Most common interview questions for security guards

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Security guard interview– Are you looking for interview questions for security guards with sample answers? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Security guru Ranga is here to help you.

In 2005 I wanted to work as a security guard overseas then I applied to Singapore.
I searched on the internet about possible questions but I got nothing except wasting the money and time by using the internet searching for the interview questions.

That was my first and unsuccessful interview for an overseas job because of a lag in preparation and lag in knowledge about professional security.

In the past, The security guards were chosen poorly because the companies which hire the security guards they willing to pay little.

The security companies were able to get a contract through a competition, at last, they used to be rewarded based on the charge rather than experience and professionalism.

However, the changing security situation in the modern world changed the security industry and contracting behavior as well.

Nowadays the client’s companies pay higher to the security company which provides the professional security guards.

In developed countries, no one calls security guards or watchmen but respectfully refers to them as security officers.

To be a professional security officer you must know your occupation and the tasks that you’re required to perform. Training and licensing for the security guard have been mandatory in many countries.

So, the security officer has to pass many tests before going to work. To learn more about the test click here.

In the current stage, the interview of the security guard is not a child’s play, many behavioral and operational questions from the interviewer make it tough though.

But preparation for the interview and practicing the potential interview questions for security guards make it easy for achieving success.

Here I have listed some common questions with sample answers hope you will enjoy them.

1. Tell me about yourself?

This is the first question in each and every interview the interviewers ask to check your communication skill. So, speak clearly, concisely, and organized manner as much as possible.

This is an open-ended question, therefore, there is not any wrong and write the answer. It is important to appear friendly and include the following things while answering.

  • Your name
  • education qualification
  • experiences

Sample answer: – “Sir I am raj from Nepal I have done graduation from Tribhuvan University in Nepal and I served in the Nepalese Army from 2005 to 2010 and I have three years experienced in G4S security in UAE”.

2. Why do you want to be a security guard?

There are a lot of jobs opportunity out there but if you choose a career in the security industry you should explain the reason that did motivate you to be a security officer.

I have seen many veteran army and police officers who love to join the security industry because they face difficulties working in other sectors.

If they start a career apart from the security industry, they need to learn everything from the beginning.

When it comes to the security job, they find many similarities with their previous work. That’s why we mostly found security officers with military or police backgrounds.

Some young men seek employment in the security field in order to gain experience that will be useful if they apply to law enforcement agencies.

Here I have provided the three types of sample answers for the individual from different backgrounds.

Sample answer:- “Sir I have spent 15yrs in the army/police forces, in some way my previous job matches with a security officer. I believe that I can do security tasks effectively and efficiently based on my previous experienced.

Another reason security officer protects people, property, and information so I love to protect someone or something in my entire career”. (Ex. army and police officer).

If you have already security guard experience, then you can give your answer like this.

Sample answer:- “I have already worked as a security officer I love this job. The skills that I learned from my past job helped me to advance my career in the security industry. So, I want to make a career in the security industry not out of it”. (experienced security guard)

Sample answer:- “Sir I am fresher I don’t have experience as a security officer but I love this job because it is one of the trustee positions in the organization.

Most valuable things, property, and confidential information remain in the security guard’s care. Keeping someone safe and secure is my desire so I want to be a security officer”. (Fresher)

3. Why want to join our company?

This is also one of the wide-ranging interview questions that can be asked in a security guard interview too.

The interviewers want to see how much you are interested in their organization; it is always a good idea to do some research about the company.

This is the internet age you can find information everywhere online, every company has a website.

Simply visit their website and go through the contact us and about us page. You may acquire enough information that requires for the interview.

This thing can be helpful for answering this question if you know
  • when the company was established?
  • How big that company is?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • Who is the founder?
  • And who is the current CEO?

Sample answer:- “Sir it is a great opportunity for me to be part of a reputed company like Middle East Security (replace the company name). It was founded in 2005 in the UAE and now the CEO of this company is Mr. Ahamat. Just like G4S and secure guard Middle East, it is also one of the leading security companies in the UAE.

When I read your company on the website it is very impressive. I heard from my friends and recruitment agencies, that they talk positively about your organization.

Therefore Your company can be the best platform for my career growth. I am sure my skills and experiences help the company’s growth”.

4 What are your strengths?

This is another popular interview question. Which displays what you think about yourself. Answering this question is based on the type of job that you have applied for.

Include the following things, while answering this question make sense for security occupation.

  • Adaptability
  • hardworking
  • positive attitude
  • persistence

Sample answer:- “Sir I am a person who can adapt and work in any environment. I am an honest, hardworking, positive attitude toward my career and company.

