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Dubai is one of the rapidly developing cities in the globe. In the last 20yrs, the city has transformed itself from the desert to modern and ultra hight city.

Information technology is one of the most demanded job areas in Dubai as well as all over the United Arab Emirates. Since the industries have been booming over the last 10yrs  the employment opportunities for the professional in the IT also remained high at all the time.

The IT professionals are including;

  1. computer & information and research scientists,
  2. systems managers,
  3. hardware and software engineers,
  4. programmers,
  5. database administrators,
  6. network systems and data communications analysts,
  7. systems analysts,
  8. network and computer systems administrators,
  9. and computer support specialists.

Numerous organizations that specialize in IT in Dubai are situated in Dubai Internet City. You can reach the name of the particular IT or all IT companies which are located in Dubai internet city through this link 

Another great way to find a job in Information technology companies is to search for a job on the websites or working with recruitment agencies. It can be the tough task of finding a job in top IT companies in Dubai.

In the first place, the Dubai government created an information technology park is called DIC (Dubai Internet City) and the second place allows the company 100% foreign ownership until 50yrs.

Because of the taxation and customs related benefit, most of the top international companies moved their regional headquarters to Dubai.

The topmost high-tech companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Dell, Intel, Huawei, Samsung, SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Tata Consultancy, 3M, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, HP, Nokia, Cognizant and Accenture have a regional office as well as supply chain in Dubai.

The to Information technology companies in Dubai;

SN Company SN Company
1 Accel Frontline JLT 53 ISYX Technologies
2 Advanced Global Technologies (AGT Infotech) 54 Javelin Communications FZ LLC
3 Alan Technology LLC 55 Kobonaty
4 AL Kendi Computer Systems 56 Liveware Technology Services
5 Alpha Byte Computers LLC 57 Loditech Technologies LLC
6 Alpha Data Processing Services LLC 58 Mass Technologies
7 Andryan IT Solutions 59 Multimission Software LLC
8 Annet Technologies ME FZE 60 NIBZ Infosol Pvt Ltd
9 Aphidas 61 NEOSYS
10 AppsTec Consulting 62 NET Desire Technologies
11 Arab Canadian Computer Co. LLC 63 Next Links
12 Atom Options Computers LLC 64 Nexus Computer Systems
13 65 Olive Technologies
14 Bitech International 66 Omnix International LLC
15 BBI-Consultancy 67 Optimus Technology and Telecom
16 Blue DOT Information Technology 68 Orbit Shield Global Fzc
17 Brandevous Solutions 69 Pacific Controls
18 Burhani Computers Trading LLC 70 Pancyber
19 CAD Gulf LLC 71 Perfect Computers
20 Cantaloupe Consulting 72 Pixel Digitel System LLC
21 Certios IT 73 QuickData Network Installation & Maintenance LLC
22 Cognizant Technology Solutions 74 Raqmiyat
23 CominTouch Technology LLC 75 Redington Middle East
24 CompuBase 76 Resemble Systems
Saitech International
26 CSC 78 Samsotech LLC
27 Cubicflux 79 Sarvah Technology Solutions
28 Cubic Information Systems 80 Security Infrastructure Solutions
29 Digital Factors Fzco 81 Smart World
30 ECS ME LLC 82 Software Solutions LLC
31 Edgematics Technologies 83 Soltius Middle East FZ LLC
32 eSpire Infotech 84 Spice Technologies
33 EZE Dubai 85 Spire Solutions
34 Fluid Codes 86 Techlink Systems LLC
35 Frontline Information Technology 87 Telelogix IT Services
36 FVC 88 UK Infotech International LLC
37 Global Technology Services LLC 89 Unicorp
38 Glorious Technologies LLC 90 Unity Infotech Solutions LLC
39 Gulf Business Machines 91 Wavepac Infosystems LLC
40 Gulf Computers 92 Websight Computer Systems
41 Gulf IT Network Distribution Fz LLC 93 Wipaq Technology LLC
42 Hadiya Shop 94 Wisoft Solutions
43 I4research 95 Xerox Emirates
44 IBM Corporation Middle East 96 Xlsys Technologies
45 Industrial Application Software (IAS) Middle East 97 Xlerate Technologies NZ Ltd
46 Infotouch FZ LLC 98 Emitac Mobile Solutions LLC
47 Innokat LLC 99 Oasis Distribution
48 Integra Technologies FZE 100 Dicetek LLC
49 Integrated Communication Network (ICN) 101 GapBridge Software Services
50 Intertec Systems LLC 102 Halian
51 Intertek Moody 103 emaratech
52 Intex UAE 104 Cyret Technologies
105 VISA Card 106 Mastercard


Scope and the payment; 

There are not less than 5000 IT companies in UAE and not less than thousands of companies are located in DIC (Dubai Internet City). But, we have chosen only hundreds of companies out of them for our listing because these companies are well known in UAE and have a good reputation among the public.

The salary variation has existed among the companies even though a similar nature of business. Companies from western countries willing to pay higher than local companies. In contrary companies of Asian national remain less payer. Remember that salary depends on your negotiation skill in the interview to learn the negotiation skill in my next post.

When you talk about the scope of this occupation still remained strong and have lots of change to the expats. The UAE nationals are not sufficient to fill the vacuum of the demand in the IT sector. Literally, government or non-government organization love to hire the westerner first and second place holds by the Asian majority of the Indian national.

To look for the job in the information technology sector in Dubai. Either you should apply through online or drop your CV to the company. Another vital player in the UAE job market is recruitment agency here is the full list of the top recruitment agencies in the UAE visit now

Regional comparison, Dubai has become a number one to attract IT professionals around the world. If you want to work with one of the above companies always visit the company website for opening or apply through the job portal if jobs are posted by the company.

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