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security supervisor interview

Security Supervisor Interview– Every security guard has a career goal to be a security supervisor, manager, or specialist, but not everyone succeeds.

A security supervisor interview is vital for candidates because it is the primary method of hiring. If you want to be a security supervisor in the future, you must be well-prepared for the interview.

Career advancement in the security industry, security supervisor is the first milestone because you can not be a manager without supervisory experience.

If you’re looking for security supervisor interview questions and answers, you’ve come to the right place because this blog has contained frequently asked security supervisor interview questions.

A security supervisor‘s job in the private security industry is not easy because he or she must act as a liaison between customers, clients, management, and security personnel.

The different roles in the security field including a security guard, officer, and supervisor all are responsible for safeguarding the people, property, and information in the assigned area, office, and building.

These days, the primary responsibility of private security companies is maintaining a protected environment for the clients and clients’ customers.

Over the last ten years, the private security sectors have been growing quickly due to the increased crime rate in the world.

In a security organization, there are many positions. For example, security guards, officers, supervisors, and other high-ranking positions.

If you want to be a security supervisor, you should be confident that you can handle the difficult work.

As a security supervisor, you are responsible for protecting and securing the people and property.

If an event occurs in your assigned area, you must take accountability and respond promptly.

As I know many security companies in the world are pleased with promoting their own security officers to fill up the supervisor position. But, it doesn’t work every time with every company.

Sometimes the recruitment process goes further the internal security officers need to compete with the applicants who have security experience in the past in a different organization.

Although most organizations promote internal employees to security supervisors, some others hire ex-police or military officers.

What skills do you require to be a security officer?

A security supervisor is an innovator or leader of a team. So, he or she should be capable of handling and mobilizing the team effectively and efficiently.

It is critical for a security supervisor to have effective communication skills both written and verbal.

A fresher cannot be a security supervisor because this job requires knowledge of security strategies, techniques, and specialized terminology related to the Security operation.

In this article, I will discuss the potential interview questions for a security supervisor and provide answers to them.

The sample answers provided below may not be sufficient to pass the interview, but they can assist you in developing your own response to the specific questions.

Generally, an interview starts with common interview questions. You need to answer them based on your background, qualification, and past experiences.

In the second phase of the interview, interviewers are more focused on checking your skills and abilities therefore you should demonstrate the skills that you have possessed or have learned.

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Not let’s discuss some specific questions which are most common for the security guard supervisor interview.

  1. What is the main responsibility of a security supervisor?

The main responsibility of the security supervisor is to make sure his team members are performing their duty and complying with the operating procedure of the site.

Most of the situations the security guards follow special instructions from the supervisor rather than taking any decisions themselves.

If any issues arise related to safety and security on their site, the security supervisor is the one, who takes a decision and resolves them.

In another way, a supervisor works as a bridge between security personnel and the management team in his company. Furthermore, Plays the mediator role between the clients and the security company.

When you answer this question, include the responsibilities that a security supervisor needs to accomplish.

Sample answer: Sir, the main responsibilities of a security supervisor are

  1. providing security and safety to assign properties through direct efforts and the efforts of staff.
  2. Maintaining the current rules, regulations, and procedures.
  3. Monitor building common areas and mitigate any risks.
  4. Be responsible for involving its team in protecting people, property, and information.
  5. The security supervisor’s responsibility is not only to do his/her tasks but also to make sure others do them.

2. What makes a good security supervisor?

Today’s security supervisor is a future manager. When you answer the question makes sense that you have management skills.

Always take the answer from your experience to prove that you can be an effective leader in the future.

Sample Answer: ” I have experience working with individuals from different cultures in Dubai. from my experience, I have learned if someone regards subordinates they also respect him and her and work harder for that person.

The supervisor should keep the open policy allowing the security personnel to come to him or her if they face issues.

I like to show my subordinates that we all are working in a team for a common goal. I am able to gain respect from everyone with whom I work and can motivate the team for working effectively and efficiently.

3. What is the best way for conflict resolution?

Not only in the security industry but also in Every workplace conflict can exist. As the security supervisor, you should know how to resolve workplace conflict with a proper procedure.

The interviewer is interested to know your ability for handling a dispute situation that may arise among security personnel, between the security guard and the client’s employees, or with vendors.

