direction.
  3. If the many vehicles turning right you should stop the pedestrian because the traffics flow smoothly.
  4. Make sure the driver has noticed you before making a gesture to turn right and then make a downward swinging motion to the driver’s right.


  1. Emergency vehicles have the right of way.
  2. Stop all vehicles and pedestrians when an emergency vehicle is approaching.
  3.  when the junction is clear the give the driver the ”GO” signal.
  4. If the emergency vehicle is turning, give the proper signal after making sure the path is clear.
  5. Be on the alert for more emergency vehicles.

People always go out for work so, they need to reach in time. If you controlling the traffic they can get frustrated with your work probably waiting for a long time. The cars will honk at you, belligerent, rude and obnoxious people swear at you. In this situation, you should not lose your temper. It is important for you to continuously and calmly repeat the direction to clarify what these drivers should do.


  • A security guard may be required to part of their duty or in case of emergency.
  • If there is a traffic accident must be reported to the police.
  • Traffic control by a person it’s only necessary if the traffic cannot move on its own or for safety.
  • The priorities at an accident scene are life safety and danger to others
  • Accident scene could become crime scenes.
  • You mustn’t involve any argument with the drivers.
  • Be alert all the time while controlling the traffic.

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  1. Traffic control Basic security guard training equips professionals with essential skills to ensure smooth and safe flow of vehicles, maintaining order and minimizing risks. An indispensable course for security guards, providing them with the knowledge to handle traffic situations effectively and protect public safety. Enhancing security measures while managing traffic, this training is a critical asset for safeguarding communities