Security guard Salary in UAE and Dubai.

SIRA guard salary, psbd guard salary, pscod guard salay

The security guard’s salary in UAE depends on the system that you are working under. There are two types of security regulations in the United Arab Emirates which are as follows;

  1. PSCOD (Private Security Company Organization Department) was formerly known as PSBD, but it has now changed its name to ASSD.
  2. SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) formally recognized DPS.

Before the year 2000, practically all cleaning companies provided cleaning and security services to their clients because there was no specific security legislation in the country, therefore people assumed the cleaning and security services were equivalent.

Still, today the majority of the security companies provide cleaning services because they have been doing these types of business for many years. But, there is a pragmatic difference between the past and the present.

Why was security regulation required?

In the past, there was no difference between a cleaner and a security guard. The same person worked as a security guard in one company but he or she could work as a cleaner in another organization.

A person could work as a cleaner during the day and a security guard at night; this was common practice throughout the country.

A company could either assign its employees cleaning or security duties. The widespread presence of non-professional personnel in the security industry created significant concern for national and international organizations.

While an inexperienced security guard would be unable to meet the client’s expectations. The communities, on the other hand, did not feel comfortable despite the presence of a security guard in their neighborhood.

It was very essential for the UAE Government to address this issue, therefor a new security regulation was announced in 2002 in Abu Dhabi and followed by the other emirates after then.

After forming the PSBD for the private Security companies. The basic salary is also defined by the government.

Since then all the security guards working under the PSBD (Private Security Busines Department) started getting the same basic salary.

But Dubai the largest province in the UAE did not follow the PSBD security regulation but rather created its department.

That’s the result the DPS was created and the salary also remains low compared to the PSBD. Now both departments have changed their name to PSCOD and SIRA respectively.

How much salary does a Security guard get paid in UAE?

Even though the basic salary among the PSBD guards from any company remains equal. But, Overtime pay and other allowances are different. It depends on the company’s seriousness about the employees’ welfare.

The SIRA or DPS guards are allowed to work only in Dubai and also have the same pattern of salary as PSBD guards.

Basic salary is equal but overtime and allowances have huge differences from company to company both in PSCOD and SIRA guard.

When other states followed the PSBD rules but Dubai could not afford the salary of the security guards as much as the PSBD. The main reason was the financial crisis in Dubai in 2008.

In 2017 Dubai also increased the security guard salary and rewrote the security regulation as a result SIRA was formed.

Just like other counties. UAE’s private security guard also works 8hrs plus 4hrs overtime per day and 26days per month. let’s overlook the salary structure of security guards in the UAE.

Learn more about PSCOD security guards.

Learn more about the SIRA security guard.

Security guard Salary in UAE



Security guard salaries in Abu Dhabi and other emirates has shown in the below chart;


psbd guard salary

The salary for the PSCOD guard 26days*12hrs per day is AED 2770. But when they work on off-days. The different company has a different calculation method so, some companies pay AED3150+ and other pay AED3400+ for a full month or 30days salary.

DPS or SIRA guard salary

The current Dubai security guard salary is shown in the chart below;

SIRA guard salary

The SIRA licensed security guards who work only in Dubai their basic salary+bonus is AED1440 for 26dys and 8hrs. Including 4hrs OT per day, they get the salary AED2260 for 26days and 12hrs. If they work 30days without the off they can earn AED2400+ depending on the company.

Security guard companies in UAE offer free accommodation and uniforms to their employees.

Security personnel is also entitled to 2 months’ vacation with a basic salary and a two-way ticket every two years. Healthcare bonuses and other allowances always come under company law and regulation.

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