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Macau is the autonomous territory of the people republic of China with a population of fewer than seven hundred thousands. Its area has expanded 32.9km2 and known as the densely populated region in the world.

Macau economy is heavily depended on casino gambling and tourism. The casino patrons mostly come from mainland China because gambling is legal in the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau.

The government revenue comes from the taxes on the casinos, tourism operators and hotels. In 2013, 68% of Macau economy GDP was contributed from the casino gambling taxes and still, 49% of the GDP growth comes from there.

There are many local and international funding casinos operating in the coastal cities of Macau. Last year, the casinos’ profits were 190billion revenue which is double of Las Vegas.

The casino is not only the place where people bet their money but also the various nature of crimes can occur. Therefore, most of the casinos apply the appropriate security measure for the safety of the visitors and casino patrons.

Most of the star level hotels have the casino operating license as well as the gambling facilities. The casinos and hotels hire the professional security guards to protect the facility, people and confidentiality. The security guards who work in a gambling facility called bouncers.

A bouncer is a pattern of security task. A security guard employees at bars, nightclubs, casinos, hotels, restaurants refer to a bouncer or door supervisor. In the casino, the bouncers are responsible to establish the rules.

The consumption of alcohol and another reason losing money can make an argument or fight where threat presents, possibly involving the gang members.

The roles of the private security company in Macau;

There are hundreds of multinational and local security industries in Macau. Which provide the physical security guards and security integrated system to the hotel, casino and bar club as well as the other institutions.

How the security guards are employed in Macau?

As the security regulation of Macau, there are two ways the security personnel can get hired.

  1. Hired by the Casinos and hotel: The star level of hotels and the casinos can hire the security guards or bouncers themselves. Mostly HR or security department of those organizations responsible for staffing, training and deployment of the security personnel as their need.
  2. Hired by the security service providers: The private security industry contract with the hotels or the casinos for providing protection. They hire candidates locally and internationally. Recruiting, training and deployment of the physical security guards depending on the clients need.

The requirement to work as a security guard in Macau

  1. Health: Physically and mentally fit for security tasks.
  2. Hight: minimum of 5.7 feet for directly hired by casinos and hotel. 5.8 feet for security companies.
  3. Weight: minimum 70kg for security guard and 75kg above for bouncer.
  4. Age: 22-35yrs old (some company allows the candidates to apply even the age of 40 ).
  5. Language: Fluent in English is required and Mandarin, Cantonese other language are plus points.
  6. Background: minimum 2yrs experience in army, police or security forces in your home country.
  7. Training: The candidate who has martial art certificate such as a black belt is preferable.
  8. Related experience: Working experience in hotels and casinos are the plus points.
  9. Education: Minimum level of education is school leaving.
  10. Documents: Birth certificate, police report, and at least 2yrs valid passport.
Security guard salary in Macau;
There is not any independent law which addresses the security guard remuneration and compensation. That’s the reason the company to company has different types of salary package for the security guard but not fall lower than the minimum wages of Macau.

Monthly Salary:

  • Minimum: 5500 MOP = $680
  • Average: 7000 MOP = $869
  • High: 11000 MOP = $1370

Although the law allows the casinos to hire the security guards on their own, they prefer contracted security personnel from security company because of insurance coverage, management cost and other responsibilities share.

As I said above the casinos in Macau love to employee security personnel through a security company. Now let me inform you that, the top security companies in Macau and the best place to work for the security professionals.


Group four security is the multinational security and outsourcing company in the world operating in 90 countries with more than sixty thousand employees.

Under the name of the g4s secure solution (Macau) Limited, the company has been servicing more than 38yrs on providing the most reliable security solution in the region.

The company services include just like other countries in the world Guarding & Security, Cash-in-Transit, ATM Management, Electronic Security System installation/maintenance.

More than 1500 security personnel among which 900 fully licensed guards and retired Gorkha military offering the stander security services and specialized the security-related issues on the regular and temporary basis.


It is another British based security company has been servicing in Macau since 1990. Guard force offering the comprehensive security solution to its clients including the cash in transit,  integrated security system and the man guarding services.

The company has more than 600 hundred man security guards and 20 armor vehicle in Macau. It is in the topmost list, among the security service provider in Macau because of the trust from government departments, leading banks, retailers and other corporations.


Among the local security company in Macau, SEMAC comes first place in terms of hiring the local communities and mainland Chinese. The company headquarters is in CAM Office Building, AV.Wai Long, Taipa, Macau S.A.R China.

The company provides the military veteran as the security guard to its clients and most of the public facilities are under the protection of this company in Macau.


The securitas is a European based international leading security company and providing excellent security services in Macau. The company has operated an office at Kin Heng Long Plaza,13 Andar Macau.

The company offers man guarding services, security specialization, as well as electronic security services to the customers.


The Gorkha Ekta international security company was established from the brigade of Gorkha, British Army.

Before independent from Britain, Macau and Hong Kong were guarded by the Gorkha soldier those were from Nepal and serviced in the British Army.

The retirees Gorkha soldiers were allowed to stay and work in Hong Kong and Macau. That’s the reason retirees Gorkha members formed this company and now have offices in Hong Kong, Macau, and Nepal.

The company provides the mostly man guarding services those members from the British Gorkha and Indian Gorkha. The main business of this company is supplying security guards, bodyguards, and bouncers with highly trained and experienced ex-Gorkha soldiers.


Winnerway security is only the local security companies which have numerous contracts and numbers of manpower in Macau and Hong Kong. The company has a joint venture with Savills Guardian Group of Hong Kong and the services including bank guarding, contract security guards, campus security, healthcare security, traffic controller, mobile patrol and risk management.


The Hang Son Security is the sister company of the Fulun Group which is included Fulun International Investment, Fulun Real Estate, New Fulun Exchange, New Fulun Hotel Catering Equipment Co, Macau Holiday Travel Agency and New Hengxin Property Management etc.

With nearly 20 years of security services, 1400 employees Provide security/management services for a number of government agencies, large hotel projects, large construction sites, large variety shows, concerts, and VIP protection.


Chong Hap Group Company Limited provides the security guards and general cleaning services to the clients. The locally held company has a good reputation in the area of a man guarding services to the government and private properties.

Even though it is not fame with the world public, it has employees 1001-5000 staffs across China and its sub-continents. The mainland company Chong Hap, in which you will earn a big salary because of the overtime.


The Omnirisc is a local private security firm which provides the safety, security, and peace to its customers and communities. Although many people do not familiar with this company compared to others. It has manpower and history for providing the licensed man guarding service, crowd control, executive security services, traffic management, security management, and risk consultation.


The southern security service is a security company which has been leading in the sector of electronic security in Macau from the beginning. The company services incorporated with the locksmith and key cutting, intrusion, and fire alarm, access control and automated gate systems and Close circuit camera, etc.

Final thoughts; Although Macau is the smallest region and integrated part of the china there is a high demand for the professional security guards. The reason is that most of the world largest casinos have existed in this small coastal city.

The security companies most of them hire the security guard from other countries because of the local population less interest to perform this job. Macau has remained the top Asian city where the security guards are well paid.

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