NSI training for PSBD guard in UAE

NSI training

NSI training- is a learning process for developing skills and knowledge that relate to security activities. This training has specific goals of improving security guards and supervisors’ capability, capacity, productivity, and performance.

The National Security Institute (NSI) provides basic security guard training to newly hired security guards where they learn the basic things essential for the security profession.

In addition, NSI training requires the current security guard for upgrading their skills and career development.

This post is all about the NSI training for PSCOD generally known as PSBD guards in UAE. You might already hear that PSBD guards have to go for training at NSI before processing for a PSBD license.

NSI’s training is not a big deal but so important for security guards in UAE because without this training candidates cannot apply for a security license to the PSBD. The PSBD license is mandatory for each and every security guard should have.

The new Joiners in the PSBD security force in UAE must complete the BSG (basic security guard) training at NSI which is an evaluation process designed to prepare students for the PSBD exam.

If you complete the NSI training then only can go for the PSBD guard licensing test. After having the PSBD license you can perform the security guard duty in UAE.

Many security guard trainees scare that, if they fail to complete this training twice, they have to go back home country.

People who come as security guards in UAE pay a huge amount of money for their Agent in their home country.

That’s the reason this training is very crucial for the new security guard candidate to make a career in the security industry and pay back their debt.

I encourage you, friend, no need to worry too much because it is not an academic exam where the questions are asked from various angles and you are required to answer based on explanation and analysis.

Either NSI or the PSBD test, the questions come with multiple-choice and you should choose the right one.

Even if some questions are tricky your common sense can pick up the correct one out of the given options.

During the 5days training at NSI, you have to justify yourself that you are good, organized, disciplined, and fit for performing any security assigned duties.

In BSG training you need to pass the assessment tests by securing 75 percent each, which include the following.

  1. Written test
  2. Practical
  3. Fitness
  4. Psychometric
  5. Behavior test

The Behaviour test can be very crucial for the trainee because if you break the NSI rules and regulations it makes you fail despite securing 100 marks in the written test.

You would not learn anything about behavioral changes, but the instructors would closely observe your activities and give you a score for them.

Now let me share some tips that could help you with the NSI training in the UAE.

What is NSI?

It is one of the organizations of the UAE government that is a partner with various departments such as MOI (ministry of interior), ADP (Abu Dhabi police), IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health), and UOC (University of Cambridge), etc.

NSI is responsible for training the security guards who are going to perform a duty under PSBD.

When a security company hires you as a PSBD guard, it sends you for BSC (basic security guard training) in NSI, the course runs for 5 days.

Training schedule
  • course duration 40hrs teaching over a 5days
  • The course runs from Saturday to Wednesday
  • the course starts to time 7.30hrs to 16.30hrs
  • 15 minutes break after 2 teaching hours and a 40minutes lunch break.

This training is not only to learn about the security skills but the instructors closely observe and evaluate your habit, attitude, and professionalism.

You have to take two exams

  1. Entrance Exam
  2. Final Exam.

Don’t worry about the entrance exam in case you fail, it would not stop you from getting the whole course.

The final exam is very important for you that is being taken on the last day of the training.  You should secure 75% in the final exam to complete that BSG (basic security guard) training.

Class teaching method;

The students have to pay full attention to the instructor and several things will happen in 40 minutes of class, such as answering questions and completing a written and practical exercise.

What will happen if you fail?

If you fail the first time, you would get a chance again to take the whole course in NSI.

Do in NSI training;

1. Follow the rules and regulations.
2. Dress up yourself in a professional way.
3. Treat All NSI facilities with care and respect
4. Pay full attention to the class
5. Only ask a question to the instructor when he gives permission to the class to do it
6. Wait your turn at the bathroom, cafeteria, coffee house, etc.
7. If there is not an instructor in class they observe your activities through CCTV be calm and quiet all the time.
8. Have a good sitting posture in the class.
9. Help the others in the fire evacuation drills.
10. shaving, haircuts, and personal hygiene are important.

Do not in NSI training;
  1. Not to be late in class even a minute
  2. Not to Miss any classes
  3. Don’t cheat in the examination (don’t ask help from others or don’t help them too)
  4. Don’t forget your company ID, NSI notebook, and PSBD license every day when you are in class.
  5. No chewing gum and spiting around
  6. No loitering and smoking
  7. Don’t go to the administration building without permission.
  8. No mobile phone use in class
  9. Don’t copy any training material.
  10. Don’t leave the NSI premises even though you’re on breaks.

If you follow the above “do” and “do not” rules all the time during training at NSI there is a guarantee you would pass the evaluation process.

Another most important part of this training is a written exam where you need to solve 28 objective questions correctly out of 50.

After completing this training your company can apply the PSBD test on behalf of you. If you pass the PSBD test then you would get a license for doing the security job in UAE except for Dubai.

The PSBD (Private Security Business Department) has changed its name to PSCOD (Private Security Company Organization Department) don’t confuse about it.

Conclusion:- NSI and the PSBD both are the sisters’ organizations of the Ministry Of Interior in UAE. They are responsible for training, supervising, and licensing the security guards and security companies.

Passing the PSBD test depends on how much you learn in NSI training because of all the questions that come out of the NSI course. So, at first, give priority to basic security guard training because it is a milestone for your security career.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions just comment below or send me a personal email.

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    • No, the training starts from 7am-5pm. During training, the employment company is responsible for transportation to their staffs.

  1. Hello sir ‘ How it is conducted physical test ? Is everyday there is physical test ? What about personal hygiene ? Having tattoo is reason to fail NSI ? Is Tatoo will be crucial to fail psbd test ?????? Thank you Shiva

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    Could you please tell me the institute price for training in PSBD. I can get this training in Dubai. Am already security guard with valid SIRA ID license. Could you please send me complete details of your organization. Below is my email please send me regards details.

  4. Hello Dear sir Ranga,
    I have 2 years experience as a security guard in home country (Pakistan).
    Can I apply for PSBD or SIRA certificate?
    Now I’m not under security guard company.
    I work with a transport company as a driver.

    Best Regards,

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