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public relation

 security guard basic training Unit 1 Lesson (E)

Public relations is the intentional management and sharing of information between an individual, an organization, and the general public.

PR or public relations is an important communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public.

In other words, it is the task of managing the communication between an organization and its public.

Even though the security guard is not considered a public relations officer (PRO) of the company, he or she should know what, where, and who to communicate with regarding the company’s information.

Public relations is the skill to present an ideal subject in the best possible light,  it will make a significant impact on the ability of your company to attract and keep clients which is ultimately good for you.

Example of good public relations.
  • When possible and within the scope, of your job, do more necessary for the clients or client customers.
  •  Maintaining a friendly relationship with the client and at the same time ensuring that your job is done.
  • Speaking positively about your employer.
  • Speaking positively about your job.
  • Not speaking about other clients. Your client would not want you speaking about them to others.
  • Greeting clients and other customers with a smile
  • Demonstrating that you and your company provide professional product
Integrity and ethic have the quality of
  •  Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Trust: confidence that you will do the right thing.

The clients have selected your company and your company has selected you because they will receive Reliability, Honesty, and Trust.

Reliability, Honesty, and Trust are the qualities a security guard can possess and it is important to have personal and professional integrity.


Part of being reliable, honest, and trustworthy as a security guard is being impartial. It is that you are neutral and unbiased in your work.

  •  That is important that you are neutral and unbiased (balanced) in your work.
  • Having integrity goes along with having ETHICS.

Although the security guard is impartial it is important to have ethnic. The ethic is knowing the difference between good and bad right and wrong and recognizing moral duties and Obligations.

the reason you have ethics:
  1. It can protect you when your actions are questioned.

2.  It can assist you in giving testimony (proof) in court

3.  It gives you higher standing among your colleagues.

4. It is part of professionalism.

5.  It is the best way to do the job.
Misconduct (wrongdoing cusses)                                              
  • Opportunity
  • Peer-pressure
  • Rationalization
  • Frustration

Security guard requires to deal with the general public’s queries and complaints. Whenever talking with the public you should:

  1. polite, courteous, unexcited, and intelligent approach.
  2. Never show signs of trouble, anger, disrespect, dislike, or sarcasm.
  3. Always be business-like and self-controlled.
  4. Be friendly and not proud.
  5. Remain open-minded and analyze the facts.
  6. Give an explanation where appropriate, don’t trap into a fight or argue over an issue outside your control.
  7. Think you are a civilian and don’t show signs of authority, especially dealing with difficult people and situations.
  8. When addressing people use Mr., Ms., Sir, Mam, etc.
  9. Avoid profanity, insults, and humiliating terms.
  10. exercise the word like “please” “thank you” or other amenities of ordinary speech.
  11. If unavoidable only use the force that should be least, not excessive and justifiable.
  12. Appear confident and knowledgeable.

The security guard is the first person to interact with visitors, vendors, and members of the general public who come to the organization.

Therefore it is important for you to start a conversation properly and show the sign that you’re going to assist them instead of tough.

Avoid giving the impression to the people that you’re a continuing threat to them. If they don’t see, you are a threat, treat you back-friendly instead of hostile.

Although, you are a professional in your job you may encounter people who react strongly or discourteously. In this situation, you should be confident and handle the situation cautiously.

Some security guard displays a tough and hard attitude in dealing with the public. This creates a bad impression and individual characterizes this approach as aggressive, arrogant, insolent, and proud.

If you leave this kind of character you could go into a much more difficult situation handling the people so, any time keeping a low profile helps you to defuse the tense situation.

A security guard who cannot keep good public relations.
  1. Who show little interest in people’s queries and complaints.
  2. Don’t know what is going on around him or her.
  3. Lack of interest in performing security work.

Such attitude tens to damage the image of the security company, the client’s businesses, and the whole security industry in the country. so, always exercise to manage a good relationship with the public.

Even though the security guards do not require to answer every inquiry from the general public but must know how to handle the situation if they need to do so.
A security guard who can manage good public relations.
  1. Who is courteous and friendly.
  2. Dignified and confident.
  3. calm and composed
  4. tactful and considerate
  5. Not aggressive but restrained.
  6. Have interested in the security job.
  7. reliable and punctual
The obstacles of good public relations.

Although you are performing your duty as per the company rules and regulations. There are some common mistakes the security guard indulges.

As a result, they either fail to provide an adequate level of service or make their jobs more difficult than they have to be.

Some of the reasons that Security Guards may have difficulty in dealing with people are:

  1. If anyone is Suspicion about your work.
  2. Your negative thinking.
  3. Another reason is not pride in your profession.
  4. Lack of faith in yourself and your work.
  5. Prejudice and discrimination.
  6. Despite the fact, you are not flexible.
  7. Abuse of power and
  8. Unable to take criticism.

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In a nutshell:- As a security guard, you must always think good public relation is important for you, your company, and the entire security industry in your country.

When you pass the information to the public or the organization, you need to know what should be speaking and what is not. The clarified information should not be disclosed if anyone makes a query.

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