cabin crew interview question and answers.


Cabin crews or the flight attendants are the members of the aircrew who employes by airline company. Primarily they have a responsibility to ensure the passengers’ safety and makes them comfortable in the entire flight hours. The role of the cabin crew is to provide excellent customer services by helping the passengers and resolving their problems.

Every airways company trains its new cabin crews about safety and security procedure, before, sending them to work in the aircraft. In addition, the cabin crews learn professional customer service skills which makes the passengers feel better flight experience with the airline.

The cabin crew selection procedure;

The selection of the cabin crews is lengthy process compare the other jobs. Although the different airliner has a different recruitment process and policy, generally most of them take 1-2 weeks to complete the recruitment.

The stander cabin crew recruitment process complete in 4 steps.

  1. Application:- the candidate applies for the position online or offline. After evaluating the application the recruitment staffs would publish the shortlisted candidate names for the assessment test.
  2. Assessment:- The shortlisted candidates would call for an assessment centre where they would ask to demonstrate a short presentation. The candidates divide into several groups and each candidate has to introduce themselves and member of the group, to others.

This is the first chance the recruitment staffs get to see what you are about.  It is your first opportunity to make a positive impact, so you need to ensure that you prepare your introduction in advance and rehearse it.

  1. Written test:- Most of the airlines ask you to sit mathematics and general knowledge test. Usually, these are the multiple choice in nature and pass marks approximately 70 per cent.
  2.  Interview:– The interview is the last bar the candidate has to successfully cross. The cabin crew interview team would ask several questions based on behaviour, experience and skills. You should answer them in a satisfactory way.

Among the above four steps to becoming the cabin crew, the last one or interview is crucial because many candidates fail to success on it.

Preparing the interview is the key to success so, practice the possible questions’ answer, help you to deal with interviewers impressively that could land you on your dream job.

In this post, I have collected most frequently asking interview question for the air hostess and air attendant interview.

The cabin crew interview questions with sample answers;
1. Tell me about yourself?

This is the first and foremost question at every interview the candidates have to answer. Generally, it looks so easy where you would describe you, but, including the irrelevant topics can make you an unfortunate candidate among others.

When you answering this question include these three things;

  • your education
  • Experience
  • skills

Sample Answer:– Hello sir, I am “Shikka” I have recently completed my BBA from SHAN institute of technology and management in Dubai. I have done 3month International Air Transport Association (IATA) Cabin Crew training in FlyDubai institute.

The skills that I have learned from my three-month training Self Defense, Swimming, Aerobics, Zumba, Water Survival, Uniform maintaining and Hands Out, etc.

2. Why do you want to be an Air hostess and cabin crew?
Every people has a Passion about what to do and what to be in the future. Behind pursuing a career may be two reasons;
  • The resolute interest in the job and
  • encouragement from friends or family members.

Answering this question on your own is okay, but if you say that you choose the career with your own interest it gives more sense rather than others’ encouragement.

Simple answer:– Sir I love to work with the public. I believe that I have a good level of communication and organized skills. I feel I can overcome any problem the passenger face during the flight.

Sample answer:- I want to become air hostess/cabin crew, because of Not only it provides good rewards but also offers opportunities to travel and explore the new cities which is my anticipate image of my lifestyle.

3. How do you handle the passenger who refuses to follow the instructions during take-off and landing?

The flight attendances and air hostess are responsible to make sure all the safety procedure compiled by passengers all the time. When take-off and landing, the passenger should follow the extra safety measure such as tight the seat-belt, off the electronic devices, and avoid using the bathroom, etc.

Some time the crew members face the difficult passenger who doesn’t understand them or ignore their instructions. The main focus for asking this question is to know

  • your conflict resolution skills,
  • quick decision-making power and
  • good judgment.

Sample answer: I would repeatedly tell the instructions to the passenger if he/she did not understand because of the passenger noise. Tell him the consequences for disobeying the cabin crews. If still refuses, I seek the other cabin crews assistant. At the last option inform to the captain.

4. What would you do if someone panicking at starting and landing time?

Generally, the first time fliers are more anxious and react strangely during the take-off, landing and turbulence time in the flight. The interviewers anticipate judging your good customer skill through your answer.

Sample answer: The passengers not only react abnormally because of take-off, landing and turbulence situation but also They may have other problem such as falls sick. First I would ask if the customer is OK? then provide him/her if anything needed? Secondly, I reassure him the anxiety while flying is common and give some tips for staying calm.

5. As a cabin crew, what is the significant role in an emergency situation in the air?

Responding to the flight emergency is another important job of the cabin crew. In the emergency situation, people react differently and the situation can go beyond the unmanageable. Answering this question you should include the following.

  • Stay Calm and conduct emergency procedure with other cabin crew.
  • Leadership and authority ability, to direct the passenger.
  • Appropriate decision-making power

 Sample answer: in case of flight emergency I would stay calm and repeatedly instruct the passenger what to do. If the oxygen level is low I would use the mask first and say to others to do so, I would focus and double-check the exit doors. My optimum effort would be keeping the passengers calm as much possible.

