nurse salary in dubai per month


The United Arab Emirates’ healthcare system is among the best in the world. Health professions are the highest-paying careers in the UAE, in this article, you will learn the nurse salary in Dubai per month.

The HAAD (Abu Dhabi Health Authority), DHA (Dubai Health Authority), and MOH (Ministry of Health) are the institutions responsible for issuing licenses, supervising, and taking action against healthcare professionals and companies who violates the rules.

There are various government and commercial hospitals, clinics, and medical care centers that provide healthcare services to UAE Nationals, Dubai residents,  tourists, and international patients.

As Dubai boasts world-class healthcare facilities, a sufficient number of healthcare personnel in hospitals and other medical facilities is required. As a result, there is still a high demand for medical professionals, particularly Registered Nurses.

In the United Arab Emirates, a registered nurse’s salary depends on their nationality, experience, and skills. UAE nationals are paid at a higher rate than foreigners. The popular skills that determine your income are;

Nurse Salary in Dubai per month

  1. Nurse in Medicine and Surgery = The Average salary per month = AED 5855
  2. Critical care nurse = The Average salary per month = AED 6,877
  3. Nurse in Labor & Delivery, Birthing = The Average salary per month = AED 5,000
  4. Emergency Room (ER) nurse = the Average salary per month = AED 7,202
  5. Nurse in acute care = the Average salary per month = AED 4,913

Foreign nationals recently hired as nurses in any medical facility in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates may not get their full salary until they obtain a health professional license from the HAAD in Abu Dhabi and the DHA in Dubai.

To obtain a license from HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi) and DHA (Dubai Health Authority), you must pass the examination. Your employer company can apply for the test, or individuals can obtain the license by applying themselves.

I’ve observed healthcare facilities in Dubai hire nurses from all over the world by giving a starting salary of between AED 3,000 and AED 5,000.

Based on these contexts, the income for registered nurses in Dubai is as follows;

  1. Average = 5,108 AED,
  2. Low salary = 3,000 AED,
  3. Highest salary = 10,250 AED.

In addition to the salary listed above, nurses receive various benefits such as paid vacation, overtime, service gratuities, and health insurance etc. These benefits will be granted in accordance with UAE labor regulations.

Registered nurses in government hospitals earn more than their counterparts at Dubai’s private hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The salaries shown above apply not only to Dubai, but also across the United Arab Emirates.

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