Specific security officer interview questions and answers

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Security officer interview– This is my second post regarding security guard interview.  Previously I discussed common interview questions with sample answer, but, here I have focused the specific security officer interview questions for the position of a security guard and officer.

These questions were asked by interviewer specifically to the candidates who had previous experience in the security field. If you practise these following interview questions may help you to crack the security officer interview and security guard as well.

  1. Do you know how to control the crowd?

Crowd control is a task to manage the large group of people and is a challenging job for the security guard or officer because a small matter can turn to the deadliest one.

A security guard does not consider a hero to fight against angry people but you should constantly keep your eye on their activities. When the crowd going to out of control you should be safe yourself and inform to the police.

Sample answer: “if I am on duty I would constantly observe the crowd by keeping a safe distance. I would be friendly and proactive. I keep the radio on to make listening to the backup team or my supervisor. If the crowd turned to violent, I call to the police and apply the safety measure to save my life”.

2.  Do you know about Access control?

Access control is controlling the movement of the people, vehicle, and material when in and out to the premises. Every company has clear procedure regarding the access control and complying with, is a part of the duty for security personnel.

Sample answer:– “Assesses control can be different by a company to company but mostly it is done by personal recognition, id system, special passes keys id tag and proximity card and biometric identification etc. I know all these things about how to operate”.

  1. What is your response in case of an emergency?

A number of employees don’t like security officers because they hate the security system of the company. The main reason is that the security officers instruct them to follow rules, regulation and other procedure of the company.

Whatsoever, the employees believe the security officers come to help them in an emergency situation.

In case of an emergency, a Security guard should not treat people differently either they are friendly or not. Security officers are responsible to protect all the employee in a distress situation.

Sample answer:- “Sir I always do my duty with the plan to deal with an emergency. In case of emergency, I remain calm, ask for help, use the available resources and follow up plan”.

  1. If an employee doesn’t follow the rules and regulation what is your response?

I already said that many employees don’t like security guard because they think security officers are the authority and make them obey the company law.

They like or not it should not be a matter for you, the right thing to do is follow the order and written procedure at any time.

Sample answer:- “Sir firstly, I would remind them that, the violation of the company’s rules and regulation. Secondly, warn them the consequences if they don’t follow it again. Finally, I have to inform the supervisor and record the incident in my notebook”.

  1. Are you willing to work overtime?

Just like other job security guard also have fixed hour to work, normally 48 hours a week but a shortage of security officers in a company they may require work 72 hours per week. 4-hours overtime per day.

Generally, security officer gets one day off in a week and 4 days in a month. In some situation, they can be requested to work on off day.

In the interview, it is good to say that you can perform duty as company requirement.

Sample answer:- “Everybody needs a rest after working 6 days in a week but my easy go personality does encourage me to perform duty even it is my off day.

If I do overtime that would reward pay high so my tiredness would go away. If there is much business then only people ask to do the overtime so I can do as per your request”.

  1. Are you able to work overnight post?

Mostly security guard runs 2 (day and night) shifts. The security companies also prefer the candidate who has a flexible hour to work. If you have a major problem to perform duty at night, then say you would an available day or afternoon otherwise give an answer like this.

Sample answer:– “Sir I have the flexible hour to work I can available to perform duty anytime you require me to do”.

7. What is the important role of security?

There is a division in the security system in a country.

  1. Public security (police)
  2. Private security (security officers)

The police department of the country is responsible for the protection of the people by maintaining the law and order.

However, they may not reach in time whereas the incident happening in each and every day. If people and organization want the extra security for them and their property hire the private security officer.

Security officer considers as a police of the company because they have the power to make other people follow the rules and regulation. Security officer comes with the various tasks but the main role has mentioned hereby.

Sample answer:– “the Main role of the security guard is to protect people, property, and information”.

8. Do you have customer relations experience?

Each business gives priority to the customer because they make company growth by buying the products. Customer service means making the customer happy through our product and services.

A large organization has a customer service department which deals with customers’ issues and queries but every employee must know how to treat the customer.

For the security officer, it is important to know about good customer service skills cause they are the first and last meeting person with the customer in the organization.

When the customers come to the organization first they visit security personnel and at the exiting time also go by the security check post.

Security officer no need to deal with any issues that arise with the customer but greeting with a smile and assist them by informing about any product. In addition, guiding them to the employee who is responsible for that issue, make a customer feel good with you and your company.

When you answering this question bring the things throughout your past experience include only good customer service even you have a bad customer experience.

Sample answer:– “Sir Customer always ask a security officer about the products and services of the company. I often learn about the company’s products and services to explain to them.

I always greet people with a smile and speak friendly manner that makes them different and they treat me as respect. On the name of the customer service, I do not compromise the company’s security procedure. I do what is allowed and refer to other people who can explain to the customer or solve their problems”.

  1. When can you start work?

Security Companies hire guards when they require immediately. The company hires new employees If getting new business with any new client. Another reason if more security guards are dropping out of their job after completing a contract.

In the security, officer interview Tell them genuinely what time you can start work with them.

Sample answer:- “Sir I am ready anytime you want to start”.

10. What is your education background?

Some people especially from developing countries they make a fake document to show higher qualification to apply for an overseas security job.