6. Do you want to relocate?

The interviewer asks this question if you are going to relocate another country after employing as a cabin crew. Relocation can be exciting for the young adult but upset for the person who has to give time to their family. Give the answer as your situation. The common answers are;

  1. Sir, I absolutely  relocate
  2. Maybe sir
  3. say “no” with cautious and with reason.
7. What are your customer service strengths?

The main part of the flight attendant job is to interact with the passenger seeing their needs. The long travel can be a stressful experience for the passenger so, a good customer skill can make the passengers relax and feel better about the flight.

When you answering this question it is a good idea to demonstrate your customer service skill. The topic you need to include;

  • Creating a positive environment
  • Improving passengers’ satisfaction
  • Helping out when possible

Sample answer:– As I always care about two things; helping other people and determine to perform well. These qualities help me to make other people happy with my services. Every airline has a customer service policy I have the ability to adapt it fully and effectively.

Sample answer:– Either passengers ask me questions, make a request or have any concern, I do a great job listening to them and make sure that I meet their expectations and understand their problems.

8. How could you adjust yourself to the new environments and situations?

The experience air hostess may have the same set of the route, in some situations the aircraft may need to fly from different locations and routes. At that time you should adapt quickly with an unfamiliar environment and people from a different culture. In your answer, your adaptability should be included.

Sample answer:– I am Flexibility in handling flight schedule changes, overnight hotel bookings, work availability and broad understanding of the different cultures. I love lending in a new country and getting a chance to go to the local market where we can discover local things based on their tradition.

9. What do you find most difficult in working as a team?

Teamwork is an important virtue a cabin crew must possess. Without working in a team crew members cannot accomplish the task before, during and after the flight. The best way of answering this question would be by sharing specific experiences you have had serving clients or working and interacting with team members from diverse backgrounds.

Sample answer:– I feel difficult if the team member does not function as the goal.  In the previous job as a social mobilizer in a project, we completed the various project with collaboration and cooperation among the team members. But, one of the members of our team was not helpful then I compromise and understand his perspective that became the remedy of that issue.

10. How could you solve a challenging situation with a co-worker?

The crew members always work in a tight situation for long hours. If any flight member does not perform his/her task, then the conflict can arise. But when you answering the question you should show that you have the skill to resolve interpersonal conflicts with other staff members.

Sample answer:– I surely accept it, the cause of the miscommunication can bring the conflict between the coworkers. If that is my mistake I would apologize with the coworker. If that is mistakes of others’  let them know that is not good for the team and the passengers if they apologized I would forgive them.

11. Why do you want to work in our airline?

This is the question which justifies how much you are interested in the company. Your knowledge about the organization helps you to answer this question easily and impressively.

Research online or offline to achieved reasonable knowledge about the company. The things you need to know are;

  • Company establishment.
  • Business growth
  • competitors
  • Current CEO of the company etc.

Sample answer:– Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. Your company has come in a long way in a short period of time since it funded in 2003. The UAE flagship carrier has about 178 aircraft with the destination of 78 countries all over the world. The current CEO of the company is Mr Mohamad Mustafa and fly Dubai as well as Emirates airline is its competitors.

12. Can you tell us briefly the duties and responsibility of the flight attendant?

Sample answer:– The duties and responsibilities of the cabin crews are as following;

  1. welcoming the passengers
  2. directing passengers to their seat.
  3. In case of an emergency make the passenger follow the proper procedure.
  4. Attending the pre-flight briefing.
  5. Giving the first aid to the passenger if needed.
  6. Ensuring passenger dis remark safety.
  7. Serve the food and refreshment to the passengers.
  8. Announcing on behalf of the pilot.
  9. Checking the all safety equipment and make sure the aircraft is tidy before the flight.
  10. After the flight, makes sure there is not any baggage in the overhead locker.
13. What are your strengths?

Your strengths are a mixture of talent, knowledge, and skills. Identifying your strengths to fit the role is important for answering this question.

Most of the candidate does not answer it well, because, they are too humble. Here is some example of answers that can be appropriate for the interview.

Sample answer:– I can learn things easily and quickly. I never give up the assigned task in the middle rather than complete it in time. I can adapt to the different environment and work with different culture of people.

Sample answer:– My strengths are the hard-working, self-motivated, positive attitude toward my career and company and flexibility on the work.

14. What are your areas of improvement? (weaknesses)

This is the tricky cabin crew interview questions the interviewer wants to know your weak spot that you believe yourself. Everyone has a weakness even the interviewer, but when you answer the question you should avoid disclosing the things that directly affect the cabin crew job.

Sample answer:– I believe people easily, caused by that one of my neighbors cheated me on the borrowing money. Still, I have not changed this, but I confident now ward I would analyze the people first, before trusting him or her.

15. Do you have any questions?

It is a very important question where they allow you to ask them a question. Asking a question regarding the job, the airline and industry will give you the plus point rather than simply say “NO SIR”

Sample answer:– What are the challenging things in this position? Why your airline is different than others? etc.

Conclusion:- The cabin crew interview is not easy that every candidate can be succeeded. Most of the questions ask associated with the job requirement. So, it is essential to read the job requirement carefully and pick up some question out of there and practice the answers yourself. Apart from the cabin crew interview, you may interest in the following topics.

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