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As the UAE has become the most popular tourist destination in the Gulf region, many national travel agencies have sprouted up. In another hand, international travel agencies have also opened branches to provide destination management services to international visitors.

In this post, I will discuss the top ten travel agencies in the United Arab Emirates. Our research was based on customer experiences with the companies listed below.

Other factors that influenced the selection of these companies for this post include reliability, transparency, and supremacy in the travel industry.

There is no rule dictating how much a travel agency may charge its customers for service. The result for that different company takes different amount even though the destination and package are similar.

Some travel agencies are less expensive than others, while others may be more expensive than you anticipated. Therefore, it is more prudent tnduct youbeforesearch before selecting a travel company for your trip.

Wcomingyou is coming or leaving the UAE, the travel agency plays an important role in flight visas, flight booking, lodging, and among other things.

Practically all travel agencies use the same method of operation and provide the same services; however, selecting the best agency ensures a fruitful and stress-free trip.

Best travel agency in UAE

  1. Sharaf travel 

It is one of the most reputable travel organizations in Dubai established in 1991. Besides this, it has become a Leading Travel Management Company and offers both economical and expensive travel packages depending on the needs customers need.

Currently, Sharaf travel is working for Corporate travel, outbound leisure travel, Sharaf holidays, inbound Sharaf tours, airlines and leisure representation, and aviation training.

2.           Sun & Sky Tourism & Travel

Sun and Ssxdw
“?jky tourism and travel is another leading and cost-effective travel agency in Dubai.

A very good agency with prompt customer service and numerous available options. It offers affordable world-class packages with the highest service standards.

They provide ticketing services, tourist visa services, outbound, and inbound travel packages, incentive visits, cruise dining, desert safari, vehicle rentals, and much more.

3. Travelex Travels & Tours LLC

Travelex Travels and Tours LLC is the best travel organization in Dubai founded 14 yrs before now.

It is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) & International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO).

The organization makes hotel reservations, flight bookings, and sports packages for golf, football, Formula One racing, cricket, and private charter jet services all of its services are simple.

If you choose Travelex & tours for your vacation planning, you can expect the highest quality services and greater satisfaction with all your inbound and outbound travel arrangements.

4. Utravel 

Utravel is a tourism company based in the United Arab Emirates, with headquarters in Dubai.

As the agency has extensive knowledge of the country’s tourist destinations it enables you to have the best time possible in UAE.

Tourists from all over the world can enjoy the unique experience of exclusive local destinations with a wide range of activities if you choose Utravel as their partner for inbound tours to the UAE.

The professional office staff always helps with the customer’s necessities, therefore, you may not be confused about the process of a tourist visa,  travel packages, and other arrangements made by the agency for your trip.

You can also use their services to book hotels and lodging, furnished apartments, private yachting, cruise ships, dining and entertainment, private functions, weekend getaways, incentive travel, and so on.

5. Masa Tours Dubai

Masa Tour is a reputable and well-organized travel agency among the hundreds that existed in the UAE.

If you are looking for an excellent travel agency in Dubai to select Masa tours is your correct decision.

If you choose Masa Tours Dubai as your lifetime travel organizer, you need not worry in the future, as I am confident that they will continue their customer-centric trip planning solution for the individuals who want to make the inbound and outbound travel to the UAE.

In addition, Masa provides the customer with low-cost accommodations, logistics, and itinerary services.

6. Royal Arabian Tour

Royal Arabian Tours was established in 2004 in Dubai. The company delivers paradigmatic travel solutions depending on customers’ needs without compromising quality.

It is one of the best companies for leisure arrangements in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Royal Arabian is the only travel agency in UAE that ensures your vacation is memorable and enjoyable.

7. Atlanta Tour and Travel 

Although Atlanta tourism is a privately owned, independent travel agency in Dubai, It serves as a one-stop-shop for all tourist activities for foreign visitors to the UAE and UAE visitors to other nations.

The tour packages offered by Atlanta tour and travel give you a sense of both the modern and traditional cultures of Dubai.

  1. SNTTA Emir Tours

It is another well-known destination management company that was founded in 1976. SNTTA Emir is a subsidiary leisure solution company of the Liberty Investment Group in the United Arab Emirates.

Even though the agency has a head office in Dubai but other two full-fledged branches are operating in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

SNTTA Emir Tours stands for quality, reliability, and prominent travel organization in the UAE. Its services are as follows:

  • processing the visa application,
  • hotel and resort reservations.
  • Transportation,
  • voyage and desert safari
  • event management,
  • and departure services.

9. Arabian Adventures

This company, in particular, offers group tours because they are much less expensive than a family tour for an individual.

When your tour is less expensive, you can visit the majority of the attractions in Dubai even if you have a limited budget.

Arabian Aventures provides a knowledgeable guide, a great driver, and comfortable transportation.

Other benefits of group travel include desert safaris, sundowner dune dinners, exciting city tours, and water cruising adventures.

10. Adventure Leisure Tourism

Particularly, Adventure Leisure Tourism is a privately owned Company registered under Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in 2010.

A young company backed by experienced and professional expertise became a fully-fledged inbound tour operator in UAE.

In addition to visa arrangements, the agency now offers city tours, desert safaris, cruise dinners, golf bookings, and visits to attractions and amusement parks.

11. Al-Futtaim Travel  

Al-Futtaim Travel is a sister organization of the Al-Futtaim group which is an Emirati holding organization located in Dubai.

In general, this group has owned and operated shopping malls, retail stores, and recreation clubs throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The travel agency has been fully operational in Dubai since its inception.

The agency provides the following activities to UAE residents and foreign visitors throughout the country.

  • adventure tours,
  • cruises,
  • customized package holidays,
  • desert safaris,
  • educational packages,
  • Flights and hotel deals,
  • honeymoon packages,
  • luxurious escapes,
  • pilgrimage tours,
  • shopping trips,
  • short getaways,
  • sightseeing excursions,
  • tropical vacations,
  • and much more.

12. Dubai Relax Tours

Dubai Relax Tours is an independent provider of tours & excursions in the UAE. With a professional team of guides, a fleet of cars & boats, as well as a floating restaurant in Dubai Marina, the agency, remains the top choice for the richest people in the world.

The travel agency has a great service with a very quality tour guide. Providing white label b2b services to some of the leading Destination Management Companies in the UAE Dubai Relax has become the most pronounced name in the UAE tourist industry sector.

In summary:- Either you are coming to Dubai or UAE for any purpose you may require to pre-arrange a visa, hotel, and ticketing. These things are simple to accomplish when working with a travel agency in Dubai.

If you ask me to recommend a travel agency in the UAE for your recent tour, choose one of the above-mentioned alternatives but don’t forget to compare their offerings such as travel packages, cost-effectiveness, and processing time.

You should not be concerned about anything, regardless of your location or country, because the UAE travel agency has extensive knowledge and experience in the tourism field, so they can explain and arrange your tour to the highest standard possible.

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