security companies in Abu Dhabi for critical infrastructure.

security companies in abu dhabi

The security companies in Abu Dhabi are governed by the private security companies’ organization department also refer to PSCOD.

While in Abu Dhabi, there are hundreds of security companies, most of them have a PSCOD license for general security services. For getting the contract to provide the security services to the critical infrastructure your company should have licensed from PSCOD.

Critical infrastructures are more vulnerable resources that need high-security monitoring to prevent their destruction.

What is the critical infrastructure?

Critical infrastructure is a physical or virtual asset, systems, and networks that are vital to the country. Destruction of the critical infrastructure would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic and public health or safety.

The security guard who works for the critical infrastructure security they may be deployed or responsible to provide the security and safety for these sectors;
  1. Chemical Sector
      • Basic chemicals
      • Specialty chemicals
      • Agricultural chemicals
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Consumer products
  2. Commercial Facilities Sector
      • Entertainment and Media (e.g., motion picture studios, broadcast media).
      • Outdoor Events (e.g., theme and amusement parks, fairs, campgrounds, parades).
      • Public Assembly (e.g., arenas, stadiums, aquariums, zoos, museums, convention centers).
      • Sports Leagues (e.g., professional sports leagues and federations).
  3. Communications Sector
      • Communication infrastructure
      • public communication assets
  4. Critical Manufacturing Sector
      • Primary Metals Manufacturing
      • Machinery Manufacturing
      • Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing
      • Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
  5. Emergency Services Part
      • Law Enforcement
      • Fire and Rescue Services
      • Emergency Medical Services
      • Emergency Management
      • Public Works
  6. Dams Sector
      • Water resource of this country
  7. Defense sector
      • Defense based industries
  8. Emergy Services Part
      • electricity produce facilities
      • the oil refinery facility
      • the natural gas exploration area
      • and unearthing facility
  9. Financial Services Sector
      • depository institutions,
      • investment products,
      • insurance companies,
      • other credit and financing organizations.
  10. Food and Agriculture Sector
      • Public food distribution and
      • storage facilities
  11. Government Facilities Sector
      • government offices
      • Other facilities
  12. Healthcare and Public Health Sector
      • Hospital
      • Medicine producing facilities
  13. Information Technology Sector
      • Software manufacturing
      • computer hardware production companies
      • Network and internet system of the country.
  14. Nuclear Sector
      • Nuclear Reactors,
      • Materials, and
      • Nuclear Waste management
  15. Transportation Systems Sector
      • Aviation, including aircrafts
      • Highway and Motor Carrier
      • Maritime Transportation System
      • Mass Transit and Passenger Rail
      • Pipeline Systems
      • Postal and Shipping
  16. Water and Wastewater Systems
      • Protection of drinking waters tanks and
      • wastewater treatment facilities

The MOI (Ministry of Interior) is responsible for protecting its portion of the government’s critical infrastructure But as part of the critical infrastructure concept, these following companies are licensed by PSCOD to play the role of protecting the protection of the infrastructure which is vital for the UAE.

These below-listed security companies in Abu Dhabi, not only have critical infrastructure security licensed but also have a permit for conducting similar services in Dubai.


 Company NameTelephoneFax
1G4S SECURE SOLUTIONS L.L.C025544353025546964
2CERTIS – LLC025502801025574997
3SECURIGUARD MIDDLE EAST – LLC026426667026583366
4STAR SECURITY SERVICES L.L.C026675588026676788
5SPARK SECURITY SERVICES026661132026665625
6UNITED SECURITY GROUP – LLC026345311026345377
8SECURITAS UAE L.L.C048850092048857483
9ELITE SECURITY L.L.C025502299025502290
10AL-WATAN SECURITY SERVICES092249666092249333
12WORLD SECURITY FZE026398880026399366


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