How to check medical test report in UAE?

UAE medical report

Medical test report – Thousands of expat workers who come in UAE they need to go for a medicinal test in their country before they allow to enter the UAE. The main reason for the medical test is to prevent the people who have suffered from contagious disease.

Expats screen mainly for contagious diseases, including tuberculosis, hepatitis B and HIV/Aids at approved medical centers.

With those who test positively refused to enter this country by denying to issue the visa against them. They also go for another confirmatory re-tests once they are in the country.

Only the foreign employees who submit the medical test report along with the visa application. They get the entry permit for UAE otherwise the application can be rejected.

The UAE has long been very tough about disease control, as they have many workers coming in from other countries such as India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Africa, Arab and western countries.

These workers carry two risks: firstly, transmission, and secondly, a burden on the health system.

Resident expats needing to renew their visas require to undergo the medical test at the authorized medical centre. But not have to undergo the hepatitis tests, and workers diagnosed with the disease will no longer be deported.

What is the process?

If you are on a work visa your company may apply for the medical test on behalf of you, but if you are going to apply yourself then hereby some steps to follow.

  1. Visit one of the medical check-up centres.
  2. Submit the required documents.
  3. Pay the fees.
  4. Go to the designated medical check-up room for the category you fall under.
  5. Receive a card indicating the application number.
Required Documents 
  • Valid passport (Original+photo copy)
  • Entry permit (Original+photo copy)
Fees to pay

The medical test fee can be different when the government changes the policy, therefore, visit the haad website to get the updated fees.

  • Residence visa medical check-up certificate = AED 250
  • Hepatitis B vaccine (for specific categories) = AED 50

After 48hrs of completing the medical test, you can check your medical report status online using your application number.

Click here to check your medical report online then enter your application number.

medical test




Enter your Unified ID and hit on the search button. The report will show immediately.

In conclusion: To check your medical report online in UAE is easy and straightforward but if your medical test is done in Dubai there is not an option to check it online.

To get the information about your medical test in Dubai, you have to Visit the medical check-up centre within the period stated on the receipt to pick up your medical certificate.

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