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security guard teamwork

security guard basic training Unit 1 Lesson (F)

Teamwork is a collaborative effort of the team members for achieving the common goal. It can happen everywhere when a group of people work together within the greater team framework for accomplishing a task.

Either in an industrial organization or in a sports team, the teamwork is important for communication, interaction and collaboration among the team members.

When it comes to the security industry, a higher level of teamwork requires between the security personnel to protect people, property and information.

The important points a security guard need to remember.
  • Good teamwork is working towards a common goal
  • Remember the importance of good teamwork
  • Teamwork can happen whether you are working in a group or alone.
  • Remember the 4 ‘C’s of teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, creativity, and clarity
  • Working as a team means working in cooperation towards a common goal.
  • Teamwork is an effective way to get the job done
  • Working as a team means working in cooperation towards a common goal.
“A security guard is never alone there is always a team either right there or in the background.”
Why good teamwork is important?

It establishes a bond between co-workers, then the better you know the co-workers the more likely you are to help each other.

Teamwork is important because:
  1.  It abounds between co-worker.
  2.  It is a more effective way to get the work done. (Working together means more ideas are put to a job.)
  3. It gets a job done quicker. (More helps usually means more Part of a job can be done at the same time).
  4.  It present professionalism (If a client sees guards working together, it presents a favourable image of the company.)
How to achieve teamwork?

It can achieve by practising four “C” among the team member.

  1. COLLABORATION: it is a process of two or more people working together to achieve a common goal. In other words, it is a group of the effort involves listening to everyone in a group not just listening to the loudspeaker.
  2. COOPERATION: each other and works together as a group rather than individually
  3. CREATIVITY: Accept some ideas may sound unusual a first, but there may be part of an idea that is useable. Different personal has a different creative mind so, listen to each and analysing them if they are appropriate to accomplish the task.
  4. CLARITY: know what the goal of your task is, without clarity the answer might not befit the question. Each team member needs to know their role and responsibility on a team.

A security guard is never alone even though he or she performing a single duty on their site.

The basic things that require in teamwork.
  • Open communication to avoid conflicts.
  • Effective coordination to avoid confusion and the overstepping of boundaries.
  • Efficient cooperation to perform the tasks in a timely manner and produce the required results, especially in the form of workload sharing.
  • High levels of interdependence to maintain high levels of trust, risk-taking, and performance.

You may be working alone in your post but there are many people behind you or in the background. You can contact your company supervisor if you need anything or require to inform something.

The client representative is always ready to listen to you. The country or local police are behind you for working together to prevent the crime or apprehend the criminal.

Without teamwork, the security guard can’t fulfil his or her job responsibility. Just like above either there are members in your worksite or you are alone. The teamwork can gain directly or indirectly to achieve the common goal which is the protection of people, property and information for the security guard.

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