Writing a Notebook, how should it draft.

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Basic security guard training Unit 1 Lesson (C)

Writing a notebook- The objective of good note-taking is to enable the writer to record the daily occurrence incidents in their notebook accurately and concisely. In this lesson, you would learn why the notebook is important for security personnel. And how it turns into an integral part of their equipment.

During the course of their duties, the security guards have to deal with various types of situation and people. The reported accuracy is inevitable in the provision of testimony at the trail. Since the note-taking helps to write a good security report It becomes invaluable tools for the security guard.

If you take note while the incident happening. You can reference the precise time in security report which mostly uses as evident in the court hearing.

The purpose of writing a notebook.

The purpose of writing a notebook can be many but here are some important ones as following.

  1. To recall the detail and provide accurate testimony.

The notebook is very important for remembering something and giving accurate testimony in the court. The considerable amount of information gathers in a notebook such as the location, time, description of the things, in addition, name and address of the witnesses.

If these types of things aren’t noted down as soon as possible they may never be accurate and completely remember.

Furthermore, the passes of the time erode your memory. The time-lapse between the incident occurred and the trail is usually at least five to six months. If you have not recorded the incident in the notebook you can forget the critical things.

If you do not remember event sequence your answer will end at “I don’t remember” “I don’t know” “I have no idea” etc. Remember, the judge and jury do not impress with you because of the vague remembrance of the incident. In this point your credibility is stake.

2. To demonstrate your work and ability. 

Many people can read your notebooks such as your supervisor, manager, client representative, police, lawyer and judge. By reviewing your notebook they can judge your ability to the work as a security guard.

Remember, the good notebook and report support your credibility in contrary to the poorly written notebook which represents your sloppiness at the profession.

An efficient and well-organized notebook always reflects your organizational skills and ability. The relevance things that you have noted on the notebook shows your knowledge of law and offence that you had dealt with. The quality of the notebook evaluates the effort that you have put in your work.

3. Notes are used to write a report.

The notes allow you to write a complete security report because they provide the chain of events that took place meanwhile the incident happened. Your comprehensive report should base on the notes that you have recorded in your notebook.

The security report is written after the incident happened. You may forget the sequence of the events that you have seen in the incident if it is not recorded timely.

If you note down the small points of the scene at the incident the whole picture of the happening comes into your mind at the time of writing the security report.

4. To aid for investigation. 

The notebook helps you to organize the material that you have accumulated. Putting the notes in chronical order may assist you in writing the security report. The police can use your notebook’s facts for their investigation.

It can’t believe that the people you deal today may be the criminal of tomorrow. So, writing the notebook about the person that you have deal can become relevant for the future file.

If the person involved with any wrongdoing and you have noted about his previous actions. It reflects back the person’s past history through your previous notebook and his personal history can be used for the current investigation.

The important things that you should always remember
  • Notebooks are an important tool for the security guard
  • Notebooks should be kept when full
  • Correction should always be made in a notebook in the proper way
  • Do not tear out sections or pages from the notebook.
  • Keep control of your notebook, don’t leave where the general public can access it.
  • Do not use profanity in your notebook
Why the note is important for?
  •  It shows professionalism
  •  It helps you justify your action
  • Noting down is an efficient way to remember
  • your notes may be required by a court
  • It shows you followed proper policies and procedures
Why security guards using the notebook?
  • Ensure accountability
  •  Help you to remember an important event
  •  Helps with writing
  •  Assist others in an investigations
How to write a notebook?
  1. Start with date, day and time.
  2. Keep your notes in chronological order
  3. Include the facts that you have seen or heard and never manipulate.
  4. No pencil entries, no erase and no written over.
  5. Do not write your opinion and guesses.
  6. Do not leave blank spaces, lines or pages in your notebook.
  7. Make sure the entries are legible.
  8. Do not use abbreviations or shorthand
  9. Start each day with a fresh heading.
  10. Record the time and date, weather conditions, location.
  11. The notebook should be completed in the same way every time
  12. Include the nature of the incident
  13. Write base on factual information, such as names and addresses
  14. Draw any diagrams if it is needed.
  15. Include answer of these Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.
What should include in your note? 
  1. Names of the parties involved, including aliases and nicknames, and if possible, addresses, telephone numbers, and dates of birth.
  2. descriptions of individuals (clothing, age, height, weight, sex, the colour of hair and eyes, ears, nose, scars, tattoos or other distinguishing characteristics.
  3. description of the property (serial number, size, damage, colour, make, or other identifying features)
You should write a notebook in the following situation.
  • The time you receive the call.
  • If the complaint made.
  • If the evidence found.
  • When you make statements of the victim.
  • When you observe something that is not usual.
  • At the scene of the incident and accident
  • When the police arrive on your site.
When recording the notebook?

Ans:- When the event is occurring or as soon as possible or after the event.

The sample Notebook writing 

notebook writing

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