Doing so is a bad idea because one thing you lied to them and another they can check back your embassy or education ministry about your certificate. When it proves not genuine that can bring the prosecution.

Sample answer:- “Sir I have graduated from Maniple University in India in 2005 on economic and political science”.

11. How do you motivate during quiet time?

The company may not any business activities at night or holidays, Some security guards sleep very nicely but the interviewer wants to know what thing you love to do at the peace hour to avoid the sleeping.

Sample answer:– “Sir, I always stay alert either business or none business hour, I can go for patrolling around the premises, note down the security report and the read about the company new products”.

12. What do you do if there is fire?

Fire is a most severe incident often security guard face. You have to follow the procedure in case of fire. It is the best cure to prevent the fire from being happened.

So, a security officer has to detect the fire hazards while patrolling the area. In the advance, you should familiar with the fire alarm system of your duty place.

Sample answer:– “If there is fire I would analysis what types of fire and how big is it. If small I would put out it using the fire extinguisher but big fire I would ring the fire bell to alert the people for evacuation from the building, immediately I call the fire department, police, and my supervisor”.

13. If the company boss or senior employee take out goods that are not allowed?

This thing happens regularly to the security officer, the company bosses or the senior people take some items from the company that is not allowed. Being a security guard you may have clear instruction to stop those kinds of activities.

Sometimes a company boss wants to check your action in this scenario and he or she pretends to take something out even though it is not intended.

When you answering the question you should demonstrate that you would follow the clear instruction from the client even though anyone is involved.

Sample answer:– “Sir I would tell them it is not allowed, if he doesn’t listen to me, I call the supervisor then record it in my notebook”.

14. You saw the car accident in your area what your action?

Security guards particularly take care a place, building and have authorized everything to do inside the premises, sometimes the incident or accident can happen not far from the distance, and in that point, your action should help the victim.

Sample answer:– “Sir I would call the ambulance, police as well as inform my supervisor and note down the accident report on my notebook”.

  1. People fighting in the street what is the action?

A security guard can detect the gang member or people have a dispute and fighting in the street out of their boundary. Answering this question you should say that you would not be unknown and not to go there leaving your post.

Sample answer:– “Sir I would call the police and give the location, informing the supervisor and recording the incident is a part of my job”.

  1. What is most important to avoid forgotten?

Security officer always faces the incidents and he should keep proof of these. In the security, guard interview the interviewer wants to know what tool you believe to use for remembering the purpose.

Sample answer:– “Sir recording incident in notebook and writing occurrence report is important to avoid something from being forgotten. These things can be evident for police investigation and proof at a court hearing for that case”.

  1. How can you observe a large area?

The security guard must have proactive observation skills, observation means carefully monitoring someone or something around you. Static post duty may not allow you to observe the entire boundary of the company.

There are many ways you can use to keep monitoring the situation around the place where you are guarding.

One of them is patrolling, when answering this question you should tell how the patrol helps you to monitor the large area.

Sample answer:– Sir I have a good observation skill it gives me the benefit to identify what is going to happen over there. To observe the large area I frequently do patrol and monitor the area through the CCTV if available at my post”.

  1. Does a security officer have a power of arrest?

Security officer work in uniform and responsible for the protection of someone or something but they don’t have special power similar to a police officer.

Being a security guard you can interview with witnesses and person who has detained.  However, you cannot arrest anyone.

Every citizen has a power of arrest in a country in a certain condition so the security officer also makes a civilian arrest.

If police are pursuing someone you can help the police by arresting them just like the civilian does.

Answering this question you should have well knowledge of the state security regulation and the power of arrest that the constitution has granted.

Sample answer:– “As I know the security guard can detain people for inquiries but cannot make an arrest. Under certain circumstances, I can assist in making a Citizen’s Arrest on behalf of the public or police officer”.

  1. Can you use a weapon to defuse the situation?

This is the stander question for the position of an armed guard, it is a very tough decision for every professional security guard who performs duty carrying the firearm.  The situation should be justifiable before dragging you to the gun. The knowledge of the state law can help you to defuse the deadliest situation.

Sample answer:- “As much as I don’t see the life-threating situation myself or any others individual I would call the police and observe the action while keeping myself safe.

If the intruder with a firearm and on the process of using the weapon intentionally to harm me or someone else, this is the only scenario I will use the weapon against him”.

  1. Do you have any experience dealing with an angry customer?

Customers are the most important for businesses. Since the security guards provide protection service, in addition, they must know how to provide good customer services.

The security guards need to deal with different customers in nature, some of them good and some of them are bad. If there is an issue with products or the services that the company provided the customer can frustrate and be angry with you.

answering this question through the best way is to tell your story similar to the situation that you had dealt with.

Sample Answer:- “Sir I was guarding in a retail store one of the customers he bought consumer goods online and found expired.

According to him, he called so many time but no one responded when he came to the store and shouted at me by complaining about our service. I listen only did not argued with him then informed the QC manager to solve the problem”.

These above 20 questions are very important for the security guard interview, the questions may not be asked a similar way, but I have included every topic which is related to the security guard job.

Learning something from this post and prepare more for an interview can be a guarantee for bound of success.

Thank you for reading have any question just contact or comment.

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