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Dubai is the autonomous emirates of the UAE. It has developed is own system while the other 5 emirates (provinces) have implemented the federal government system to provides the services to the public. Are you looking for an idea about the Dubai visa medical test result online? If yes then let me explain it.

The Dubai Health Authority  (DHA) has the responsibility of screening all foreign laborers entering Dubai for work along with the foreign nationals who have applied the residency visa for Dubai.

Whether issuing the new visa or renewal, all foreign nationals need to go for a medical fitness center to acquire the medical fitness certificate and submit to the UAE immigration together with the visa application.

 How to apply Medical fitness application online?

There are two ways you can apply for medical fitness screening in Dubai.

  1. Application Online

  2. Offline via typing center.

  1. Application online:

This is the eServices, you can use for your medical fitness application to the Dubai Health Authority available only for corporations not for the individual. Go to the DHA website application submission page through this link.

      • Click on the apply Icon
      • If you are a new user click on the “register with us” and the existing users can log in with your user name and passport.
      • Now go over the first option user type and check the Corporate box
      • Click on the corporate information detail Enter your company detail and press Next button
      • You will now in the contact information where you should provide your company information and click the Next button.
      • On the Attachment, you need to upload the required documents and go over the next option
      • Guidelines,  on this option, check the box read and understand guidelines.
      • Read the term and condition then
      • Review your application and
      • The last option is OTP verification, You can receive it via text on your phone or by email. You should have to enter this code for verification and the user will be created.
      • DHA-registration
      • Log in the DHA website: Once you create your account, you need to log in for the further process.
      • Apply Now: you need to enter your employee information and add the necessary documents for the appointment of health screen.
      • Check email notification: You may receive an e-mail with the date of the appointment if the application is checked and accepted.

2. Application via typing center;

This method is available for both organizations and individuals, you have to contact with a DHA verified typing center and provide the necessary documents. They will print the online form and process for fitness screening with a duly filled form. When you get the date for a medical check-up you will get notify the reference number or the typing center will provide you.

Essential Documents

You must bring the following documents to the medical fitness center in Dubai when you are coming.

  • Reference Number
  • Original passport or photo passport copy
  • identification card (for UAE residents)
  • Residence permit copy (If you are the UAE resident)
  • Current active telephone number
  • the personal pictures that do not exceed three months with a white background.

What to do In the medical fitness screening center?

  • Pay the fee at the designated counter and keep the slip with you.
  • Kindly keep the request form and present it if any counter requires.
  • If you are male please wear a cotton shirt without buttons or graphics you no need to take off for x-rays,

Note: HBV vaccination is compulsory for the following six categories and you should pay separately the charge rate is AED 40.

      • Nannies.
      • Housemaids or similar categories.
      • Workers in hairdresser salons, beauty centers, and health clubs.
      • Nursery and Kindergarten supervisors.
      • Workers in food handling, processing, and food control authorities.
      • Workers in cafeterias and restaurants.

Note: You should check your email and phone number are correct or not because these are very important, you will get text notification and email notification all the way to complete the residency procedures ate GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs)

How to check Medical report Dubai?

Sorry guys do not think my blog title has misled you, I wrote this blog because you will not search again and again for Dubai visa medical test result online. The medical certificate which valid for 3 months you can collect it from Dubai medical fitness center within 5 working days.

Conclusion: Although most of the Dubai government services are available you can not check Dubai visa medical test results online. If your medical has done in other emirates click here how to check online.

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