How many types of recruitment agency to dubai?


Dubai is one of the cities with a large number of national and international recruitment firms. The UAE government has classified the recruitment agency to Dubai according to their different types of staffing activities.

Although the majority of agencies appear similar, they may not have been authorized to engage in all types of recruiting activities.

As many types of businesses in the UAE are profitable, employment agencies also generate a substantial income annually.

The documentation and legal requirements for establishing a recruitment agency are similar to those required when registering other types of businesses.

Most recruitment agencies in the UAE have obtained one operating license out of two available.

Types of recruitment agency licenses in UAE;

  1. Brokerage License: A agency which has fully involved in the UAE job market gets a brokerage license.

This type of organization can mediate or manage employment relationships between foreign nationals and UAE companies, or between UAE residents and foreign companies.

In general, Brokerage Licensed recruitment firms to engage in the following processes:

  • Application process from foreign and UAE nationals looking for employment.
  • Receiving a request from an employer company to hire in the UAE or overseas.
  • Create a database of job openings and publish them online or in newspapers.
  • Manage the candidate and employer databases and exchange information as required.

2. Temporary Recruitment License: If a company needs to hire foreign nationals or UAE residents for themselves or their clients.

It should obtain a temporary recruitment license and conduct advertising, shortlisting, and interviewing the candidates.

If the company hires employees on a regular basis, it should obtain a recruiting license because no one can perform staffing tasks without it.

In the United Arab Emirates, I’ve noted that a large corporation with numerous subsidiaries establishes a sister company to conduct recruitment activities for all groups of companies.

Types of recruitment agencies in Dubai;

  1. Traditional Recruitment Firms – These organizations hire workers with general skills and can fill positions ranging from general labor to executive-level positions. The large bulk of UAE recruitment agencies falls into this group.
  2. Executive Search Agencies – Most of the international recruitment firms in UAE fall under this category. Agencies only recruited the leadership roles of the companies, and additionally provide consultation services to their clients.
  3. Niche or Specialist Agencies – Recruitment companies work only in a specific industry and provide expert services from their database. For example; software and app developers hiring organizations, engineering hiring agencies, etc.
  4. Large-Scale Labor Recruiters – They hire a large number of people and then supply them to their clients.
  5. Temporary Recruitment Agencies – The employer company serves as its own recruiting agency, HR is responsible for completing the selection process and placing candidates.

A brokerage license is a long-term that can be valid for the company’s whole life. However, a temporary license is only valid for a limited time or for a specific recruitment event.

A brokerage-licensed organization plays the most significant role in the UAE job market, therefore, there are many international recruitment agencies in the UAE that have opened their branches in Dubai.

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