Professionalism security guard training.


 security guard basic training Unit 1 Lesson (D)

Professionalism- is the ability to accomplish something effectively and proficiently. In a recent year with the continuous improvement in the security business. The assignments of the security guard have essentially changed.

The government regulation of the security industries has made the security organizations more responsible to protect people, property, and information.

The professionalism isn’t just that you are fitted with a pleasant uniform, in addition, you should have knowledge of your occupation. It is expected that security personnel always project the image of professionalism at all time.

»fundamental of professionalism:

  1. Having the proper training to accomplish the task.
  2. Participating in ongoing development to make sure that skill is kept
  3. Keeping the attitude of being the best that you can be.
  4. Know the goal of your occupation and working to achieve them.
  5. Consideration the needs of your employer.
  6.  Understanding the importance of providing excellence in customer service.
⇒Discretion is careful to use judgment in each individual situation to decide how to act.

In the course of the duties, the security guard has to interact with a variety of people, including customers, visitors, employees, tenants, and the general public. So, the conduct of a security guard is vital to uphold the professional image of the entire security industry.

»These following guidelines help you to become professional.
  1. Always be honest and act ethical manner all the time.
  2. Be sensitive to the people special needs don’t judge on a different background, communities and culture.
  3. Know the country’s criminal law and your responsibility under it.
  4. know your employer and client’s security policies, in order to act with them.
  5. Make a plan to respond to an emergency appropriately.
  6. In case of emergency security guard should not panic rather than assist the people to lead them to the safest place.
  7. Act in a disciplined and professional manner in any situation, either dealing with difficult people or working under a difficult situation.
  8. Treat all the people with respect and dignity.

Security guards are representative of the security company and the client, therefore, a guard should act professionally at any time and any cost.

Remember that you’re monitored through the eyes of the employer, management, visitors, the media and the public.

The reputation of the rest of the security industry may be measured against what a specific officer has or has not done. Reason for that you are the one who upholds the image of your company, client company and the security industry as well.

»How to achieve professionalism in your workplace?.
1. Through your appearance.

The first impression is count, professionalism has a strong connection with your looks. Subsequently, it is important for the security guard to maintain a good appearance while on duty.

On your worksite, you may have a uniform code as per your rules, Maintaining the uniform properly demonstrates that you organize everything and you have self-control.

Deportment is an element of professionalism which can achieve from your appearance.  For the most part of your duty, you should work visible. Good appearance keeps value for getting respect from the people whom you’re dealing with.

If you do not wear the dress as for the roles you will be a label of an unprofessional security guard.  That’s why it is significant to learn how to keep up a proper look that can be achieved by following;

  • Maintain neat and clean appearance.
  • Wear a uniform well fitted, pressed and clean.
  • Maintain your shoes clean and appropriately shined.
  • Clean hair and professional grooming.
2. Through your Attitude 

Attitude is a way of thinking or feeling about something in a particular situation, Your attitude affects the way you present to other people.

Although, you may attempt to hide the way you feel about the people, job, or a situation. Your attitude is often visible through a variety of verbal and nonverbal cues.

Your attitude can be noticeable.

Through Your tone:-

The tone and volume are important in dealing with people. Where verbal and nonverbal cues are available to help them interpret your reaction to the situation.

Through Stance and Posture:-

The body always a reflection of what in the person’s mind.  The visual messages being conveyed here are entirely different from a picture. The point is that the body language says as much as our words do.  So, keep your stance and posture just like you are offering assistance to the people. Similarly, you should able to guess what is in the person’s mind with whom you are dealing with and what is the next reaction is coming from them.

Through facial expression:-

The face also often provides a window to what a person is thinking. Guards should be aware of the messages they are presenting and be able to read the messages of a person they are dealing with or communicating with.

3. Through conduct.

Conduct means the way of a person in which he or she behave especially in a particular place and situation.

Professional conduct means.
  • Working in a professional way applying the fundamental of professionalism.
  • Keeping a positive attitude – are contagious (communicable)
  • Being a problem solver and not a problem avoider (maker)
⇒One of the goals of the training is to help in developing professionalism in the security industry in the country.
  •  Always try to understand how you can be the best guard.
  •  Understanding public relations is important to you in your company.
  •  It is important you do not take a side and keep an open mind in your work.
  •   Ethics is knowing the difference between good in bad, right in wrong, and recognized moral duties and obligations.
  •  Having an ethic is a part of professionalism.
  •  Causes of misconduct include peer pressure, opportunity, rationalization, and frustration.
  • A security guard can be judged as to how they wear their uniform, how they behave, and their postured Conduct.
  •  Make sure your uniform is always good in shape or repair, and see your supervisor if you need to replace it.
⇒A professional security guard is a person who uses his skills and a positive attitude to do the job in the best way possible. In addition, he or she must have the following skills.
  1. courage in emergency situations
  2. calmness during disorder or confusion
  3. A genuine interest in the safety and welfare of the persons on a work site.
  4.  The ability to deal with people in an understanding way.

When called upon a help or assistance security guard must deal with tact, consideration and interest. If the request is not within his or her jurisdiction or knowledge should guide to the right person to deal with it.

At last, professionalism is a way that you presenting the idea to others to carry out the tasks. Having knowledge of your work, be responsible for the rules and regulations of the company and communicate with others in the right way possible.  Professionalism can be influenced by three things such as personal appearance, attitude and conduct.

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