Things You Need To Know About Spark Security Services.


In the United Arab Emirates, Spark security services is a privately owned security firm that specializes in protection and security to the people and properties. The company is a subsidiary of the spark group, which also owns a number of other businesses, including the following:

  1. Spark Development and Trading
  2. AMRAC
  3. Spark security services
  4. 4 Seasons Travel
  5. Spark Residence & Hotel Apartments
  6. Spark Maintenance and Oilfield Services

Today, I want to discuss the business model, workplace culture, and salary of the spark security company employees in the United Arab Emirates. Although the company  initially formed in Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city, it has since spread its foothold throughout the country.

The Spark, like every other private security organization in the country, has relied heavily on foreign citizens for various ranks among the security forces.

Where does the spark security recruit its employees?

The company hires foreign nationals in the UAE who have a resident visa, a visit visa, or a tourist visa and are currently in the UAE. Although it hires some people within the country, the majority of its personnel are hired in other countries, especially Asia and Africa.

What is the procedure for hiring security guards?

There is not any written test to hire the security guard so, the interview plays a crucial role that is applicable for selecting the security personnel in a Spark security company.

Do not be panic, the security guard interview is not difficult, since only a few questions will ask, and the interviewers prefer candidates with prior experience as a security guard, former army, or police officer. To read more about security guard interview questions, please go here.

How big the Spark security company is?

Although the company founded 44 years ago, it’s today, has employed over 5000 security personnel, has over 1000 locations, and serves 900 clients. In another world, we can say it is the mid-size security firm in the country.

What kind of training does a Spark security guard receive?

You may already be aware that the UAE has two private security regulations, PSBD and SIRA, and that training varies depending on the place where you will be working.

If you work in Dubai, you will undergo SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) training; if you work in other emirates, you may receive PSBD(Private Security Business Department) training and a license.

What is the salary of the Security guard?

Security guard salaries in the United Arab Emirates are not much different within the boundaries of security regulation,  SIRA has determined the basic salary and overtime pay rate to the security guards who work in Dubai.

On the other hand, PSBD guards earn a comparable wage due to the PSCOD regulation. The security professional in Spark security will get the salary according to the security regulation.

The security guard who works under the  SIRA regulation can earn up to AED 2265 and those who work under PSBD can earn up to AED 3200 per month.

The workplace culture at the Spark security company is generally positive; some locations are quite attractive, while others might quite run down. As security requires everywhere, you can not choose the workplace it depends on the company deployment.

Conclusion: Spark security services is a medium-sized security company based in the United Arab emirates. Working as a security guard at Spark security brings a variety of experiences.

However, it is dependent upon the place you are working and the security regulation that oversees you and your company most of the security company follows the country labor law and security regulation to deal with the employees.

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