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security awareness observation skills

 Security guard basic training Unit 2 Lesson (A)

Security awareness is the knowledge and attitude of the security personnel to protect the physical and informational property of the organization. The point is that security officers always perform the tasks related to the protection of the things that require security.

Being security awareness means you understand that there are some people accidentally or deliberately steal, damage and misuse the company assets in your site.

A security guard who is aware of surrounding can accomplish the tasks, as the company and client’s expectation.

The security awareness in your site means you should aware of.
  1. The situation can change from time to time.
  2. Aware of the access and exit points.
  3. The place where the hazardous material stored.
  4. Location of a valuable asset.
  5. The fire defence system and equipment.
  6. The emergency planning and responding method.
  7. The area out of the CCTV and alarm coverage.
The important things need to be remembered.
  • Security guards need to remain aware of the surroundings
  • The key to awareness is Knowledge.
  • Problem-solving depends on awareness.
  • Good security awareness prevents crime.
  • Part of the role of the security guard is to assess an event and decide whether itis routine or require action.
Crime prevention:

crime is an illegal act which somebody can be punishable by the government particularly a gross violation of the law. The part of the security guard job is to prevent or discourage criminal activities in the society.

Although the security guards are not the police officers, they work with state or federal police for preventing the crime and offences which brings the cost of lives, cost of wealth and cost of harmony in the society.

Security guards are considered the police of the organization where they have assigned for duty. Mainly security department of the company responsible for enforcing the rules and regulation, in addition, it maintains the peaceful environment for the employees and the owner of the establishment.

The part of the security guard job is to prevent the crime which achieves from security awareness. A security guard prevents crime by six things as following.

  1. Being Aware Of
  2. Making Suggestions
  3. Being Visible
  4. Taking Of People
  5. Sharing Information
  6. Good Notes And Reports
Observation skills
The important part of security awareness is a good observation skill. Observing is not only seeing something but also understand what you have seen. You must observe the surrounding area carefully.

If any object, you had seen before and now has changed the condition or If you saw the unusual activities close to your boundary, as a security guard you must take the appropriate action.

The fundamental points associated with observation skill.
  • Observation skill allows to us gather the information that is useful, understand what we have seen, and use that information as needed.
  • One of the basic roles of private security is to observe and report
  • Not all observations need to be share, only those which impact on the security of client or customers.
  • Observation skill can be reactive or proactive
  • Take notes as soon as possible, about an event that you observe.

Proactive Observation: This is an observation method in which you observe surrounding in advance to prevent something to happen. The proactive observation is better than reactive but it takes time for a security guard to improve proactive observation skills.

Because of the more efficient in terms of avoiding or reducing the loss of life and property, proactive observation is most important for the professional security guard. Being proactive means anticipating problems, seeking new solutions and doing your best to prevent before happening.

Reactive observation: This observation skill influences the environment and outside forces. However, if there is a sudden incident, we have no other choice than reacting on the spot. Reacting observation means you discovered something that already happened and react thereafter.

How to improve observation skills.

The observation is a skill that can learn and improve in the matter of time. When you see something you should keep the vital aspect only, in your mind, later on, base on the fact we can draw the entire frame of the incident. Here are some tips to practise to improve your observation skills.

  1. Understand the subject more than you have seen.
  2. Look outward and focus on the people, objects, animals, plants, and buildings around you.
  3. Try focus on the things in places such as in your home, duty place, shopping mall grocery etc.
  4. Improve your concentration by cutting off the distraction things like radio, mobile phone etc.
  5. Play the game with your memory. Describe the photo or anything in your room without watching them which help to improve your memorization skills.
  6. Note down what you have a lookout.
  7. Practise not to remember everything that you had observed, the only vital issue is important.
  8. Ask questions yourself regarding the observed object and try to describe each of the points.
  • What did you see? (Name of the object, colour, size, or shape)
  • Where was the object? (The place-name as well how was it placed compared to the other object surrounding it).
  • What kinds of sounds were going on around you?
  • What types of sensations did you feel?
  • Who was there? ( The people, their wearing and their doing)

Security awareness can achieve through good observation skill that’s why a security guard must know all of the security-related matter in the worksite. Practise the proactive observation method helps you to detect the crime before someone committed it.

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