ROYAL GUARD IN DUBAI, a smart job for ex military.


Royal guard in Dubai- After resigning from the Nepal Army at the of position junior officer, I had a big dream to join either Dubai police or Royal guard in Dubai. Although everyone has a dream for their career, there is no guarantee that everyone’s dream comes true.

What does mean the Royal Guard?

In the country whose ruler is a king, the national army has a separate regiment that mounted at the royal residence and the responsibility for the administration of the royal places.

In the middle east specifically the GCC (Gulf Co-operation council) counties, the monarchy is the most favorable choice of the ruling system for their people. The king dynasty and their ruling system is always pro for the countries citizen, that is the main reason monarchy has succeeded for the many decades to rule over the gulf continent.

Similarly, other countries such as the United kingdom, Newzealand, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, the defense force of the United Arab Emirates also has a royal guard regiment which is evolving with various defense parameter of the royal palaces and administrative building.

There are seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates and each emirate has a king and their relatives. All the royal family members and their relatives require protection because VIP always concerns about its own security.

If the Defence forces of the UAE provides the protection for each and every relative of the Royal family it requires more member in its organization which leads the high expenditure in the military.

That could be the main reason some of the private’s companies that have a business to provide the armed and unarmed security services, started providing the ex-army and police officers as the guard to the royal family relatives.

How do the royal guard companies operate in the UAE?

Even though they are not cored part of the defense force of the United Arab Emirates the private royal guards undergo training with national defense or the UAE police forces as requires from their respective companies.

Without a doubt, the royal guards’ service provider companies have been operating in the UAE as private security companies and contractual agreements may have with the defense or police forces for providing guarding services but not to deploy on the battlefield.

The recruitment process for the royal guard in Dubai or UAE.

As I know the demand letter sent from UAE companies to foreign countries including Nepal, the recruitment process starts from your home countries. If you are already in Dubai can apply for the position as far as your experiences and qualifications meet the criteria.

The Qualification to requires for the Royal guard in Dubai.

  1. Ex. Army or police officers.
  2. Hight 5.7″
  3. Weight more than 75kg
  4. English proficiency is good.
  5. VIP or VVIP training plus points.
  6. Intermediate passed is needed.

The selection process goes through the three-phase, running and physical test, interview, medical examination, and police clearances. Although you are the ex. military or the police officers it is equally important that your job resignation time should be no longer than 6 months.

When you get into UAE, you have to complete the training from the companies which give through the veteran member of the UAE defense forces.

If you are looking for opportunities in the royal guard in Dubai or in the UAE just click this link and search for the available jobs.

What Duties you should perform in the field?

The duties may be vary depending on the client’s needs but generally, you have to provide the security service or the protection service to the royal family properties or work as the bodyguard for them.

How much salary the royal guard earn in the UAE?

There is not any fixed salary that I have found among the private royal guards because of nationality, the company size, and the place where do you work, always determine your pay Cheque. Here is a figure for you to understand.

  • Low Salary per month- AED 3000
  • Average salary per month- AED 4800
  • High salary per month- AED 7000

Comparing the salary of the security guards in the UAE, the royal guards are paid higher and remain in the most respectable position among the security industries.

To become the royal guard in Dubai one thing you should from the army or police background, on another hand, have a skill to operates the small firearms.

Though you are working as a royal guard in the UAE you are not far from the labor law of this country.

In the sum up: Working in the United Arab Emirates as a security guard is a desire of many people, but, when you work as the royal guard in this country could be a great choice for your career. Most of the royal guard providers in UAE has opened from the royal family member or the higher rank of the UAE armed forces.

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  2. Dear sir,
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  5. Your job resignation period is longer than Royal guard requirement brother. The resignation or retirement period of the candidates of the royal ward should not exceed 1 year.

  6. How long has it been since you resigned from the Nepalese Army? The resignation or retirement period of the candidates should not longer than 1yr.

  7. Hlo my dear sr I’m atmaram panti from nepal ex army ,35 years old how to process your company join sr,can you inform any security opportunity thank you so much

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    • brother, for the royal guard your job resignation time should not be longer than 6 month i hope you are already crossed this limit thank you.

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