How to pass Sira physical fitness test in Dubai?

Sira physical fitness test

After a week of theoretical and practical training, security guard trainees need to pass the various physical assessments at the SIRA (Security Regulatory Authority) cadres training center before taking the written exam.  The Sira physical fitness test in Dubai is divided into five categories.

To get a security guard license in Dubai, trainees must pass both physical and written exams.

If you do not have a SIRA license in Dubai, you are not permitted to work as a security guard, and not any security company will hire you until you have a valid license.

Sira Dubai physical test process;

  1. For the physical fitness test, the trainees must attend the Security Cadres Training Center in Dubai at 6.30 a.m.
  2. The instructor will ensure that attendance and other documents are as pre-explained.
  3. In addition, the Instructor will explain how the test will be done.
  4. The test will start at 8 am in the presence of qualified trainers.
  5. Five security guard candidates give the test at the same time.
  6. The SIRA’s medical team will be on standby at the test site.

Details of Sira’s physical fitness test

  • Test fee: AED 100
  • Test Language: Arabic / English
  • Test Period: 1 day
  • Timing: Morning

  • You need to run from one red line to another, and finish the red line on the beeping sound. You should run back to the starting point as soon as you hear the beep. You must do it again and again until the instructor has stopped you.
  • You would get three chances, if you fail one time get another chance, and if you fail again will get the final chance.
  • If you cannot complete it in three chances then you fail the test.
  • 4.9 (MALE) / 3.5 (FEMALE) is the level required to PASS this test.
  • You can only participate in another test if you pass the beep test; otherwise, the test is meaningless.
  1. (Horizontal Jump Test)

  • When you complete the beeping test, you are on to a jump test.
  • You have to jump a minimum distance of 1.8 meters (MALE) / 1.6 meters (FEMALE).
  • You would get 2 chances, one-time fail gets another chance, and fail in both changes considering you fail the whole training.
  1. (Sled Push Test)

  • In this test, you should push the wheel weight of 30 kg within 4 seconds for MALE and 15 kg wheel within 5 seconds for FEMALE for a distance of 10 meters.
  • You get another opportunity for this test.
  1. (Sled Pull Test)

  • Here in this test, you need to pull the wheel weight of 30kg within 6 seconds for males and 15kg wheel within 7 seconds for females for a distance of 10 meters.
  • You get another opportunity for this test.
  1. (Sprinting Test)

  • This is the final test in other words it is running,
  • The male trainee needs to cross the 35m in 6 seconds. and the female candidates should cross the 35m within 8 seconds.

A security guard trainee in Dubai should pass all five stages of the Sira physical fitness test.

Bring the relevant documentation with you when you go to the SIRA cadre academy for the examination since the instructor may not allow you to take the exam if you do not have the necessary documents.

A candidate who passes the physical test will be given the opportunity to take the written exam, so you should practice those tests before taking the real one because practice makes perfect.

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