Sample answer: Sir, “I’ve never had an intense issue with workers not getting along. I know very well how to find the key reason for the issue. Always I collect the information before making a decision.

I am always aware of the main reasons that conflict happens in the workplace and how to diminish them. I have the ability to resolve issues when people on my team do not seem to work well together.

If it’s something small, like a work miscommunication, I will call both parties into my office and we will hash it out.

If it’s something bigger, such as a personal matter. I generally call them and ask them to leave any personal issues at the door. Then, I make a note to not schedule them in the same shift if it is possible”.

4. How to encourage the team?

Motivating the security guards is a major role for a security supervisor. The employer wants your team members to respond to you positively and obey your order.

The client always is in touch with the security supervisor for sharing his or her security concerns.

While responding to this question in an excellent way. Give an example of your idea that improved team efficiency at your current or previous organization.

Sample answer: Many employees expect appreciation from the company. I would encourage team members to actively participate in the job and offer suggestions for how things can be accomplished more efficiently.

Asking questions, listening to their answers when possible, and implementing solutions allow team members to actively participate in a project.

So, I would provide everyone an equal opportunity to learn new skills and provide them with the training they require to advance in their careers.

5. How do you deal with a bad employee in your workplace?

One of the most important jobs of the security supervisor is to ensure that all employees follow the rules.

Some of the bad employees dispute the security standards. So the interviewers want to observe how you handle difficult people.

While responding to the question demonstrates that you are encouraged, you do not give up quickly.

Sample answer: First and foremost, I would meet with them to discuss the problem.  In most cases, I have seen the employees coöperate with the security department after wrongdoing in the workplace.

I would remind them of company rules and regulations and warn them of the consequences of breaching them.

When it doesn’t work well all of the time, I have to notify the company management and follow the company’s rules.

6. How to solve the problem?

On a daily basis, as a supervisor, you would be required to discuss and address problems. Some issues may be trivial and straightforward to handle, while others may be complex and require more time to settle.

In the initial stage, you should not assume that the solution to the issue is clear, therefore, don’t make a hasty decision.

The quick decision often creates other problems which may exaggerate the original one.

When responding to this question, you must provide an example of your successful encounter in the past.

Sample answer:-Sir, I would solve the problem using these four keys.

  1. Gather information
  2. Develop and evaluates the alternative
  3. Select the best alternative
  4. Follow-up

7. As a security supervisor how the job could be done effectively?

The team’s dedication to the project is key to completing the task effectively and timely manner.

A good plan and effective leadership help to achieve the job done quickly so, include these two things.

Example: I would comfortable in the role of supervisor because I understand how best can carry out my duties.

Firstly, I plan for group work, assign tasks to subordinates, and  I am responsible for their work, secondly, carry out company policies, and evaluate my team’s performance.

Managing my time according to the various activities is also essential for doing jobs successfully.

I don’t say everything I can do along without team involvement, so working in a team is the keyword of the job done.

8. Did your previous employer give you notice of violation?

Working as a security guard is not easy because all the wrongdoing on the site eventually comes to the security department. So, security guards can get a notice of violation.

In this question, the interviewer wants to know how did you do your duty with the previous employer, answering the question doesn’t show a severe violation, a minor one can accept.

Sample answer: I didn’t get any severe violation notice except a minor one. During the night shift, one of the employees complained to me that I was sleeping but not true. I didn’t open the door because of not see him while I was writing the occurrence report.

9. What is the greatest weapon of a security guard?

The security guard’s main duty is to prevent crime by detecting it. To detect something you should have good observation skills. Give a simple answer like this.

Sample answer: Good observation skills are the greatest weapon of the security guard which help to create awareness for anyone around him. The observation detects the crime which prevents the incident or accident in the workplace.

10. What relationship should you create with the police department?

In many countries, private security regulation supervises by police officers.

There are some similar responsibilities for both security and police officers in society. So, keeping a good relationship with the police is very important.

Sample answer: Working as a security guard I believe the police and security guards must have good relations, especially with the local police. If the security guard has any problem in the workplace first he calls the police for help.

The police help the security guard in their need. It is only possible to stop crime by working together with the police. That is the reason for maintaining a good relationship with the police is undeniable.

Last thought:– These above questions are very important for security guards or officers who aim to win the security supervisor interview. The questions can be asked about other topics such as access control, crowd, and traffic control, customer service, etc. be ready for that.

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