Company review of Hemaya security services UAE


Hemaya Security Services is one of the leading security companies in the United Arab Emirates, founded in 2009 by His Highness Sheik SAIF BIN ZAYED Al NAHYAN Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior.

Initially, the company was founded to assist the police department in security services and event security. Still, today the company has extended its business to provides security personnel to private organizations.

The company is a semi-governmental organization in safety and security, just like Saaed Traffic Systems, Firefighting, and Rescue Company, National Ambulance, Emirates, Tatweer, etc.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about Qatar’s Hemaya security services company, and Hemaya in Abudhabi is one company. Still, both are different organizations and have their own business policies.

Today in this post, I will provide a true review of Hemaya security services Abu Dhabi. It can help the candidates to get an idea of whether the company meets their expectations or not.

Hemaya security services;

  1.  Events and Tasks Security
  2.  Access Control
  3. Airport Security Services
  4. Banks Security Services
  5. Hospitals Security Services
  6. Critical Infrastructures Security Services
  7. Hotels Security Services
  8. General Security Services
  9. Facilities Safety & Security
  10. Private Escorting
  11. Static & Mobile Guarding
  12.  x-ray machines operation,
  13. Handheld metal detectors provision,
  14. inspection of the walk through the gate
  15. Remote monitoring services including; CCTV, Control room, and alarm system.

Why work with Hemaya security services?

  1. The semi-governmental organization providing security services that relate to the Ministry of the Interior, UAE.
  2. Highly trained personnel, new security officers are more likely to learn more about the profession.
  3. The company pays on time through wages protection systems.
  4. Stander accommodation compared to the other security organization.
  5. Healthy working environment, very decent colleagues, and a wonderful work-life balance.
  6. A big platform to Enhance your knowledge and skills.
  7. Compensation is the best fit for the provisions of the labor law of the UAE.
  8. One month vacation for one year and two months in 2 years with basic salary and two ways tickets.
  9. The company offers private security contractors to the Abu Dhabi police and private security guards to private organizations.
  10. Basic AED 4000 salary for the police contractors while AED 2000 for the private security guard for 8 hours of work.
  11. One day is off for a week.
  12. Diversified workforce.

Cons of working with Hemaya Security services. 

  1. Limit of the different working environments.
  2. Long hours of travel to workplaces and return to a residence.
  3. Salary has not increased, but the cost of living has risen.
  4. Few chances of promotion due to the few higher positions.

Conclusion: Despite the cons, the company is still at the top for security guards in the UAE. The Hemaya Security services train the staff and enable them to perform professionally related to the safety and security field.


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