Crowd control basic security guard training

crowd control

Basic security guard training Unit 5 Lesson (D)

A crowd is a group of people who concentrate on something and their presence may require a preventive measure to maintain the law and order. For example; demonstration, riot, and during the disaster, etc.
Types of crowd

The behavior of the crowd generally depends on their interests. Therefore the crowd is classified according to their behavior patterns and security measures also taken in accordance with the types of crowd. These following types of crowds might encounter the security guard in many countries.

  1. Acquisitive crowd:- The members of this crowd motivated to acquire something. For instance, the shopkeepers seeking the items in a short supply or auction items. They don’t have any leader and they come there for their own.
  2. Expressive crowd:- This types of crowd people gather to express their feeling against anybody or the authority such as political rally, convention, and demonstration of a peace rally.
  3. Spectator:- This crowd gather people to watch out of curiosity, instruction, and entertainment. In the first place, people look well behaved and good nature. For example; sporting events, parades and other types of events.
  4. Sightseer:– This types of crowd people come to see any incidents likewise at the scene of the fire, accident or disaster. The crowd member comes to assist in the incident but they may equally stand and stare even whatever tragedy has happened.
  5. Hostile crowd:- The crowd of this nature motivated with a feeling of hate or extends the fear that they want to fight. strikers, political demonstrations, and rival mobs are ready to fight for their wants.
Crowd control;
Crowd control is the orderly (methodical) management of a large group of people.
Crowd control can be dangerous:
  • Crowed of people act differently from an individual, that can be more unpredictable.
  • They can be much harder to control than individuals. One person is easier to control 100.
  • Crowed always need a way to exit, if they are unable to do so. They will make a way to exit you may not want.
  • Never try and control a crowd alone
Crowd control equipment:
  • Barriers
  • Barricades
  • Tapes
When dealing with a crowd:
  • Be friendly but firm
  • Keep your eyes on the crowd
  • Call for assistance if the problems arise.
  • If crowed become too unmanageable move away for your safety.
  • Display a helpful, calm and confident attitude. Loudspeakers should be used to give directions and helpful information;
  • Use rational members of the crowd to assist in calming or isolating hysterical persons;
  • Provide first-aid and medical attention to the injured and weak, particularly the elderly and children;
  • ensure that the police and security forces do not panic a crowd by hasty action, arrogance or thoughtlessness.
  • Block the route by the security guards or using other tools and let them go the desired direction.
How to control the crowd?

Crowd control measures should apply according to the nature of the crowd. As a security guard, you can not do much with a hostile crowd because it can threaten your safety. When you involve in crowd control always take the necessary measure for your safety and safety of the protected object.

Verbal abuses must be ignored no matter how aggravating they may become. On the other hand, immediate action must be taken to address those who assault, throw rocks or attempt in any way to interfere with protective units.

In controlling the crowd you may require the sufficient manpower to overwhelm them or disperse. If the peaceful demonstration or gathering the large group of people with hostile tendency should not hesitate to inform the police and ask for back up as many as security guard available.

Potentially dangerous crowds can usually be controlled by the following methods:

  1. Remove or isolate individuals
  2. Divided the crowd in small group
  3. Remove the crowd leaders
  4. Divert the attention of the crowd
  5. Use of a recognized leader
  6. Try to prevent panic

The security guard always should watchful on a large number of people gathering at their site. Even though the members of the crowd comes for the peaceful protest or the passive purpose they can turn to the violence when they feel their voice didn’t hear.

If you are alone in the crowded area and you believe that the crowd is going out of your control later or soon. You should ask the backup security personnel or give information to the police and carefully watch over the crowd from the safe distance until police arrive.

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