SIRA vs PSCOD security guard jobs in UAE.


The United Arab Emirates has two private security regulations SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) another PSCOD (Private Security Company Organization Department). People who want to do security work in the UAE need to receive a license from one of these regulatory authorities. If you’re looking for a security guard jobs in the UAE, it’s very important to know which department would be better off.

Although security duties are identical, there are a number of fundamental variations in both regulations. A security person who has a license from one regulation can not work in the area of another security regulation.

Can a person get a license from SIRA and PSCOD in UAE? 

Yes, the security personnel can obtain the license from both security regulations, but, they must complete the training and pass the test from both organizations. If you have a license of SIRA and PSCOD you are allowed to do the security task all across the UAE regardless of private security jurisdiction.

SIRA vs PSCOD security guard jobs in UAE

  1. Jurisdiction;

SIRA license holders can only work in Dubai, but PSCOD license holders can work in other emirates including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Um Al Quin, and Ras Al Khaimah.

2. Regulation; 

Both are the private security regulatory bodies.  SIRA is created by Dubai’s government and established under state security regulation. PSCOD is the federal regulation for private security industries, however, it was first Implemented in Abu Dhabi.

3. Salary;  

Dubai security guard earns less than their counterpart working in other emirates. The average salary for the SIRA guard for 12hrs and 6days a week is AED 2265 while the PSBD guard can earn AED 2770.

4. Overtime; 

DPS guard or SIRA does more Overtime than the PSBD or PSCOD guard because the authority does not fine the company for enabling the security guard to do work on their rest day. The PSCOD does not allow the security guard to work more than 6days a week, if anyone caught doing so, the company has to be responsible.

5. Training; 

The security guard under both regulations undergo a one-week training, while SIRA guards attend training in SIRA cadres academy and PSCOD candidates attend in NSI (National Security Institute). PSCOD does not give the training, but, on behalf of it, NSI trains the PSBD guards.

Individuals can apply for the SIRA training while NSI training should apply from any security company in UAE.

6. Licenses;

SIRA license can renew many years without having any training, but, PSCOD license should renew every 2 yrs. The candidates should complete the refreshment training and have a test from PSCOD before renewal.

7. Working places; 

PSCOD guards may not get a good site for work as the SIRA guard can, because, most international companies and richest people live in Dubai. The security guard in Dubai has a more beautiful place to work than other emirates’ security guards.

8.  Enforcement; 

In terms of law enforcement, PSCOD is more strick than SIRA, therefore most of the time the security companies and guards are fined by the authority cause of breathing the rule. But, in SIRA some liberalization has implemented.

9. Exam; 

The PSCOD guard license is issued from PSCOD after having the test, while Sira guards have to take the test in the SIRA cadres training center.

10. Coordination agency;

PSCOD guards’ coordination agencies are local police and the federal police department, in addition, the PSCOD also has a center controlling room. On another hand, the SIRA guard should contact with Dubai police if they find any illegal activities.

These above are the fundamental differences between two security regulations, but the vacation, end services benefits, overtime calculation, and other annual benefits both authority provide according to the labor law of the UAE.

You may get some knowledge about the security guard jobs in Dubai and UAE as well as the security regulations in this country. Which department you want to join depends on your choice.

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