I am a great team player I love to work in a team. Even though I am flexible to work, very persistent to enforce rules and regulations. That’s why my previous managers always appreciated me”.

5. What is your weakness?

Everybody has a weakness just like I have lots. You are going to work as a security guard so you should not display a weakness that can directly impact the security job.
The weakness you tell them If, it is bad for another job but should be good for the security causes.

Sample answer:- “Sir I always remain sensitive and don’t trust anyone even my boss or my own college”.

If your English is not good, you can say it is your weakness for the current stage.

Sample answer:- “I feel my English language is the weakest point. I know it is only a temporary problem for me I am studying very hard and achieving the progress to communicate effectively in English”.

6. Why do I hire you?

This is not a common question in security guard interviews because I had attended many interviews for the security guard and didn’t see anybody ask it.

Being prepared for this question can make you confident when you face an interview. Share the knowledge, skill, and principles that you have now. Think it is your time to prove that you are a superior candidate to the other applicants.

Sample answer:- “Sir I have tremendous experience related to the security field. My skills and experiences are matching to your requirements. I am always sincere about my task and take care of the company’s reputation. I will not let you down anyway and you would never regret hiring me as a security guard or officer to your organization”.

7. What did you do in your previous job?

A security guard’s tasks depend on the client’s needs. Every company has its own SOP (stander operating procedure) for the security guard.

The SOP can be varying from company to company. The hotel security guard has to do plentiful customer service jobs but Airport security has to concern more for safety and security.

Answering this question share your previous duty place and what type of tasks you performed.

Sample answer:– “Sir I worked as hotel security in Radisson hotel where I had to make sure the protection of people, property, and information. My daily duty complied with SOP (stander operation procedure) including access control, traffic control, patrolling, handling the phone, and managing the event”.

If you are working as a security guard somewhere then give an answer in the present tense.

Sample answer:- “Sir nowadays I work as a security guard in a Production Company where electrical goods are produced. My primary duty is to keep people safe and another responsibility is to secure the goods from being stolen. Log in log out visitor and vendor, checking the vehicle in and out. Patrolling the area for the purpose of securing the place from an intruder and finding the safety hazard”.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A good employee has a short term 1-2yrs and long term 2-5yrs career goal. The interviewer wants to know your career ambition they can easily figure out based on your answer how long you will go with that company.

While answering this question demonstrate that you are willing to stick their company around and have the ambition to achieve in that company. Don’t be very specific about the position. don’t answer like this “I want to be a manager”

Sample answer:- “my short time goal is to get a job in a reputed company like yours and a long-time goal is to be in a respectable position in that company”.

9. What makes a team player?

Security guards always perform their duty in a team so it is very important you have the ability to work with many people. You should be supportive and collaborative to working in a team.

Everybody has the same perspective that, It is difficult or takes much time to complete work alone, but a small effort of team members can complete it in time through a creative way.

To learn more about a team player click here

Sample answer:- “Sir cooperation, collaboration, clarity, and creativity are the main elements of teamwork. As I know myself, I am a good team player because I want to share my ideas with the team member and easily take their idea if well-intended.

As a Security officer, I believe that I have to work in a team. The communication helps me to inform others what is happening and cooperation makes me easy to complete the job”.

10. Are you ok under the pressure?

Security officer finds themselves working under pressure because they have to make their company happy as well as the client. Dealing with a customer, client, vendor, or visitor who is indifferent nature is very challenging.

Sometimes your supervisor orders you to perform a duty that you don’t like. If you ignore that brings consequences. Some weekends you would not get off then have to go to duty, similar things will face a lot in your entire career.

A candidate who wants to be a security guard must have tolerated power, patience, and the ability to work under pressure.

Sample answer:- “Sir I can work well under pressure because I control myself and motivate me to perform duty effectively as possible. In my past experiences, I enjoyed working under pressure because it helped me to grow in that company.

My superiors recognized me as a loyal officer that was the rewarding result of working under the pressure”.

In a nutshell.

Whether you have experience or not you can be a security officer and can perform duty very well. The most important part of the security guard is honesty, so while in an interview don’t exaggerate the things if that is not real.

Try to share the truth, but adding something that you know theoretically even if you have no practical knowledge can work.

The above interview questions for security guards can help you to win a security guard interview. I have another set of questions with sample answers which are specific about security duties. Those questions are most important to learn for the candidate going to face an interview.

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If you have any questions just feel free to comment or send me an email at [email protected].

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