Integrity is an important quality of security guard


Basic security guard training Unit 1 Lesson (G)

Integrity is the most important quality professional security guards have. The integrity is an inner guideline which tells how to react positively to the outside world. A person who has the value of integrity he is respectful, reliable, honest and principled.

The most important elements of the integrity are respectful, reliable and honest lets outlook how the integrity influences your daily duty.

When you are respectful?

When you exercise the following four points on your duty. It brings the positive response and respect form the co-workers, employers and the general public.

  1. You like yourself and treat yourself well

2. You treat others as you treat yourself

3. When you understand that it is important to follow laws and orders

4. When you respect the property of others.

When you are reliable?

A security guard job, in an organization, is the most trusty position. That’s the reason the valuable property, VIP people and sensitive information are left on the hand of the security guard for protection. You should be always reliable to win the trust of the people so, do the following to be reliable person;

  1. Perform your duties to the best of your ability

2. Take control of the situation and stay calm in emergencies;

3. Be on time when arrive and leave

4. Share information with guards on other shifts.

When you are honest?

Another significant quality a security guard must have is honesty.  If you are honest everyone believes you and expect the positive result from your action. These following things show that you are honest;

  1. you tell the truth;

2. When you take responsibility for your actions, instead of blaming others

3. you can be trusted to keep information to yourself.

4. Be sincere to others.

When you are principled?

If You are the principled person you have a moral of speaking about the right and wrong with either junior or senior position in an organization. These things show you are principled;

  1. you believe in treating everyone fairly

2. you speak out if you see someone being treated unfairly.

Additionally, a professional security guard also has self-control and discipline. Some people may criticize you because of your uniform which represents authority.

If you are angry at that point the situation would go worse beyond the horizon. So, you should stay calm in an emergency that’s the reason the other people who had frightened turn to your guidance.

If you are disciplined.

1.  shows strong self-control, even when challenged

2. remain calm under stress

3. follow procedures with little or no supervision

4. you are well-organized a carry out your duties with care

5. do not become involved in any gossip in your workplace

6. enforce the rules and procedures at your site no matter who is involved



“Accepting favor or a security courtesy” means a security guard obtain something from the third party with free of charge.  Someone or businesses out of your company can offer you including gift, money, food, goods or other property for partisan services.

Accepting anything from the third party will damage the security guard decision-making ability when it comes to the individual or business from whom they had received the gift or any other things.

This can make very difficult for the security guard to act with impartiality without the favor of someone or biased. Cause of that the public trust and support toward the entire security industry can affect in general.

A wrong decision not only blames the particular security officer but also your fellows’ officer, your company and whole security industries from the eyes of the public.

Hence, stay away from these types of activities in your workplace which can cause the damaging reputation of the security industry as a whole.

In summary: –

A security guard demonstrates an act with integrity by doing the following things;

  • Obey all work site rules and regulation.
  • Respect all law either federal or provincial government.
  • Be reliable, punctual, and professional at all time
  • Carry out all duties in a professional manner.
  • When you are given a wok to do, do it in time.

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  1. You made a good point when you said that a security guard must have integrity because that means they’re respectful, reliable, honest, and have a good set of principles. My friend, Yohan, plans to earn his license to become a security guard soon. I’ll send this article to him later because I believe he would like to read this. Thanks!

  2. Integrity sure is the biggest quality in a security guard. He/she should know how to put other people’s safety before their own safety. They should be totally ready to face any danger and always stay active to keep assessing possible dangers.