public and private security role to keep the nation safer.

public and private security

Basic security guard training Unit 1 Lesson (A)

Public and private security services are available in all nations around the globe. The government is responsible for public security, while private security firms may protect private properties.

For the last decade, the private security industry is the fastest growing business in the world.

Many countries are fighting against crime because radicalization has been the most challenging thing to take under control in the country.

The country has a police department to deal with criminal activities but it has extensive pressure for public safety and security with limited resources.

The shrinking budgetary of the defense sector has affected the police for hiring the additional manpower and acquisition of the equipment contrary to the blasting population and increasing crime rate in the world.

Therefore to fill the widening gap between the police services and their demand. Many countries have allowed private security industries to play roles in the public sector.

The police may not have access all the time everywhere in the country.  Private security companies protect the clients’ property and inform the police if any crime is happening.

There is much evidence that the police have apprehended the criminal with the help of security guards.

That is why private security industries have become an important part of the police force in the country.

Some countries have gone further bringing the security companies and personnel under police supervision.

Generally, there is two division of security public and private.
  1. Public security:

The public security agencies are municipal, provincial, and federal police forces. The polices department of the country was founded by the government and function in the public interest for creating a safe and secure environment for the communities without any charges.

The four primary objectives of the police are
  • Preserve and protect life
  • Preserve and protect properly
  • Enforcement of laws
  • Investigations

Police function in the country

  1. Traffic
  2. Guarding
  3. CID-Investigations
  4. Immigrant
  5. Air &sea security
  6. Major event security

The public security agencies have granted sweeping power for arrest, investigation, and use of force that is not recognized by the private security guards and the general public.

2. Private security:

Privates security agencies are significantly different than public security because they function in the client’s interest rather than the public.

The private security company provides the security services to the clients in the exchange for a fee.

Private security personnel does not have the same powers as public security officers in terms of detention, arrest, search, and seizure.

Private security practices:
  • Uniform Guards
  • Event security
  • VIP protection
  • Security patrols
  • Resident security
  • Commercial security
Security protection- common solutions
  • Building/perimeter protection (Fence/Walls/Door)
  • Alarm/surveillance system (Alarm devices/CCTV cameras)
  • Fire prevention and control (Automatic Detector & Extinguishing system)
  • Emergency & Disaster planning
  • Accident prevention & safety rules
Common duties of the security guard.
  • Protect building, Ground, Contents, Occupants, and Visitors
  • Enforce the rules and regulations of the worksite.
  • Direct traffic (people & Vehicle)
The roles of the private security guard

As a security guard, you have to play various types of roles to protect people, property, and information but these roles are related to a variety of people.

  1. security guard roles to the employer:

As a security guard, you have to be responsible for the protection of your employer’s life and his/her properties by doing the following things.

  • The first role with your employer is to be Responsible for making every effort to ensure the protection of premises and the property from verities of man-made and natural threats.
  • Preventing, detecting, and reacting against a criminal activity with appropriate measures against the property and employees.
  • Make your employer or client have confidence that you would not lose any business in the name of insecurity.
2. Security guard roles to the public:- 

Normally a security guard assigned the duty to protect the public from being injury and loss in an event.

When you are deployed for a public event you are responsible to make sure the protection of the general public.

In addition as a security guard, you should help the police by downgrading the crime in the country.

  • You should communicate with the police or law enforcement agency in the necessary for arresting or detaining someone for the investigation.
  • The security guard can play the supplement role to the police doing the preliminary investigation or securing the crime scene until the police arrive.
  • The security guard and security industry are valuable resources for the police for gathering evidence and information.
  • In an emergency, people turn to the security guard because they look to security personnel as leaders for helping them in an emergency. So, it is very important for you to respond to the emergency professionally.
  • A security guard also knows the information to help the emergency personnel in case of an emergency. For example, directing the firefighter’s best way to go to the fire’s location of the building. Without the security guard, it may be confusing to find out the way to reach the scene of a fire and find out the location where the industrial accident happened.
  • A security guard has to pass the information to the police when a criminal investigation going on. In the court hearing, you should follow the proper procedure to identify the accused and testify the evidence.
3. security guard roles to ownself:-

You should recognize that you are professional in your career. As you have tremendous responsibilities to protect the people and property and information consequently you must act in a serious and responsible manner while performing the duty.

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