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If you are searching for information regarding the security guard salary in Malaysia or how much a security guard may earn in a month, you have come to the right place. In this post, I will discuss the minimum, median, and maximum pay for security personnel in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the industrial nations in East Asia. Although the country’s economy is mostly based on rubber production, several international companies operate manufacturing and assembly facilities in this country.

There are different types of international companies, including Hi-tech, manufacturing, aviation, and logistics, the majority of which are located in the industrial zone in various regions of the country.

As the country’s industrial sector expanded, the government became tougher in requiring security firms to follow the country’s Private Agencies Act of 1971.

Any organization that wants to provide security-related services must first obtain approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA).

Malaysia employs millions of migrant laborers from Asia, Africa, and other East Asian countries in the manufacturing, construction, rubber plantations, and hotel sectors.

The Malaysian government has allowed only Nepalese and Malaysian citizens to work in the security profession due to the frequent criminal acts perpetrated by other nationals in the past.

What is the security guard’s salary in Malaysia?

The salary of a security guard in Malaysia has been influenced by the country’s labor law because there is no specific salary for private security guards.

If the country’s minimum wage increases the security guard’s salary is also impacted, so, here is the breakdown;

  • Basic Salary:  RM 1100
  • 4hrs overtime per day = 120 hrs per month.

Before we go into the security guard wage in Malaysia, I believe there are a few vital points to consider.

  1. The security guard in Malaysia works 12 hours a day,
    • including 8 hours of normal working
    • and 4 hours of overtime.
  2. According to the country’s labor law every week, the employer should provide a day of rest, but you may need to work seven consecutive days on the ground, there is a lack of supervision on the implementation of labor law in the country.
  3. According to the country’s overtime law, companies should pay 50% extra during regular working days and double if someone works on the rest day.
  4. If the company makes any employees work on a public holiday, it shall pay triple over the ordinary working hours.
  5. But the security company pays you only a 50% higher salary on regular pay regardless of the public holiday or your rest day.

Based on the information provided above, I believe you can estimate your pay as a security guard in Malaysia.

Salary breakdown;

Basic salary = RM 1,100 for 8 hrs

One hour wage = 1100/31*8 = RM 4.43

Per hour OT extra 50% = 4.43+(4.43*50/100)= RM 6.64

Total Overtime hours in a month =30*4hrs = 120 hrs.

Your Total Salary = Basic+ overtime

 (1100 + 120*6.64) = 1896

The average security guard wage in Malaysia is RM 1896; however, some companies count overtime over the course of 30 days per month; if this is the case, their income may exceed RM 2000.

Although Malaysian police are responsible for monitoring security guards on duty, they are unconcerned about salary implementation.

However similar roles in the workplace the Nepali security guard’s salary in Malaysia is less than the local Malaysian security guard.

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