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Basic security guard training Unit 2 Lesson (E)

Communication is a channel in which People deliver their thoughts, feelings, and emotion to others. Not only this but also mutual understanding is required.

Categories of communication.

Although there are many types of communication that use to convey the message in a different situation. Here are some important categories of communication that you should familiar with.

  1. None verbal – (gestures, body language, facial expressions, eye contact etc).
  2. Verbal – (word of the mouth, speaking with someone)
  3. Written communication – (Convey message through writing)
  4. Business – (Formal communication related to business such as speech-writing, customer-client relations, and internal/employee communications).
  5. Political – (political communication is one of the most fitting tools in political tactic)
  6. Family – (communication with intimacy and a trusting relationship)
  7. Interpersonal – (face-to-face communication between two (or more) people. Both verbal and nonverbal communication, or body language).

Effective communication is a skill being able to give someone. The right message, in the right way and ensure it understood as intended.

As a security guard, we have to rely on a common method of communication to achieve greater communication at all time.

What are the methods of a security guard uses for communication?

  • verbal contact
  • radio communication
  • communication on telephone
  • physical or mechanical signal
  • and written communication.
For effective communication, there are some general rules to follow either verbal or non-verbal communication
  • be brief
  • be explicit
  • concise
  • make sure everybody understands you.
  • Don’t antagonize

To carry on good communication and deliver the right message properly you should have adequate vocabulary. It is a good idea to use the same language with the people around you that enable others to understand your message easily.

Although the general rules are to apply for effective communication, here are some things to observe for person to person contact.

  1. Look at the person you are communicating with;
  2. Smile and be courteous;
  3. Do not use expressions if you are not certain of their meaning;
  4. Do not try to impress by using words and phrases the other person does not understand.
effective communication how to achieve? 

On your duty, effective communication is an important skill you should use when interacting with someone.

Security guard requires to communicate with the people from different background, culture, and language.

Since the security personnel is the first person to respond to the visitor, vendor and general public on their duty. Most importantly you should learn and practice effective communication skills while performing your duty.

The barrier of Effective communication

There is not any guarantee that you would attain effective communication with everyone you interact at your duty place. Even you are skillful on effective communication you can fail to achieve it because it influences by many factors.

Here I have mentioned below some facts that affect effective communication.

  1. Your attitude– expecting a positive response from someone depends on your behavioral activities. The personal conflict with somebody brings refusal or delay ineffective communication. Hence, a positive attitude toward the listener or speaker is a good idea for you to complete a higher level of communication.
  2. Difficult word and phrase– if you speak with difficult words, the receiver may not understand the meaning of the words and phrase that you have used. The reason for that he or she may understand in a different way with a different meaning. Some words with same voice have different meaning should not use because it gives the different message to them.
  3. Linguistic barrier– The language that you use to communicate to the person may not understand because of different language speakers.
  4. Phycological barrier– People may feel discomfort for communication cause of phycological reason that includes health illness, poor eyes sights and poor hearing.
  5. Gender barrier– There are many factors which affect the effective communication between the two genders. Some specific word may be used to genderwise but when you use the specific words that suppose to use for male but you use for female instead. it can cause to the problem of effective communication.
  6. cultural barrier– The communication influenced by the cultural differences among the group of people. The specific tribal, religion and different group of people have a different belief. For example, in the Muslim country, you may have a barrier to talk frankly with women. Hence, as the security guard understanding the cultural aspect help you to have effective communication with a different group of people.
So, as a security guard, you must not forget the following points to have effective communication.
  • Good communication can be set up by being present and though clearly, presenting the right message, speaking confidently and listening
  • A security guard should not become the center of attention
  • Good listening is an important as good speaking
  •  Good listening includes focusing on what is being said, watching the speaker, asking the question as being sympathetic.
  • The thing that can break down communication include cultural differences in language
  • Dealing with difficult people is part of the job of being a security guard
  • An answer may not correct when dealing with negative contact.
  •  Try to prevent a situation from happening by being willing to help, explain when and not making assumptions about customers
  • You can turn the situation by acting  professionally, confidence in your work and you can turn a situation around by acting professionally, being confident in your work, and trying to solve problems before they become bigger
Although effective communication is so important for the security guard they should learn other skill to achieve effective communication in the workplace For all lesson click here

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